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Published by Jonathan Janssen
A poem inspired by a recently attended wedding.
A poem inspired by a recently attended wedding.

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Published by: Jonathan Janssen on Jun 14, 2014
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there was love in the mountains
and people came from all around to be with it.
(I knew because I was with my true loves
and two others in true love and when there’s all that love
how can you not know? [right?])
beatific natives told us the story as it was watched
by wizards and dancers, beauties and gents,
jugglers, painters, animals, tattooed ladies holding parasols,
even the perfect faces of children!
our hearts burst when the lovers kissed and were united
under the sun, before the water and trees.
later, during the celebration, I ate and drank with old friends,
dancing and participating in games of chance.
I didn’t want to leave, but all things have their time,
just like that cosmic moment in the mountains.

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