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Shaw Family Recipe Book

Shaw Family Recipe Book

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Published by: shawfamilyhistory on Nov 23, 2009
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I am writing about my dear mother Josephine Cottam Shaw. I was 13 when
she passed away, so my memories of her were of her later life in Riverbank,
CA. She was a wonderful mother and even tho I only knew her for 13 years
on this earth, she taught me many things during this time.

She loved to tell me about her growing up in Utah and getting married and
having her children. She loved her husband, children and grandchildren. She
was proud of each one. She was a humble person and loved the gospel. She
had a strong testimony of the gospel. I remember as a child her bearing her
testimony when she felt well enough to attend Fast Sunday. She really laid
the foundation for my testimony.

Mother was a wonderful cook even tho I never saw a recipe book or any
recipes in the home. Everything was from scratch. She could make a meal


out of nothing. If you know what I mean. Sometimes those meals were the

I remember as a young child looking out our kitchen window in Riverbank
and seeing a huge garden. There was everything in that garden. It was called
a victory garden because it was at the end of the depression and during
World War II. Everyone had a victory garden. I remember my favorite thing
was to go outside and taking a salt shaker and sitting among the tomatoes
and eating tomato after tomato and putting salt on them! Yummy! She
would make jam from raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. The corn
tasted so good with homemade butter.

During the school year Karen and I would attend primary in Riverbank at a
community building and during the hot summer we would bicycle about 2
miles into Riverbank to attend primary. I remember bicycling home and
turning off the main road onto our lane where our 3 room home was. (It had
been a chicken coop and dad made it into a small house.) As we came down
the lane soon floating through the air was the smell of fresh home made
bread. We would bicycle faster and faster until we got home and there were
warm slices of bread with homemade butter and jam. We were in heaven.
This happened every Saturday until mom became very sick. What a
wonderful memory!

Every night Mom would make Dad Bread and Milk and sugar in a large
bowl. He enjoyed it so much. Mother loved to please him and then he would
finish the rest of the meal. I am sure he did this all his life.

Mother's favorite recipes which I can remember was her chili, chicken and
noodles soup (homemade noodles,) and of course her fried chicken. I know
her chicken was so good because she would kill the chicken the day before
on Saturday and we would have it every Sunday. It was out of this world. If
she could be at the reunion I would have her bring her fried chicken.

My favorite memory of mother cooking was when she would make taffy.
This was always done outdoors as I remember it. She would butter her hands
and then take the hot taffy and stretch it longer and longer between her two
hands. She loved to tease us as she would stretch the taffy almost to the
ground and then whip it back up before it reached the dirt. We would gasp
because we thought she would let it get to the ground, but she never did. She
stretched and stretched it until it became white in color. Then she would


stretch it out on wax paper and cut with scissors into pieces. It was so good.
I always could taste the vinegar taste it had. Yummy!

When we went to Erma's funeral her granddaughters sang “In My
Grandmother’s Old Fashioned Garden". I didn't know it was one of her
favorite songs. This was mother's favorite song. She would have me sing it
over and over again. It used to be in the old primary song book. Also when
she wasn't feeling well Karen would play the piano and her and I would sing
hymns to her. This seemed to help her feel better and comfort her.

Everyday throughout my life I have felt my mother beside me feeling my
joys and sorrows. She has always been there for me to comfort me and to let
me know she loves me and still watches over me. I can't truly explain it, but
I know the veil is thin and she is with us each day with her love and

The siblings who were in Riverbank during her last few years tried their best
to comfort her and take care of her. Karen, Maxine, Beth, Bob and my self
did the best we could to love and support her. I am so thankful that Mother
was in Ogden when she passed away. Venis, Erma, Phyllis, and Maxine
were there to care and watch over her before she passed away.

My mother's heart and hands go together! Love, Cooking, Taking care of
her children and husband and working so hard all her life. You could put all
her earthly possessions in a small box when she left this life. She left a love
of the gospel, love for her family and hard work and caring for others.

During the depression I remember her feeding the homeless on our kitchen
steps. We lived near the railroad and she never turned anyone away who
needed food.

She was a wonderful, blessed mother!

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