Man is simultaneously a ROCK, a PLANT, an ANIMAL

and a HUMAN. Like the ROCKS he builds his body out of
the materials in nature; like the PLANTS he grows and
propagates his species; like the ANIMALS he perceives the
objects around him and forms on the basis of the
impressions they make his inner experiences. One may
therefore ascribe to man a MINERAL, a PLANT, and an
ANIMAL existence. He is related to these three forms of
existence, but is more than that.
Apart from the three forms of existence, MINERAL,
PLANT, ANIMAL ascribed to the man, one must now ascribe
to it yet a fourth, the distinctively HUMAN form.
Through his MINERAL form of existence man is related
to everything visible. Through his PLANT-like form of
existence man is related to all beings that grow and
propagate their species. Through his ANIMAL existence man
is related to all those that perceive their surroundings, and
by means of external impressions have inner experiences.
Through his HUMAN form of existence he constitutes, even
in regard to his body alone, a kingdom by himself.
The finer, inner construction of the nervous system and
especially of the brain, this concentration of the structure
increases more and more in the animal, and in man reaches
a stage unequaled in any other being. This inner HUMAN
specific structure is of the deepest significance in regard to
the SPIRITUAL evolution of man.

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