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Relative Advantage Chart

Learning Problem Technologies Relative Advantage Expected Outcomes
1. Students have trouble
formatting research papers
into the proper APA format.
Purdue Online Writing Lab-APA
Specific examples of the
correct citations are available
as models for students to use
for the various resources.
Students will be able to correct
cite resources in APA format.
2. Student's in alternative
education have limited
vocabulary in academic areas
due to a variety of factors.
Access to books and
information at home can be
limited. Students can search online
for vocabulary over trying to
find an upodated dictionary
with the appropriate
Students' vocabulary in academic
areas will increase with use.
3. Not all resources are
available online. Sometimes
only in print and limited
Document camera or ELMO Print sources can be shared
with entire class without
having to make multiple
Students can share information
with the class using this format.
4. Peer writing response
limited to class time and on
Blogging Students have more time to
respond to a classmates
writing and can be held
accountable on the online
timeline. Peer feedback can
be powerful.
Student writing improves as they
do not want to put out poor
quality online for everyone to see.
Other students respond in kind in
a more collaborative manner.
5. Persuasive arguments in a
written format are difficult for
students to process and
support with documentation. Students can create websites
to post information and
resources to support the
claim of their argument. A
variety of sources are
available online and can be
synthesized onto one
webpage with links.
Students will be able to utilize
free resources to build a webpage
that supports their side of the
argument. They can compare
their site with other students on
the other side of the argument.
6. Student collaboration in
group projects can be limiting
to school time only. Many
students do not have the
luxury of being able to meet
after school hours to work on
the project.
Google Drive sharing feature Students can collaborate on a
document, spreadsheet, or
presentation wsithout having
to be in the same room at the
same time. Online real-time
collaboration open the
opportunity for students to
work on it at all times of the
day or night.
Students are able to work
collaboratively outside school
much like how projects get
completed in the workplace or
7. Reports on authors,
genres, or time periods can
be boring and uninteresting Students can create the
report using this online
animation tool to deliver
infomation in a character of
their choosing, even as the
Student engagement in topic
improved and possibilities for
creativity increase.
8. Students in smaller schools
(charter, alternative
education, <100 enrolled)
don't always have access to
many research based
resources for papers and
projects. Students have access to
thousands of academic
articles and journals in full
text. Scholar also formats
the citation for use in
Students are able to develop and
completed comprehensive
research based papers and
projects with ample cited
9. Language and vocabulary
from Shakespeare and other
older plays are difficult for
students to understand
without contaxt. Visual clues and context will
help different learners
understand the language and
transpose it to current
Students develop a more
comprehensive vocabulary and
understanding of Shakespeare's
works as it was intended to be
10. Students have trouble
getting up in front of class for
a presentation, skit, or scene
video on a phone, digital camera
or recorder and editing software
like iMovie
Students can choose their
own video format to present
their information or
recreating of a scene and
show to the class.
Students are empoered to create
their own version using the tools
at their disposal.
Relative Advantage Chart