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Scribd for Word 2007

Locating the latest version

Navigate to

Select Scribd for Word 2007 from the Files section.

Download and Install

Once you’ve selected the correct file, you should be prompted with:

Select “Open”.
On Microsoft Vista, you may be prompted with:

Select “Allow”.
Once the file has downloaded and opened, you will get a similar directory:

Select “Extract all files”.

You should then see:

Click “Extract”.
Once extracted, (and assuming you’ve selected “Show extracted files when
complete”), you will be prompted:

Select “Scribd.Net.Word.vsto” and not “setup.exe”. Don’t ask why. Next up:
Select “Install”. You trust me, don’t you? After installation:

Open your local copy of Microsoft Word 2007.

Logging into the software

When you first open Word 2007, you’ll get a couple of prompts:

Click “Ok” – it’s “ok”. Then:

Because, well, the program doesn’t know you yet.

To let the program know who you are, enter your Scribd “Username” and

Click “Ok”. And just for good measure, you’ll get:

But no worries – it’s lying; click “Ok”.

The Interface
The Ribbon Bar

Simply put:

1. “Send to Scribd” will send the current document to Scribd.

2. “Settings” will prompt you with the username and password dialog.

3. “Document List” will either show or hide the list of your Scribd documents.
(See below)

The Document List

This control will show you a list of all the documents you currently have on