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We are a tour operator specialized in unconventional tours in Venice.
Our proposals are organized into:
- Walking Tours:
a) by area (Off the beaten track of the mass of tourists);
b) thematic (Music in Venice !istor" of the Venetian cuisine #hotograph" $our
$heatrical tours Venetian %raftsmen %ontemporar" &rt Woman in Venice: the painters);
c) classic ('oge(s #alace )asilica of *an Marco and other important churches and
- Boat Tours: a) $our along the Venice(s canals; b) +agoon tours; c ) ,colog"-tours b"
boat -ith electric motor; d) Murano e.clusi/e; e) 0ondola bollicine
- Gourmet experiences: a) 'inners in pri/ate homes; b) Venetian cooking class; c)
)acaro $our; d) Wine tasting
- Activities: a) Venetian ro-ing lesson; b) *hopping tour
- Accommodations: three different kind of apartments
In our websites you can find all the details:
We also pro/ide events incenti/e tra/el and tailor made tra/el. through our specific
We can rel" on $ourist 0uides $our +eaders se/eral boats both traditional and tourist t"pe
(up to 23 people) location for special e/ents chefs and catering ser/ices -orkshops and
e/er"thing "ou need to create a /isit to Venice professional and at the same time different
from usual.
For information and reservations: