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Date 22

April 2014

Nawal Abdulla
Time 08:10-08:50 am School Al Manssor Basic Education School
MST Shaikha Humaid

Class Grade 4

MS PowerPoint No of
30 students
Main Lesson Aims
Lesson talks about MS PowerPoint. The overall goal of the lesson is to develop students ' knowledge and
understanding of using the tools correctly.
Objectives: at the end of the lesson students will be able to
Make a good design on the slides
Discuss with their group
Understand of the lesson
Learning outcome:
 Be able to use Design and background styles
 Be able to know transitions between each slides on PowerPoint

Assumptions about prior learning
Students know how to open MS PowerPoint and insert slides
Anticipated problems and possible solutions
Problem with computer. I will use the whiteboard to explain lesson
Students may have problem with their computer I will try to solve a problem
Personal focus for this lesson
- Management time
- Body language by using gesture
- Eye contact
- Communicate with students

Target language (Vocabulary)
 Transitions
 Design
 Background styles

Teacher language
I will divide you to five groups and I will name each
group by color.
-who can open the program MS PowerPoint on my
- Do you learn something today?
Main tasks or activities
- Play game to review last lesson
- Video by Camtasia Studio 7 to explain for
them of the lesson
- Worksheet for student to apply step by step

Resources and teaching aids
Ipad (Aps time classroom management )
 To do step by step about what the student did
take on the lesson
- Video by Camtasia Studio 7
- Card have questions
- Cards each card have different color and name

Discussion > whole class
Consider where the students are working:
The students will work in their normal place.

game> groups
worksheet < individually

1. All should

Will know open MS PowerPoint

2. Most should

insert slides
3. Some should

Will be able to use design and
background styles


Warming up with whole class
The teacher will give for students color for each group, and in one group have six students. The
teacher also gives them task for each student. Other thing, the teacher will give for each group
question. Then, the teacher will ask them to discuss their question with their group because the
teacher will ask them to answer the question.
The question will be like:
 Where we can open PowerPoint?
 What is the tool that helps me add new slides?
 What the menu help me to add new slides?
 What is the tool can help me to change layout of the slide?
 What is the tool that helps me in insert image?

*The teacher will give each student task because she wants all student cooperative
together with the group for example ,
The task for each student in the group the teacher wrote in the card such as I’m leader,
I’m reader, I’m writer , I’m helper , I’m organizer and I’m evaluator

Min 5
Main Activities:

1- Task: Teacher will divide student’s five groups each group has six students then all
students have task to follow instructions of the teacher.
2- Explain:
 The teacher will give for student new knowledge like how to change Slide Orientation
and use Design and background styles by video the teacher made by Camtasia Studio 7.
The teacher also will present by Prezi website
 The teacher will explain for them step by step for students to apply on their computer.
 If the teacher saw some student don’t understand I will repeat lesson to sure all student
get the knowledge.


Min 10

Each group they will apply on their computer to present for the teacher they understand of the

Min 10

Evaluator will evaluate for their group to give for them grade and the teacher will evaluate all
student who finished their work.

Min 10