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What to Expect When Staying With the Cullens

What to Expect When Staying With the Cullens


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Published by goaliehead4
I've had this one written for a while, but I wasn't sure if it was good......
I've had this one written for a while, but I wasn't sure if it was good......

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Published by: goaliehead4 on Nov 24, 2009
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Chapter one: French bread. Jasper’s p.o.v.

Emmett and I were in trig class listening to the teacher drone on, and on…. It was aggravating! I can’t take this any longer! “Hey Jasper? What’s a baguette?” Emmett whispered. “What?” I whispered back. “What’s a baguette?!” He whisper yelled, frustrated. “What?!” I said back. “A BAGUETTE!” He yelled. (For those of you that don’t know, a baguette is a French bread. I think.......) Teacher p.o.v. Did Cullen say fag it? Jasper p.o.v. “French bread Emmett! Now don’t yell!” I whispered angry. “Emmett Cullen. Detention!” The teacher yelled from across the room. Emmett and I hushed down after that. “What does the guy have against French bread?” Emmett asked me in a low whisper. “I don’t know. I don’t think he does…..” I whispered back unsure. I wonder….. I then cleared my throught and yelled. “CROISSANT!!”

The students all looked back at me as well as the teacher. The teacher set down his book with a bang. “Detention for you too Mr. Hale!” The teacher roared. I bet I can totally roar better than him, and look hotter doing it too. “French bread hater!” Emmett yelled back at the teacher. “You two leave my classroom now!” The teacher screamed and pointed his stubby little finger at the door. Emmett and I gathered our things and got up out of the seats, leaving the classroom with our heads held high. Emmett and I walked to the cafeteria, it was a few minutes till lunch anyway. Emmett p.o.v. What is with the trig teacher, I’m serious, Mr. Varner is loosing it. Not that he had it… but still, you know what I mean. Jasper and I sat at our table in the cafeteria, waiting for the rest of the family to join us. The bell rang loudly and students swarmed into the cafeteria to eat. I spotted Alice, Rosalie, Bella, and Edward walk in together. Alice and Rose sat down next to us while Edward got in line with Bella to get some food for her. “Nice stunt by the way Emmett and Jasper.” Alice complimented us as she sat down next to Jasper. “I honestly don’t know what that teacher has against French bread!” I said exasperated. “Emmett, the teacher thought you said fag it, not baguette.” Alice told me.

“Ooohhhh!” I said obviously. Bella and Edward now joined us. It was awesome having a human sister. Too many pranks to pull on her….the endless possibility’s! Edward glared at me. Stupid mind reader….. I then spotted a piece of bread on Bella’s lunch tray. “What’s that?” I asked her, pointing to it. “A baguette.” She answered. I picked up the bread and pointed at it threateningly. “You are the source of all the trouble!” I accused and threw it across the lunchroom. It hit Mike Newton in the head accidentally. He turned to face our table. They all pointed at me. Thanks for covering my back. Some family. Mike glared at me and turned back to his table. Edward fist pounded me. “Thank you my brother. I can’t do any actual harm to Newton, so that was satisfactory. He’s thinking it hurt a lot.” Edward said smugly. I saw Mike rub the back of his head. Score! I yelled in my head. Edward laughed. Bella looked confused. “What was the problem with the bread exactly?” She asked me. “Long story.” Jasper said shrugging. Bella let it go. She went back to eating when Alice had a vision. Alice smiled hugely and turned to Bella with a mischievous grin. Bella stopped in mid chew, and her eyes widened. Bella swallowed and she spoke to Alice. “What is it Alice?” she asked cautiously.

“Charlie is going to be gone fishing this whole weekend so he is going to talk to Esme about letting you stay at our house over the weekend.” She said happily with a bit of enthusiasm in her voice. “And that means….” She said slowly with horror in her voice. “Bella barbie!” She crowed. “No!” She moaned and her head hit the table. I laughed and poked her back lightly. No response. “Is she dead? That would be very bad for Eddie. The number of times he’s tried to keep her alive, Bella dies at two words.” I joked. Edward glared. God, loosen up kid! I was only kidding! He has as much humor as a stick. “And your brain’s the size of a pebble.” He shot back as he lifted Bella’s head off the table. “At least I’m not an overprotective boyfriend that kills any boy that looks at his girlfriend.” I said confidently. “Emmett, Bella’s temperature is higher than your IQ.” Everybody oooed. “Oh really? What’s her temperature?” I said bobbing my head like a girl. “98.6.” He said obviously. “Dang! She beat me by a tenth!” I yelled and banged my hand against the table. Bella and Edward snorted while Rose, Alice, and Jasper rolled their eyes. “What?!” I accused. Chapter 2: Rabid dog rabbit’s

