AIR & Doordarshan Technical Employees Association

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No. 2298 / 63


Ref.No ADTEA/BPL/05/09 To, The Director General Doordarshan Bhavan Mandihouse NewDelhi (Through Director Doordarshan Kendra Bhopal) Subject:- Meeting with DG Doordarshan


Today, the delegates of ADTEA had a meeting with the Director General of Doordarshan Mrs. Aruna Sharma .The Director General was very keen to know various matters related to the employees – some of the point raised by the delegates were. 1. Outsourcing has to be stopped immediately {especially one more DSNG van allotted to DDK Bhopal, In spite of under utilization of existing two DSNG vans } --The DG assured for withdrawal of the third DSNG van immediately. She informed that as new recruitment and induction of new resources are getting very difficult, so outsourcing is the need of hour ! But she said that she will look into the matter seriously for wastage of financial resources. 2. The Delegates demanded for single GPF number per employee. -- The DG was convinced with the point and assured that within one month the unique GPF number scheme will come into force. 3. The posts of SR TECH and SEA should immediately be dissolved to streamline the cadre & promotion avenues. -- The DG was kind enough to consider our demand and assured that in the new year you will get your demand fulfilled. Work is already under progress to sort out the cadre problems with in the existing framework. 4. In case of emergencies the facility of TATKAL SEVA charges should be reimbursed. --The DG was having the case quite in her knowledge and told the station head got the power to sanction the special facilities in case of emergencies .when the delegates drew her attention regarding the non reimbursement at DDK Bhopal, she assured that she will instruct the Director to take initiative and solve the problem immediately. Necessary initiative for delegation of the power needs to be taken by HOD and followed by each one of us. With regards.


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