"Ted Bundy is the creepiest serial killer ever. At least the ones like Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne
Gacy were noticeably weirdos. You could tell something was off just by looking at them. Not this
guy. He was witty, charming, and a sharp-looking dude. He could've been your neighbour or co-
worker, and you would never have known.
– Bassdude

"I am beyond good and evil. I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells in us all."
"That's it."
-Richard Ramirez a.k.a Night Stalker

"These killers know what they are doing is wrong, but they simply don't care,"
"They choose to do it because it makes them feel good."
-Jack Levin, professor of sociology at Northeastern University.

The thing about serial killers is that they are unpredictable. The smallest action can trigger their
impulse to kill. Even though there have been studies about how a serial killer would act , for
example the case of Jeffery Dahmer , he was noticablely weird and you can can tell something is off
just by looking at him but this contradicts how another serial killer, Ted Bundy , acted. He was very
versatile and the best way to describe him is that he is the true epitome of a Chameleon .Imagine
,that he was released by the police more than once just by utilising his charm and wit .

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