We were all at home sitting outside. I was watching the rest of the family and Bella sit and talk while I was hanging from a branch on the tree. I saw a vine (strange right?). I grabbed the vine and got ready to swing myself from the tree to another like stunt people do in action movies. I bent my knees and jumped. “WOOOO!” I yelled. “Emmett! Watch for the-” Alice tried to warn me, but it was too late. I swung head first into the tree and started to slide down it spread eagled. “ugh.” I groaned. I landed into a bush where there was an army of rabbits. “Sweet! Bunnies!” I squealed like a little girl. But one of the bunnies opened his jaws and stood on his hind legs. The others copied the leader. They all jumped on top of me and I ran out of the bush with the bunnies still clinging onto me for dear life. “ARRGGHH!!” I yelled. “GET EM OFF GET EM OFF!” I ran in circles in front of my family while they laughed. I shook them off and turned around. But there was more laughter. “What now?” I asked angry. They all pointed at my butt. I felt around and grabbed something off me. I held the vicious bunny at arms length with its mouth foamed. I screamed and chucked the bunny over the trees to who knows where.

“What was with the rabbits?” Rose asked me, still laughing. “I don’t know! It was an army of them Rosie! They all got up on their hind legs and started to attack me!” I said throwing my hands up into the air. I saw Alice hold up a stuffed bunny. I ran screaming for my life. Bunnies will haunt my life forever. Chapter 3: Mike Newton and the mall Bella’s p.o.v. Emmett was still at home, getting rid of his fear of bunnies. Last time we saw him before we left for the mall, he was in a corner in the fetal position rocking himself back and forth. Carlisle was trying to coax him out of the corner when we left. Now it was Rose, Alice, Jasper, Edward, and I in the mall. Alice dragged us all to the mall. She threatened to crush Edward’s piano and cars, break Rose’s favorite mirror, no kisses for Jasper, and she threatened to do Bella Barbie on me every day until I died. Edward did not like the die part. He was still angry from the comment at lunch. Somehow we all were now in Victoria’s secret. I was currently in a dressing room in the most embarrassing lingerie to ever exist, blood red with a black bow in the middle. She threatened to buy me clothes if I didn’t try this on. “Come on out Bella!” Alice called to me. “No way!” I said crossing my arms.

“You know, Edward will see either way! I’ll just peak over the side and he’ll see you in my mind!” She reminded me. “Fine.” I said like a sulking child. I opened the door with a death glare. I am officially never coming to the mall again. Edward’s and Jasper’s jaws dropped open. I blushed and glared at Alice. She and Rose smiled smugly. I saw Mike in the distance and I squeaked and hid behind Edward. Mike’s eyes were roaming my body. Pervert. Edward noticed too. He growled and shot an evil smile at Mike. Edward suddenly grabbed my waist and crashed his mouth on mine. I really don’t care if this kiss is to get back at Mike, I love it! Edward pulled away when Mike was gone and I ran back into the dressing room. “Sweet, sweet clothes!” I said happily. I heard a few chuckles outside the door. I quickly took off the horrid “under garments” and changed back into my clothes. I stepped out of the changing room and into Edward’s arms. “By the way, you looked very…..sexy.” He whispered seductively into my ear. I shivered. We all walked out of the store to meet a very lustful Mike Newton. I clung tighter to Edward’s side as we passed him. I cringed when he looked up and down my body. Edward held me tighter as we walked. Mike has some serious problems. While watching me walk away, Mike hit the wall straight in the face. He toppled backwards and fell on top of an old lady. The lady shoved Mike off her and started to beat him with her purse. Mike tried to run away, but the woman kept following him.

We all laughed and walked into the parking lot of the mall. We drove home in the Volvo. I was in the passenger seat and Alice and Jasper were in the back. When we all reached the house, I heard screaming even loud enough for me to hear. Emmett came out screaming with Carlisle running after him. “I’m so sorry Emmett! I didn’t know the T.V. was on the nature channel! Especially the bunny marathon!” Carlisle tried to reason with him while they ran around the front yard. We all laughed. Chapter 4: Mrs. Emmett Cullen, Mrs. Jasper Hale, and Mrs. Edward Cullen Alice’s p.o.v. Emmett was currently knocked out with some sort of drug Carlisle forced down his throat because he wouldn’t stop screaming. Edward and Jasper were arguing as well so Carlisle knocked them out too. The boys were all sprawled out on the floor, they looked dead, tongue hanging out of their mouths, eyes closed. A really good idea popped into my head. I turned to Bella and Rosalie watching T.V. on the couch. “Hey you guys! What if we played a prank on the now unconscious boys?” I asked wiggling my eyebrows. “Yes!” They laughed.

