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I. Objectives
1. Identify renewable resources from the
earth (PELC VI. 2.1)
2. Infer how these renewable resources
support life and one’s need of
3. Show cooperation in doing the group

II. Subject Matter
A. Topic - Renewable Resources from
the Earth
B. Reference-
C. Concept - Renewable resources
from the earth are natural resources
that can be produced or replaced by
man at a certain point of time.
These resources may
support life and needs of
D. Processes -Observing, Inferring
E. Value – Cooperation
F. Materials- Pictures of plants ( fruit
bearing, vegetables), animals (
sources of food of people

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activity
1. Checking of assignment
2. Review
Pick rolled paper on the box,
answer the questions about
previous lessons.
1. What does earth made up of?
2. Which part of earth is the mixture of
3. Where do people usually get their

B. Lesson Proper
1. Motivation
Ask: What do you usually eat during
breakfast? Where do these foods
come from? How do you feel if you
miss eating one or two meal a day?

2. Presentation
Match the picture of plants, animals
and the food that we get from it.
1. Cow a. Egg
2. Pig b. Vegetable
3. Plants c. Meat
4. Chicken d. Milk
Ask: Once these products and
resources are consumed, can we get
them again.
(Give emphasis on replaceable
materials resources)
Free Exploration
a. Setting standard for doing the
b. Do the Activity ( see activity
c. Reporting
Write down important
information on the board

3. Comparison and Abstract
1. How do you classify the pictures
( Natural Resources )
2. How would you describe
renewable resources?
3. What are the renewable
4. Can you name other renewable
5. What do you think will happen if
these renewable materials cants
be replaced?
6. What the effects are of lost of
these renewable resources to
people and animals?