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6/17/14 4:44 PM RE: Neutropenic Policy - Heinke, Pamela S

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Pl 8randl,
l've aLLached Lhe revlsed neuLro pollcy. Would you mlnd [usL scrolllng down Lo Appendlx 8 for Lhe Lu parL and
Lell me lf Lhls makes sense wlLh Lhe new wordlng?
1hanks so much!
Pamela Heinke RN, BSN, OCN
Permanent Charge Nurse
Bone Marrow Transplant & Oncology Units
!"#$% Schlmpf, 8randl
&'()% Wednesday, Aprll 9, 2014 11:48 AM
*#% Pelnke, amela S
&+,-'.)% 8L: neuLropenlc ollcy

l Lhlnk we are dolng well wlLh followlng Lhls goal. l Lhlnk Lhe changes LhaL need Lo be reflecLed are relaLed Lo wordlng,
begln LhaL we no longer have 1rlage and our zones are no longer labeled by color, buL dlrecLlon (LasL, WesL, SouLh). A
paLlenL may be placed ln an lnLake room from plvoL (slngle paLlenL area) and evaluaLed by an aLLendlng physlclan
Lhen placed ln an Lu 1reaLmenL room ln our maln Lu. 1hese paLlenLs wlll have lnlLlal orders placed by Lhe lnLake
aLLendlng whlch may lnclude neuLropenlc precauLlons lf Lhe paLlenL has known/suspecLed neuLropenla. 1hey may noL
always be bypassed" emergenLly from our lvoL area slnce Lhey Lyplcally are sLable paLlenLs.
Pappy Lo meeL wlLh you Lo explaln our new process lf lL helps for updaLlng your &,
1hank you,

Brandi Schimpf, BSN RN CEN
Clinical Educator, Emergency Services
!"#$%"& ()*"+) ,
-.$ /0120132/ 4546 (-
3.4-5+67 8)9,:- ;8)9,:-<3.4-5+6='.4&90(4<*)>?@
A 9((9.45&,(
6/17/14 4:44 PM RE: Neutropenic Policy - Heinke, Pamela S
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University of Colorado Hospital

From: Heinke, Pamela S
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2014 3:19 PM
To: Schimpf, Brandi; Scott, Robin
Cc: Wenger, Barbara; Heinke, Pamela S
Subject: Neutropenic Policy


My name ls amela Pelnke and l am a 8n on Lhe Cnc/8M1 unlL. l'm currenLly worklng on revlslng Lhe
neuLropenlc ollcy and would llke your lnpuL.

uo you know lf Lhe aLLached Appendlx ls belng followed ln Lhe Lu? lf so, ls lL worklng? l spoke wlLh Clen
eLerson (Peme n) lasL Sunday and he sald Lhere were a few Lhlngs LhaL he was worklng on geLLlng changed.
l'm also golng Lo be addlng hls Peme lnpaLlenL 8apld 8esponse lever roLocol Lo Lhe pollcy.

1hanks so much for your Llme and lnpuL,

amela Pelnke, 8n, 8Sn, CCn