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The Outsiders Project

The Outsiders Project

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Published by: api-26011536 on Nov 24, 2009
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The Outsiders Project

This project will be worth 100 points. It is very important to your grade that you complete this project. You are to create something from the novel. This is an individual project. You must select one of the ideas listed below. If you have a spectacular idea, you may discuss it with me, and I will make the final decision on whether it is worthy of a project or not. CD Case with Song Titles & Cover, Inside and Back Advertisement Poster – depicting the story or movie Map of the town or house or setting Clay Creation Model Magic Painting Board Game Poem or Poems – must be 50 lines Cartoon Newspaper – include important events, headlines, and ads This is due to me by Thursday, Dec.3, 2009.

Timeline On the blank sheet of paper given, begin a timeline about The Outsiders. It is to include one or two sentences about the most important things that happened in the chapter. It also must have a picture drawn about what happened in the chapter.

Be creative and colorful. Begin today. There are colored pencils in the back of the room.

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