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New Life Principle

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Whatever you think you are,
you are always more than that.
We are our intentions
Everything is created twice.
First in mind and then in reality
There is a solution to every
3 brothers
17 cows
One half, one third and one ninth
What is the half of thirteen?
We have all the resources we
need to succeed
Every behaviour has an
underlying positive intention.
comes only
Thank You All!
NLP Trainer/ Coach/ Therapist
+91 9440 000066

Language is a tertiary
representation of experience
There Are No Resistant People,
Only Inflexible Communicators.
What is NLP?
NLP is the study of the structure of human
A coding and notational system for
understanding and patterning subjective
reality. In order to produce a model of
behaviours or anything else one must have
certain tools to code information.
The art of modeling the form & sequence of
internal states, internal computations &
external behavior so that any known ability
maybe replicated and taught (mostly).

What is NLP?
A toolbox of techniques for expanding
perceptions, changing behaviour,
redefining capabilities, revising beliefs,
updating identity, & extinguishing
personal coherence & well being.
An attitude of curiosity and respect for
ourselves and for each other for what
we have been and who we are
An operators manual for being human.
What is NLP?
A model of how we process info that
comes information us from the world
around us.
The study of human excellence.
the language of the heart and mind.