“Okay, this is what we’re going to do….” I huddled around them. Edward’s p.o.v. 2 hours later….. I stirred wake and slowly opened my eyes. I’m going to have to talk to Carlisle about drugging us without telling us. Above me was Bella smiling sweetly at me. “Hello darling.” I sighed happily. “Hello.” She said back happily, almost hysterically. I heard Emmett and Jasper scream. I looked up to see them standing in front of a mirror. They all had make up on with fake wigs that matched their regular colored hair. Emmett and Jasper were also in high heels and a dress. I started to laugh hysterically. Emmett and Jasper turned around and laughed and pointed at me as well. I looked down and screamed. I was dressed similarly. I then saw this was planned out in Alice’s head. “Alice!” I hissed. The girls laughed. “What? Not you too Bella!” I whined at her. “Sorry Edward.” She apologized still laughing. “Did you help them dress us?” I asked horrified. “Yes I did. You saw me in my underwear and I saw you in yours. We’re even.” She said smugly crossing her arms across her chest.

“Now that’s not fair. As punishment I get to kiss you.” I said stretching out my arms to reach her. “Know way. You look gay. Sorry hun, but it’s true.” She said apologetically and stepping away from me. I grinned mischievously, got up, and walked towards her. She backed away holding two fingers up in a cross. “Back evil!” She yelled and stepped back more. I took a step. She ran up the stairs, and I tried to go after her, but I tripped on the heels. I fell flat on my face and Alice and Rose giggled. I quickly threw them off and followed were upstairs. I grinned as I followed her scent. It was too easy. She ran into my room. Check and mate. I opened the door slowly, but when I stepped inside, Bella had a water gun held in her hand with a sly smile. “You wouldn’t.” I said with wide eyes. “I would.” She said with a shrug and blasted the water at me. In a few seconds I was soaked from head to foot in water. Bella sighed. “You still look like a girl. Maybe if I…..” She raised the water gun again and aimed it at me. But I ran across the room and knocked the gun out of her hands. I pressed my lips against hers and pulled her body tightly against mine. I pulled away after a few seconds and grinned at her. “I win!” I announced. I looked down at her and I almost lost it. I hadn’t known what she was wearing. She was in a

black mini skirt with a tight white t- shirt. The water on me soaked through her shirt to reveal a blue bra. Bella smiled at me seductively and brushed her hand slowly across my chest. She got out of my grasp and walked to the door her hips swaying. God that’s sexy! My breathing got ragged and my mouth opened. She pulled the door closed and I almost growled at the door. On the back of the door there was a blown up picture of Mike Newton smiling at me. Dang it! I’m so stupid! That was a trap! I smacked my forehead with the heel of my hand. She’s going to kill me! I sighed and changed back into some normal clothes. Because of the water, the make up was gone. Thank goodness! I growled and tore off the picture of Newton. I walked downstairs to find the guys back to normal and Bella in a jeans and loose fitting t-shirt. I groaned and sat down next to Bella. I pulled her into my lap and I stared at her disapprovingly. “Why did you change?” I whined. “I don’t want you going crazy.” She explained and smiled. I then heard Emmett think the best thing ever. Chapter 5: Truth or Dare Bella’s p.o.v. “Let’s play truth or dare!” Emmett said excitingly. Rose and Alice were downstairs in a flash. “Yes!” Alice, Rose, and Bella exclaimed in unison.

“I’m in.” I said with a smile. “Emmett’s first.” Alice said seeing the future. “Okay. Let’s see…” Alice said deciding tapping her chin with her index finger, knowing he would already have picked dare. “I dare you to run through Forks with nothing on except for your underwear.” She said smiling hugely. We all laughed, including Emmett. I looked outside. It was dark outside, probably seven or eight o’clock. We all walked outside and took separate cars. When we reached the main part of town, Emmett got out of the car in nothing but a pair of white boxers. I covered my eyes. “I’m blind!” I said exasperated. Edward chuckled. I pulled my hand from my eyes and we got ready to follow Emmett in the car. “Go!” Alice yelled at him. “WOOOO!” He yelled and began to run. Emmett’s silhouette flashed different colors from the lights as he ran past stores yelling and screaming. Almost everybody in Forks was awake as he passed houses and apartments. Emmett stopped in front of the Newton’s sporting goods store and turned his backside to the window. Emmett pulled his pants down in the back and mooned a very surprised Mike Newton. He pulled up his boxers and smiled cheekily at Mike. Emmett began to run again screaming his head off. Everyone laughed and continued to follow him. Emmett had reached the school before we stopped in front of him and motioned for him to get in. Emmett got in the car with a booming laugh.

