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Shaw Family Recipe Book

Shaw Family Recipe Book

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Published by: shawfamilyhistory on Nov 23, 2009
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The recipes I chose my boys love. Some of these recipes I have been making from the
beginning of our marriage. Jeremy always loves having nice food to come home to. I
figure it's the least I can do since he works so hard. The boys would all get really
excited when I make treats and all want to help. I had so much help at times there was no
room to cook. So we had to make a new policy. Each day the boys get to take turns to
help make dinner or whatever I am making. Sometimes they even get to choose. I love
making nice meals for them. And they seem to appreciate it.

The lemon rice and lime chicken recipes a good friend made for me after I had Erick. It
was a nice refreshing meal. It will always remind me of good friends. Plus, there was not
one complaint about it. We all loved it.

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