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Abdulmajeed Alhazzani Alhazzani 1

Ms. Caruso
Flowerbomb Perfume
Advertising is a huge topic that started along time ago and it can be described as
way to persuade or to appeal certain people to buy or to do or even to believe in
something. Those certain people are audiences and that have interests or values
advertisers are trying to attract. Today, advertisements have improved with strategies
and methods for one goal, which is, to persuade audiences more effectively. Lately,
new way to advertise has showed that is magazine advertisements. This way has
showed its efficient because it only targets the magazine audience. Thus, more firms
has chosen magazine to market their product. In todays world advertisers use many
persuasive strategies and approaches like angle of vision and Aristotle's Appeals to
appeal to their audience
The Flowerbomb is a magazine advertisement designed to sale the first
perfume by Viktor and Rolf. The topless model used in the ad pushes the
envelope making this a serious image. Some people may view this as a work of art
while others see it as nothing more than one step above pornography. Its simple
and elegant design holds such a strong and powerful underlining message that without
careful analyzing can be missed. Centered on the page the model instantly grabs
readers attentions drawing them to two focal points. The first focus point is the pink
and lavender vail covering the womans face. The colors pink and lavender are often
Beth Caruso 6/8/14 11:59 AM
Comment [1]: Incluue this in the heauei
Beth Caruso 6/8/14 11:59 AM
Comment [2]: Switch these
Beth Caruso 6/8/14 11:59 AM
Comment [3]: Take out the slashes
Beth Caruso 6/8/14 12:00 PM
Comment [4]: Take out the extia spacing
in between all of youi paiagiaphs.
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Comment [5]: This intiouuction is full of
the iueas we uiscusseu staying away fiom in
intiouuctions, just like we uiscusseu staying
away fiom naming the actual appeals, in
favoi of simply uiscussing the iueas.
Beth Caruso 6/8/14 11:20 PM
Comment [6]: Keep tabs on youi
phiasing. Floweibomb is the peifume, not
the au. It's an au !"# Floweibomb.
Beth Caruso 6/8/14 11:20 PM
Comment [7]: Rathei than giving us a
clich heie, tell exactly how she uoes this.
Beth Caruso 6/8/14 11:20 PM
Comment [8]: Why. You may want to talk
about the notion of high fashion heie.
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Comment [9]: What is it.
Alhazzani 2
viewed as a soft and girly color. These colors in some cases can be viewed as a
symbol of weakness. An example of this is the fact that when baby girls are first born
they are usual wrapped in a pink blanket. Babies at that time are weak and
defenseless. By placing the vail on a white background, it makes the image pop more
capturing the reader attention almost instantly. At the same time, it makes the image
more powerful. This goes along well with the concept of the name of the perfume,
which is Flowerbomb. The Vail is strategically place over the womans face
to resemble that of a flower.
The second focal point is the black ribbon that is wrapped around the
womans body. This then draws the audience attention to the fact that the woman is
not wearing any cloths. The thought of a woman without cloths, wrapped as if she
is tied up may be seen as dehumanizing and unmoral. One might say this is done in
order to grab the young males attention. It is believed that their attention
will immediately go to her breast.
The fact that the woman is not wearing clothes and holding the perfume bottle
in her hand, shaped like a grenade clearly illustrates power and strength.
The emotions in her face are very strong and show no sign of fear. This is meant to
be a symbol of empowerment for young women. If the model was not holding the
perfume bottle in her hand, many people might mistake the purpose of the
advertisement. The text in this ad is very weak by only giving the name of the
perfume and the brand name based on the creators. This is done in order not to draw
attention away from the graphic.
Beth Caruso 6/8/14 11:21 PM
Comment [10]: I can't quite see the
connection between these two sentences.
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Comment [11]: Bow so.
Alhazzani 3
Overall, this advertisement is a work well done that will have readers talking
and ultimately remembering the brand. This project has changed the audience way of
thinking. I never thought advertisers would make huge efforts just to target their
audience. Nevertheless, before this project, I never thought that every advertisement
has its target audiences. Aristotle's appeals and angle of vision are the most interesting
parts. I learned they are very complicated and hard to demonstrate but persuasive at
the same time. This project really has the ability to change my life; by the way, I am
not exaggerating. The project makes the audience look toward the world from another
view. It makes the audience observer who believes that there is nothing in this world
without purpose. This project has changed my way of thinking.

Beth Caruso 6/8/14 11:23 PM
Comment [12]: We hau also talkeu about
not mentioning the pioject, since this
shoulu be an analysis that can be ieau by
anyone anu have them think that this is a
piofessional analysis, not an analysis foi a
Beth Caruso 6/8/14 11:23 PM
Comment [13]: See comment S.
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Comment [14]: See comment 12.
Beth Caruso 6/8/14 11:26 PM
Comment [15]: 0veiall, you have some
gieat iueas, but you move quickly fiom one
to the next without taking the time to
explicitly state the iueas you wish to convey.
Woik to sepaiate youi iueas into moie
paiagiaphs than you have. You cuiiently
have only S, but you have many iueas that
ueseive moie attention.