“Nice Emmett.” I approved. “Thanks Bella.” He laughed again. “How was it?” Edward asked Emmett looking in the rearview mirror. “Awesome dude. You HAVE to try it!” He insisted. “Err… no thanks. I’d rather not.” Edward said hesitantly as began to drive. We made it home with everybody else in the living room waiting for us. We each took a seat and Emmett stared at each of his victims. His eyes rested on Jasper. Edward and Alice laughed. “Jasper, truth or dare?” Emmett asked sweetly. “Dare.” He said with a shrug. “Okay…. I dare you to make Carlisle act like a little kid. I want to see what happens! He’s just like Edward, too serious all the time!” He whispered. We then heard a bang from upstairs and Carlisle came down in jeans with his tie from work loose and his shirt untucked. On his head was a baseball cap that was facing the wrong direction. “Eddie, Emmy, Jazzy, Ali, Rosie posie, and Bells! Hiya! What’s up playas?” He asked as he giggled. Wow. Carlisle can giggle? “How was work Carlisle?” Rose asked him. “Awwwful. There was NOTHING to do! I told them I was ready to help at anytime, but they didn’t listen to me! I’m smarter than any of those nimrods.” Carlisle said exasperatingly in a child like voice. Nimrods? This is too funny. Carlisle then started to jump up and down on the couch cushions. “Let’s play!” He said excitedly between bounces.

A fly then flew past him. “AHHH! Fly! Get it away, get it away! Kill it Emmett, kill it!” Carlisle yelled and hid behind Alice. Esme then walked into the room. Jasper stopped immediately. Carlisle straightened up and frowned at all of us. “I hope you all enjoyed that.” He said coldly and walked out of the room. Esme turned to us. We all shrugged. She did too and walked out of the room as well. Probably to find Carlisle. We all laughed for a minute and then got back to the game. “Bella, truth or dare?” Jasper asked me. I thought it over. “Truth.” I picked. “What is the weirdest thing you have seen in Edward’s room?” He asked again. “I don’t know…. When I was hiding the water gun in his room I saw a little doll being hung by its neck by a string, attached to his ceiling fan. The doll was male and had blonde hair, so I guessed it was either Mike or you.” I answered. Everyone laughed at this except for Edward. “Dang. You have a problem dude.” Emmett said seriously. “ Hey, if Bella had not befriended him, Mike would be dead by now. To think of all the vulgar things he has thought about Bella….” He shuddered. “I had to take my anger out somehow.” He admitted. “Well, I’m just glad it’s not me.” Jasper said laughing. “Okay, my turn.” I sighed. “Rosalie, truth or dare?” I asked her. “Dare.” She said with a smile.

“I dare you to eat an item of human food you have stored here for me.” I said with a grin. Rose shuddered and walked into the kitchen. She came out a few seconds later with a pop tart. She sat down and shoved the food in her mouth with a grimace. She chewed quickly and swallowed. Her face scrunched up in distaste. All of a sudden she covered her mouth and ran from the room. A few moments later we heard the sound of a flushing toilet and Rosalie ran back down the stairs wiping her mouth off. She shot me a grimace and sat next to Emmett. “Now that I’ve got that horrid thing you Humans call food out of my system, Edward, truth or dare?” Rosalie asked. “Dare.” He said simply. “Hmm…let’s see…I dare you to-” “No Rosalie! Anything but that! I can’t do that!” Edward interrupted. “My choice!” She said in a sing song voice. “Fine.” He mumbled. “I dare you not to kiss Bella for the rest of the night.” Rose said with a smirk. We all laughed except for Edward. Why not make it hard for him? “But Bella can kiss me, right?” He asked anxiously. I looked at Rose and winked. She bit back a giggle. “Yes.” She said trying not to smile. I turned my head towards Edward’s and moved in slowly. He closed his eyes and puckered his lips. I

