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At the Clinic - Integumentary
1. A 40-year old beachboy is complaining to you that his suntan made him popular when he
was young but now his !ace is all wrin"led# and he has se$eral dar"ly pigmented moles
that are growing rapidly and are as big as large coins. %e shows you the moles# and
immediately you thin" &A'().* +hat does that mean# and why should he be concerned,
-. Martha# the mother o! a 1.-month-old in!ant# brings her child to the clinic because his s"in
has turned orange. +hy does the pediatrician in/uire about the child0s diet,
.. Mrs. 1ba2e3 $olunteered to help at a hospital !or children with cancer. +hen she !irst
entered the cancer ward# she was upset by the !act that most o! the children had no hair.
+hat is the e4planation !or their baldness,
5ost A 6 P 07-08
4. (ount )racula# the most !amous $ampire o! legends# was based on a real person who
li$ed in eastern 9urope about :00 years ago. %e "illed at least -00#000 people in the
region he ruled. %e was indeed a &monster#* e$en though he was not a real $ampire. ;se
the internet to determine which o! the !ollowing conditions the historical (ount )racula may
ha$e su!!ered !rom< =a> porphyria# =b> 9'# =c> halitosis# or =d> dermatitis.
?. A man got his !inger caught in a machine at the !actory. @he damage was less serious than
e4pected# but nonetheless# the entire nail was torn !rom his right inde4 !inger. @he parts
lost were the body# root# bed# matri4# and cuticle o! the nail. Airst# de!ine each o! these
parts. @hen# tell i! this nail is li"ely to grow bac".
:. 1n cases o! a ruptured appendi4# what serous membrane is li"ely to become in!ected, +hy
can this be li!e-threatening,
5ost A 6 P 07-08