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Department of Justice
United States Attorney
Eastern Distinct ofTexas
000 £ Toiler St.. Siuro 2000 Coiikc;-i.i
Haman. Tou« 7.5090 (9CJ: ?S5.».
February 6. 2014
Michael C. Lowe
Attorney at Law
700 N Pearl St., Ste. 2170
Dallas, TX 75201
Re: Proposed interview o
Dear Mr. Lowe:
As you know, the United States is investigating your client and others for offenses
related to traffickingin counterfeitgoods. You have indicatedthat your client wishes to help
expedite the investigation by providing information concerning his activities and those of
others. You and your client understandthat your client is under no compubion whatsoever to
cooperate with the Government in this matter andthat he must do so freely and voluntarily, if
at all. We agree to considersucha profferunderthe conditions set forth in this letter.
First, it is imperative that your client provide a complete and truthful account of all
information that he has regarding all criminal wrongdoing within his knowledge perpetrated
either by him or by others. It is important in this regard for your client to understandthat any
intentional misstatement or material omission by him will make further cooperation with
federal law enforcement officials impossible, and may lead to additional consequences as set
forth in this agreement.
Second, if your client provides a complete and truthful account of all informationthat
he has regardiug all criminal wrongdoing perpetrated by him or others, die United States
Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Texas agrees that no statements made by your
client duringthe interview contemplated hereinwill be used against him in its case-in-chief,
or in connection with any sentencing proceeding, except as follows:
1. Your client will not receive any immunity of any kind as to statements relating
to any crimes ofviolence;
2. Your client agrees that the government presently has certain information
regarding activities by him that was acquired independently of any statements
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ProposedInterview ofi
or condition may become part of this agreement unless it is committed to writing and signed
by you, your client, and an attorney for the United States.
If your client wishes to be interviewed pursuant to the tenns outlined above, he, and
you, should sign and date this letter below.
/Asst. U.S. Attorney
Michael C. Lowe
Attorney foi