grabbed a pillow and shoved it between our lips. His eyes opened in surprise and he glared at me. “I didn’t say I was going to.” I giggled. He groaned into the pillow. Alice knew where I was going with this so she got up and left the room. I followed her up the stairs into her room where she handed me a really low cut dark blue top and black skirt. I smiled mischievously at her and put them on. I exited the room and walked back down the stairs with Alice. She and I locked arms and tried to compose our faces. As we entered the living room, Emmett and Jasper let out cat calls and whistles. I swayed my hips as I walked towards Edward. His eyes popped wide and he clenched his jaw. I sat down next to him on the couch and stretched my uncovered legs across him. His eyes moved up and down my legs and his breathing got heavier. One of my legs moved across his slowly and he grabbed a pillow and grasped it in his mouth. My hand trailed down his arm and Edward’s eyes got wider and his bite on the pillow got tighter. He began to rock back and forth. I moved forward to take my legs off his. His eyes stared at my chest and his eyes shut tight. He swallowed convulsively. “Edward, are you well enough to play?” I asked, my lips twitching. “Yes.” He said huskily as he took the pillow out of his mouth. “Alice. Truth or dare?” He said in a tight voice as he opened his eyes. “Dare.” She said trying to contain her laughter. “I dare you to go spray paint some of the lockers at the school with your name on it.” He said

a little more relaxed as he kept his eyes away from me. She took a red spray paint bottle from behind her back and we all stood up. Being able to see the future does have its advantages. I took separate cars away from Edward. I don’t want to push him just yet. Mwa ha ha. I climbed into the BMW with Rose and Alice. “Mission accomplished.” I said happily. Rose and Alice laughed. “I have another idea for tonight as well.” Alice said from the front seat. “Oh really?” I said devious. Alice leaned back and whispered into my ear. I laughed and nodded. Alice turned back around in her seat. Rosalie soon pulled up to the high school. We all got out of the car and followed Alice into the school. We somehow unlocked the doors without causing a disturbance and found a set of lockers. “Bella!” Alice called to me. “Yes Alice?” I asked innocently and walked to her side. “Could you shake this up for me?” She asked and handed the spray paint bottle to me. I nodded and shook the bottle vigorously. In result, my chest shook lightly. I saw Edward’s mouth open and close out of the corner of my eye. He closed his eyes shut tight and pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and fore finger. I handed the bottle back to Alice and she began to spray. After she was finished, we all escaped the school grounds and into the cars. I thought Alice’s

plan over again in my head. This was going to make Edward insane. As soon as the car pulled up to the house Alice dragged me inside with Rosalie. “Where are you two taking Bella?” Edward asked as we passed the guys getting out of the Volvo. “Truth or Dare is over and it’s eleven o’ clock. It’s Bella’s bedtime.” Alice said her voice full of authority. We shut the front door behind us and I was towed quickly up the stairs into Alice’s room. I followed Rose and Alice into her humongous walk in closet. I’m serious; you could fit the statue of liberty in here. Rose and Alice bickered back and forth about something before they came into my view with a pair of pajamas to make Edward crazy. Tiny white shorts and a tight red spaghetti strap shirt. I slipped the pajamas on quickly. The shirt was really tight and it dipped really low to show off my chest. I thanked them silently and strolled evilly into Edward’s room. He was sitting in the middle of the bed his family had bought for me to sleep in when I stayed over. His eyes popped wide open and then he shut them again. He fell onto the bed on his side and groaned. I giggled and walked over to the bed. I sat on the bed and pulled his head up to rest on my chest. He groaned at the feeling of my exposed flesh. I just ran my fingers soothingly through his hair and gave him a kiss on the head.

He’s suffered enough tonight. I just got under the covers and curled up against him. I felt his arms wrap around me protectively before I fell asleep. I woke to a cold hand rubbing my back soothingly. I opened my eyes and Edward was right next to me smiling down at me. “Good morning.” He whispered. I smiled back at him. “I believe my dare is over?” He asked me. I nodded. Edward climbed over top of me, supporting his weight on his arms. His lips touched mine and he began to kiss me passionately. Edward moved onto his knees and his hands lifted my back off the bed. His lips removed from mine to give me air to breath. But instead of moving his lips back to mine, his lips continued to kiss my face, then neck. His lips almost reached uncharted territory when there was a knock at the door. Edward rolled over onto the side and his arms wrapped around my waist. “Come in.” He said looking at the door. Emmett then strolled in with Swedish fish up his nose. “Hey guys” He said sounding like he had a cold. “What the heck Emmett?” I asked him. “I have no idea. I found them and decided to stick them up my nose.” Emmett then pulled out a stuffed animal Barney from behind his back. Emmett started to sing the Barney theme song

