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BRANDY BARTHOLOMEW 4580 So Bannock Street

Englewood, Colorado 80110
(720) 299-8120
Colorado Professional Teaching License # 98234, K-12 Spanish
Master of Liberal Arts: Spanish
University of California, Santa Barbara
Graduation: July 2006

Bachelor of Arts: Spanish Emphasis: Secondary Education
University of Northern Colorado, Greeley
Graduation: May 2000 GPA: 3.52

Englewood High School, Englewood Colorado (October 2000-July 2003, August 2005- Present)
 Facilitate the learning of novice and intermediate level Spanish through the creation of engaging communication
activities, comprehensible input strategies and relevant curriculum that touches on their personal lives and
interests to enhance engagement.
 Maintain a comfortable and collaborative learning classroom environment.
 Differentiate through a variety of instructional strategies following Garners’ theory on Multiple Intelligences.
 Guide learning using the “Gradual Realease Model” and the “Understanding by Design” framwork.
 Establish positive rapport with students, parents and critical family members.
 Actively participate in staff, committee and professional learning community meetings.
 Collaborate with other content area teachers and designed interdisciplinary lessons about culture and
performance skills.
 Utilize assessments to evaluate strategies and learning and modify instruction for differentiated learning.
 Act as Advisor to Student Council to plan school and community activities while fostering their leadership
potential through the focus on 21
Century Skills.
Flood Middle School and Sinclaire Middle School (August 2001- July 2003)
 Designed and implemented an eighth grade Spanish program to prepare students for the second level Spanish
class at the high school.
Technology Integration for Teachers;
 University of Phoenix; August 2013 (3 credits, 4.0)

Total Physical Response Storytelling (TPRS) – Comprehensible input methodology for the language classroom;
 University of the Pacific; Completed August 2013 (3 credits. 4.0)

Train the Teachers Leader: 22.5 hours of training in close reading strategies and argumentative writing
 Facilitated professional development in the World Language Department and aided in the incorporation of
reading and writing strategies in the content area.

Data Team Leader and Leadership Council Leader
 Guide the World Language team through the Data Team Process in Professional Learning communities.
 Collaborate on learning decisions and communicate information to team members.


Volunteer Instructor for Westernaires, a children’s equestrian mounted drill organization. (Winter 1996-Present)
 Teach both riding and classroom skills to children ages nine to thirteen.
 Implement a variety of learning strategies, in the classroom and in the arena, to guide riders in learning their
mounted drill. Riders must complete a classroom session with written assignments an assessments.
Kindergarten Sunday School Teacher (2009-Present)
 Guide kindergardeners through age appropriate activities to build on their biblical understanding.

AWANA leader (August 2009 - April 2012)
 Aided in learning strategies to learn biblical scripture for grades K-3
 Managed records for awards and progress.
 Participated in the games and activities to model good participation and sportsmanship.