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The Bennington Crier 2013-2014

School Bulletin # 36
We e k of June 16– June 20
Monday, June 16, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 1. Child Study Period 6

Wednes day, June 18, 2014 1. Princial!s "uncheon, Period #

Thursday, June 1$, 2014 1. %ttendance Meeti n&, Period 2
2. %'ards Cere(ony 6)00 . (.
#. *rade "eader s Meeti n& 2)#0 . (.

+riday, June 20, 2014 1. ,inder&ar t en Mo-in& . Cere(ony, 8)#0 a. (.

Changing Classrooms
If there you are assigned to a different classroom for the 2014- 2015 school year,
please begin moving your belongings the week of une 2!, 2014" #hank you"
Games Website
A great Web site to use in your classroom to engage students is
www.sheppardsoft . This Web site contai ns hundreds of educati onal games
arranged by subject and grade level, starti ng with pre- K.
Our students love the !ath "ames# section. We display the games on the $mart %oard
and have mat h competi ti ons. # They go to the board with their group, and each student
ta&es a turn answeri ng the 'uestions, until the time runs up. Then, we loo& at the statistics
for each group and determi ne the winni ng group. $ince they all want their group to win,
they are very moti vated to partici pate and practice their basic facts. They have a lot of fun,
and it has helped them improve their fluency of basic facts, as well as other math s&ills.
Related Service Providers: When there are schedule changes which
conflict with your scheduled mandated services (i.e. )ield *ay, Testing,
+overage etc., please let the classroom teacher &now you will not be
servicing your students and the reason why. $ervices missed due to these
school- wide schedule changes will not be made up.
Classroom Teachers: IEPS: All -./s will be returned to !s. "erace or !s.
+on&lin. /lease bring your student0 s current -./s (along with any previous
-./s or related documents, to 1oom 234 by 5une 67
. -n $eptember, all -./s
will be distri buted and reviewed by teachers. Those teachers who wish to
review their new student0 s -./s before $eptember may access thei r
student0 s -./s through $.$-$.