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THE LAST JUDGE that’s grt You've got t working! "Your Honor — the judge. pe was a tue historical igure Moveristory. Tel me his stoy.. Please! What are you ‘computor man? ‘You know. Twas Judge and a iough one ‘uni Thad my accident Comejaia me tor cofee ‘Uncle George was an hon He livad for he ew. Criminals feared him, Lawyers Toaly know one judge who was The that (Over ¥.000 years before Christ Israel was judged by a man named El, He was also ahigh priest He had two roten sans, completely cutof contol. They poluted ‘overything thoy touched, but Elid nothing to stop ther “Ta hese day hone was 0 king in Isao: everyman id ut whieh vas igh i bison eyen™ ‘he dy Eh saa wonen cages she prayed. She told God that if sho could havea son, shed gv himto the Lora” “anes 21:25 1 Sameel 111 ‘She gave bith to a son, named hin Sama and preseniearinio El ad no lea what God was. going to do with ite Samu ‘God woukint tak to El any more, ‘And Samuel gre andthe Lard was Wir came and Iraal was losing Israel shouted wih a great but lie Samuel was pure and ‘wth him, an dae none of hs words |} in their carp was Israel's most victorious shout forthe [fit ron Ark of God was with them. innocent. 50 God started taking to the cls, What did God tll you, God's mad at Samuel? Dont YY you... ard He's hide trom me...JJ going to judge you and your Bh ctidren forever! Tsoktely, your honar. Covenant” The people thought | | Butwho cara the ak? twas E's that they cated hs into tre |_| ‘Wo ten sons which God hated. batle, God would bless them Which side do you think God helped? tis the Lord "7 Sanvel319 30,000 israetes were slaughtered by the Philistines... Elis two sons tied. The Ark of God was captured, There was anew judge in lsrae: But the chidren of lrael were God tod Samuel to war them. itwas Same tired of having a judge over them, . ust tke everyoody Everything will ‘change forthe worst. When you complain, God will ot hear. He was Gods he judged, the Phistnes never again When Ei hears thal the Ack of God was taken... he fl backwards : ras th gered a vcry agaist the eles. angroe, hey wanted a king. andbroxehisneckarddes. | andineArkof God was oon retuned. Samuel hnew this was wang They ddntcare... They wanted a king. But, they got more than they bargained for.