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Woman Who Sued King For Gender Discrimination Says AG “Had Virtually No Interest In The
Issue” Of Equal Pay
Albuquerque, NM – One of the three women who sued Gary King for gender
discrimination is speaking out about the attorney general’s complete lack of interest in
equal pay, saying he “had virtually no interest in the issue.” The article in the Santa Fe New
Mexican goes on to say, “King, she said, simply was not interested in tackling the problem
of gender disparity in pay scales.”
King has been taking heat lately for releasing an ad that tried to take on the issue of equal
pay. He has since been called out for his hypocrisy because of his shameful record on the
issue. As attorney general, he was sued by three women in his office for paying them less
than their male colleagues who had less experience than them. King replied that they were
only “of average capabilities” and that they were only envious of their male colleagues.
In the end, King had to settle the lawsuit and pay up.
More fallout from Gary King’s ‘demand’ of equal pay for women
Santa Fe New Mexican
By: Milan Simonich
June 17, 2014 9:06 am
Updated: 9:32 am, Tue Jun 17, 2014
Democrat Gary King tried to make equal pay for women an issue in his gubernatorial
campaign, but it continues to be a sore spot for many who know him well.
Lesley Lowe is one of the three female attorneys who sued King for employment
discrimination during his second term as state attorney general.
Lowe alleged that King paid her less than male attorneys with a fraction of her experience.
She lost her case last year in a summary judgment, but still maintains that the evidence was
on her side.
The other two female attorneys who sued King settled for a nominal sum, about $15,000
each, to help them pay their legal bills.
Their lawsuit against King, filed in 2010, is back in the news for one reason only. King
recently ran a TV commercial saying he would be a governor who would demand equal pay
for women who do the same work as men.
In a phone interview, Lowe said King “had virtually no interest in the issue” of equal pay
when women lawyers in the attorney general’s office asked him why they were making less
than men.
“We thought we could work with him initially,” Lowe said.
They couldn’t. King, she said, simply was not interested in tackling the problem of gender
disparity in pay scales.
King is the son of the late three-term governor Bruce King.
“Bruce King I voted for,” Lowe said. “Gary King, absolutely not.”