“I love you, you love me, we’re one happy family! With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you! Won’t you say you love me too!” “No Emmett!” Edward moaned and covered his ears with his hands. Emmett continued to sing the song. Ugh this is awful! I stomped over to Edward’s closet and pulled out a stuffed bunny from the closet. Emmett screamed, and I chased him around the house with it. The bunny thing is never going to get old. Chapter 6: Rocking Fireman, bubble wrap, and a shocking surprise. Bella’s p.o.v Emmett, Alice, and I were all walking together in Port Angeles when we passed a fire station. A fireman came running out. “It’s getting hot in here! So take off all your clothes!” The fireman started to sing and dance around in front of the station. “You first!” Emmett yelled back at him. “Your pole or mine?” He yelled back. “Don’t have one!” Emmett yelled back. We all laughed and continued to walk. A little while later while we were in a restaurant having lunch, Emmett’s phone started to ring. “Hello?” He answered it. “Sorry, I can not talk right now; I am brewing a polyjuice potion and it requires a lot of concentration………Yes, my last year………Thank you Good bye.” He snapped his phone shut.

I chuckled. “Who was that?” Alice asked. “A telemarketer. He understood how hard it was to create a polyjuice potion and he asked if it was my last year at Hogwarts.” Emmett said with a shrug. “What house are you in?” I asked him. “Slytherin.” He said with an evil laugh. “Should have known.” Alice sighed. We three left the restaurant shortly after, and drove home. When we opened the door to the house, Jasper and Edward were jumping around on top of bubble wrap. They stopped when we entered the kitchen and handed us sheets of bubble wrap to jump on. See, my boyfriend is a vampire, has a Mike voodoo doll, composes music, and jumps around on bubble wrap. Its official, my boyfriend is way cooler than yours. A few hours later after the joy of bubble wrap, the doorbell rang and Edward answered it. The mailman stood right outside the door. Jasper, Emmett, and Alice started to sing the mail song from Blue’s Clue’s. The mailman looked terrified and handed Edward the mail before dashing down the porch steps. Edward sighed at Alice, Jasper, and Emmett. “Must you always scare the mailman away?” Edward frowned. “It’s fun. Duh.” Alice said obviously and bobbed her head. I laughed. The T.V. screen changed to commercials, and it announced the Harry Potter marathon tonight at six.

“Oh my god! We have to watch that!” Emmett yelled. “Yeah!” Alice squealed. I turned to Jasper. “Are Emmett and Alice a little obsessed? Or is it just me?” I asked him raising an eyebrow. Jasper chuckled and nodded. We all watched the Harry Potter marathon together as I snuggled up next to Edward while the movies continued to play uninterrupted. When we got to the Goblet of Fire, the man who played Cedric Diggory looked so much like Edward. “Whoa! There are two seventeen year old Eddies?” Emmett asked shocked as he paused at a part with Cedric Diggory in it. “I do not look like the actor.” Edward said with a shrug. Alice pulled Edward over to the T.V. screen. She placed Edward’s head into the same position as the actor on the screen. Jasper took a picture with his camera. “Edward, there is no doubt about it. You and him could be twins with different hair color.” Jasper said as he looked at the picture he took. Alice let go of Edward and he walked over to Jasper. “Dang. You’re right.” Edward said shocked. “The guy who plays Cedric Diggory stole your identity!” Emmett said as he played the movie. We continued to watch the rest of the movie and I almost gasped at the part when Cedric Died. Not real, not real, not real. I chanted to myself. When we

got to the credits, Alice scanned the names on the screen until she found the right one. She then dashed to the computer and we waited for a response. “Holy shit!” She yelled. We all ran where she and the computer were. Alice was on Wikipedia looking at a biography of the person who played the role of Cedric Diggory. Robert Pattinson was the actor’s name. The actor had tousled goldish brown looking hair and a crooked smile like Edward too. I gasped and my eyes flashed to a shocked Edward to the picture. This is not happening! I am officially going crazy. I ran a hand through my hair. But in an add on the computer screen, I saw a girl that looked a lot like me too. “There’s two of Bella too?” Emmett yelled. In the end we found actors that looked a lot like Edward, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, and me. And they were apparently all together making a movie. I fell asleep so confused that night.

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