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Research Unit for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia
Foundation of Natural and Built Environments

Introduction To Drawing (ARC 30103)
Prerequisite: None
Lecturers: Normah Sulaiman, Ida Mazlan, Wan Muhammad
Project 1B (Individual – 30%)
Measure and Diagram It
Submission date – 29
April 2014


This project introduces students to key people in the built environment and how drawing conventions and
calculation is used in the field. Students will explore and understand the relationship of key people in built
environment and how the application and complexity of drawing convention and skills is applied in the practice
as a means of communication.

Objectives of Project

 To introduce different techniques of drawing in the built environment practice.

Learning Outcomes
 Relate the basic principles and conventions of drawing skill as a communication tool in the construction


Students will be given a site within Taylors University Lakeside Campus according to your tutors. You will have to measure
and observe the site. Students are required to produce the followings on butter paper or art block paper (preliminary

- 1 Key Plan
- 1 Location Plan
- 1 Site Plan details
- 1 Bubble Diagram
- 1 Circulation Diagram (s)
- 1 Floor Plan

Once completed, students need to compose these drawings as presentation drawings in 1 A1 board or 2 A2 board.
“Drawings” are presentation drawings. The presentation board must have title, introduction, annotations, labeling
and scale, using proper symbols and drawing conventions. You may color but it must be in an architectural

Site Information

Mr. Wan : Block E
Ground Floor
Level 1
Level 2
Level 5
Level 7

Ms. Ida : Block D
Ground Floor
Level 1
Level 2
Level 5
Level 7

Ms. Normah : Block C
Level 1
Level 2
Level 5
Level 7
Level 9

Submission Requirement

1. All drawings and sketches must be to scale and must be hand drawn.
2. All drawings must be drawn using felt tip pens for the final drawing submission.
3. All drawings must show proper drawing conventions, line weight, labelling, title, scale, north point, dimension and
All drawings must be complete by – 22
April 2014.
Reminder: This is individual component.

4. All preliminary drawings must be drawn using butter paper and using pencils to be submitted together during the
submission day. Each preliminary drawing must be signed by lecturers during tutorial session.
5. The submitting documents should be between 5- 7 pieces of A3 paper. All must be compiled and arranged
accordingly and to be comb or wire bound.

APRIL 2014
*please refer to guide slides for sample

6. All measuring sketches, doodles, in class assignments and sketches during the process should be placed
scanned for your e-portfolio purposes to show the process of preparing the drawing