For Immediate Release: June 16, 2014

Contact: John Tkazyik (914) 204-4303

Tkazyik Throws Support to Serino
"I'll continue to lead the fight for responsible government"
Statement by Mayor John Tkazyik:
"As a man who has had the privilege of serving for the past seven years as Mayor
of my beloved home city of Poughkeepsie, I've always cared deeply about the best
interests of our citizens, our County, and our State. We need a Majority in our
State Senate that will revive our economy, respect our taxpayers, and ensure that
every New Yorker will prosper.
"Over the course of the past five months in the race for the 41
Senate District, I've
been honored to have had a strong voice and to have gained many new friends.
However, given the fact that the Republican, Conservative, and Independence
Parties have endorsed Sue Serino, I've been compelled to weigh not just my chance
of winning a Republican Primary, but how, if we were successful in that Primary, I
would win a General Election. After due consideration, I've concluded that I don't
want to forestall nor complicate in any way a General Election campaign in which
we must prevail.
Therefore I'm withdrawing as a candidate for the New York State Senate, with a
heart full of gratitude to all those who have expressed their faith and confidence in
me to do the right thing. Today this is the right thing to do, and from here forward
I'll continue to lead the fight for responsible government that reveres the great
principles on which our nation was founded. I wish Sue Serino much success in the
upcoming election, and I urge all my friends and supporters to enthusiastically
support her candidacy."