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This Contract is celebrated between KYMERA IMPACT GENERATION, from now on

referres to as supplier with headquarters at 34-44 London Road SM4 5 BX UK,
and________________________________________, from now on referred to as
client with headquarters at __________________________________________
1- This contract is celebrated between both parts, for the participation of the client
on the launch event of Tablet 65 App Touch Screen + Tablet65 Media Player.-----
2-The launch will occur at Shopping JK Iguatemi in Sao Paulo, Brasil from 1st of
October to 31st December------------------------------------------------
3- Placing of 1 x KYMERA WD00-65ST (65TouchScreen) + 1 x KYMERA WD00- 65N
(65 MediaPlayer), at the main lobby (area with highest concentration of visitors) at
Shopping JK Iguatemi.------------------------------------------------------------------
4- Media Hiring : KYMERA WD00-65ST (65TouchScreen) granting the client 9.000
(nine thousand) commercial spots, being the total of 36h of airtime during the
event + KYMERA WD00-65N (65 Media Player) granting the insertion of an
Application (App) with full interactivity, it will direct visitors to the clients website,
video or image. the App shall be available for the duration of the event--------------
5- The total cost for the insertion, inclusive of App and commercial production is
30.000 (thirty thousand pounds) + 20% service charge. This price is final with no
extra costs to the client.----------------------------------------------------------------
6- Payment must be received 5 useful days after signature of this contract, with the
client being required to send payment/transfer receipt to the supplier, on the email
shown in the invoice.-------------------------------------------------------------------
7- All graphic material must be supplied by the client within 20 days after the date
of signature of this contract.----------------------------------------------------------

Companys Legal representative:
Tel___________________________ Cel:_________________________________
Financial department
Name _________________________________ Tel: ________________________
Marketing department
Name__________________________________ Tel:________________________
Adress for invoice
Fiscal number________________________Country_________________________

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The client accepts, agrees and commits himself to sending all the necessary graphic material in matching quality
with the technology in question. 2) The full amount agreed on this contract are final and exclusive of any aditional fees (ex.: bank fees or
advertising fees). 3) The supplier must receive in full the amount owed as signed on this contract via bank transfer to the designated bank
account. 4) The supplier is not accountable for total or partial cancellation of the event due to natural catastrophe, fire, strike action, war,
venue shutdown or any other factor beyond the suppliers control. If such happens, the supplier will not be liable to refund any value to the
client. The client will instead be included at another similar event, as yet undetermined, so that this contract may be honoured by both
parts in equal. 5)In case of termination of contract by the client, a penalty fee of 60% of the total of the contract + 20% service charge
applies. 6) The person who is signing and representing the client in this contract declares that they have full legal powers to do so,
including full legal powers to sign any new contracts for the company in question. 7) The person who is signing this contract declares that
the company by him represented has the financial means to honour the full amount of this contract without delays. 8) In the event of non
fulfilment of the payment terms on this contract, the client agrees on a fine of 2% interest on a daily basis over the total amount of the
contract, commencing 5 days from payment default, over the total amount of the contract. 9) In the event of court proceedings, the client
understands, accepts and agrees that this contract is regulated by and in accordance with English laws only, any legal action that the client
may wish to take against the supplier, the English court system must be used to do so, the supplier reserves the right to use any other
court in any other country to take legal action against the client if necessary. 10) Any contact with the supplier in case of legal action must
be done by the client to the email of the person who signed this contract or to the legal address of the suppliers headquarters. The supplier
shall contact the legal address of the clients headquarters. 11) The client declares that there is no bad faith or intention of non payment of
this contract at any given time during negotiations and/or at the time of signing the contract.-------------------------------------------

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