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Public Speaking Class

Jacob P. Lambrecht
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Course Description: Public speaking is something that nearly everyone encounters in their lives.
However, few people have the tools to handle these situations. This course is designed to teach
students a variety of different public speaking tactics and presentation forms. In this class
students will gain skills that they will be able to take with through the remainder of secondary
school and on.

Course Objectives:
To gain a variety of strategies for developing credibility, creating logical messages, and
making emotional appeals in their presentations.
To be able to locate, identity, and analyze primary and secondary sources to gather
information on topics, themes, and questions.
To understand that audience, context, and purpose affect the selection of a topic and
students will consider these elements when planning presentations.
To obtain a variety of writing and outlining skills.
To gain a variety of organizational strategies when preparing speeches.
To understand the difference between formal and informal language and that words
and phrases can negatively characterize other people.
To gain knowledge and understanding of nonverbal communication.
To gain a variety of tactics to deal with performance anxiety.

Course Materials: A notebook will be required for every class period. You will also need a video
camera for each presentation. This will be required for self-evaluations.

Textbook: Textbook

Graded Course Assignments & Grade Percentage Breakdown:
1. Special Occasion Speech - 10%
2. Introductory Speech - 15%
3. Informative Speech - 20%
4. Persuasive Speech - 25%
5. Quizzes - 10%
6. Participation - 10%
7. Peer & Self Evaluations - 10%

Grading Policy:

100-97% = A+ 89-87% = B+ 79-77% = C+ 69-67% = D+ 59% or less = F
96-94% = A 86-84% = B 76-74% = C 66-64% = D
93-90% = A- 83-80% = B- 73-70% = C- 63-60% = D-

Units Covered: There will several units covered in this class. The units covered are as follows:
Introduction to Public Speaking
Digital Media
Listening & Evaluation
Informative Speaking
Persuasive Speaking
Major Assignments:
-Informative Speech: Students will learn how to inform audiences about specific topics. This
will be assessed in the form an informative speech that students will deliver with the aid of
multimodal technology.
-Persuasive Speech: Students will learn conventions and tactics of persuasive speaking. The
knowledge and skills will assessed in a culminating speech in which students will persuade their
audience about a specific topic.

Attendance: Since participation is a large part of your grade it is important that you are present
in class. Makeup quizzes will only be given for excused absences. If you cannot be in class on
the day you are scheduled to present then you will be allowed to present the next day that you
are in class. If an absence is excused, then there will be no penalty on the presentation grade,
however, unexcused absences will incur a full grade reduction.

Tardiness: Students must be in their seats when the late bell rings. If a student a student is not
in his or her seat when the bell rings this will result in a tardy. Three tardies will result in a
reduction of your participation grade, and I think we can all agree that any reduction of a grade
is bad.

Late Work Policy: In the essence of fairness, written assignments and outlines are due at the
beginning of class on the day assigned. All students will turn in their outlines on the day
presentations begin. Outlines handed in after the due date, due to unexcused absence, will
result in the assignment grade being reduced by one full grade, this reduction will increase by
one grade every day after the due date that the assignment is not handed in. Late outlines due
to excused absences will have no grade penalties incurred.

Classroom Rules and Expectations: Be respectful and quiet when other students are
presenting. This means no talking, standing, moving, crinkling of chip bags, or anything else that
might cause a distraction during a presentation. Classroom participation is expected and
graded. It will not be difficult to make the participation grade; there will be plenty of
opportunities for participation. Racial, ethnic, religious, gender, or sexual orientation
slurs/insults are not allowed in the classroom.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any capacity. If you are caught plagiarizing then
the situation will be handled according to school policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, I will be available every day before and after school. I
encourage you to come to me with questions; I am here to help you succeed.