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Written by
Cheanu Chew
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“The only difference

between a RICH person
and a POOR person is
how they use their time.”
~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Multi-Millionaire
Entrepreneur and Author of the
#1 New York Times Bestseller
“Rich Dad Poor Dad”

“Your future is created

by what you do TODAY, Robert T. Kiyosaki
not tomorrow”

Are you rich?

Some say yes, some say no; but most have different measurements of how much
money they should have for them to be considered “rich”.

So the best way to measure is to find a unit of measurement that EVERYONE in

the world shares the SAME amount of – that is, TIME.

Everyone in the world has 24 hours each day – an equal amount of time for
both the king and the beggar. (Now isn’t it funny to learn something you’ve
already known for a long time?)

So, the question should be:

How long can you continue living in your current lifestyle if you have
lost the ability to work – TODAY?

Many of us have to stop working due to unexpected circumstances: major

accidents, health breakdowns, retrenchments, employers going out of business,
technological advancement, industrial revolution, jobs replacements etc.

How exactly sure are you that these will not happen to you or your spouse?

Think about it.

And even if you do not face any of the above disasters, the question now is:
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Can you afford to stop working and still

maintain your current lifestyle?
Let’s assume you’ve saved a lot of money and you want to realize one of the
many dreams you have – say, to go for a 2-month vacation. Can you afford to
leave your job or business (if you’re a business owner) and continue having the
same amount of income flowing in to you for those 2 months?

Can you afford to quit your job today when you can no longer take the stress or
unhappy working in your company? If you stop working today, how long can
you survive without the income from your job?

What if you’ve started a family and you found yourself not being able to spend
quality time with your family? If you can choose, how much time do you want to
spend with your family and your loved ones? If you answer “as much as
possible”, then how will this choice impact your time spent on your job, and
eventually impact your financial life?

Being RICH… as measured in TIME… is called being WEALTHY.

While some people love their jobs, many people CAN’T AFFORD to stop
working. Most are stuck in a job they do not love or working for an employer
they do not like. Most WANT TO stop working, but they just CAN’T AFFORD to.


How wealthy are you?

This question simply draws out the reality of how long you can survive without
working. It doesn’t matter how much income you are currently earning.

Most people want to be rich and look for higher paying jobs to work on so they
can earn more income. They think by earning more income, they become richer.

Some people want to be beyond just rich – they choose to be wealthy. Instead of
looking for jobs with higher pays, they look for a system that will create a long-
term constant income for them when they do not want (or can’t afford) to work.

This is best illustrated by the following story:

The Buckets & The Pipeline.
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The Buckets & The Pipeline

Once upon a time there was a little village. It was a great place to live except for
one problem – there was no water supply unless it rained! To solve this problem
once and for all, the village chief decided to offer two contracts to have water
delivered to the village on a daily basis. He felt that a little competition would
keep prices low and that was good for the villagers. Two people volunteered to
take on the task and the chief awarded the contract to both of them.

One of them, Jack, immediately ran out, bought two big steel buckets and began
running back and forth the lake which was 10km away from the village. He
immediately began making money. He worked from early morning to late
evening carrying water from the lake with his two buckets. Each morning he
had to get up before the villagers awoke to make sure there was enough water
for the village for that day. It was hard work, but he was very happy to be
making money and be able to buy the luxuries for his family.

The other contractor, Bill, disappeared for a while. Instead of buying more
buckets to compete with Jack, Bill had gone to seek the best construction crews
in the city and returned four months later with a team of the talented crews.
Within a few months his team had built a large volume stainless steel pipeline
which connected the village to the lake.

At the completion of the pipeline construction, Bill announced that his water
was cleaner than Jack’s water, as he knew that there had been complaints about
dirt in Jack’s water. Bill also assured the villagers that he could supply the water
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jack could only deliver water on the weekdays as
he did not work on weekends. Then Bill announced that he could charge 50%
less than Jack did for this higher quality and more reliable source of water. The
villagers cheered and immediately ran for the faucet at the end of Bill’s pipeline.

In order to compete, Jack immediately lowered his rates by 60%, bought two
more buckets, added covers to his buckets and began hauling four buckets each
trip. In order to provide more water, he hired his sons to give him a hand for the
night shift and on weekends. When his boys went off to college, he said to them,
“Hurry back because someday this business will belong to you!” For some
reasons, after college, his sons never returned.

Eventually Jack hired a few employees. Like a lot of employees, they only
worked as much as Jack told them to. Jack needed to pay them extra overtime
wages in order to get them to work more. Even when the business was slow and
was making loss, he still needed to pay the employees wages. Sometimes he
himself needed to work the extra overtime because he couldn’t afford to pay
them the overtime wages. Soon, he was working day and night for his business
and had no time to spend with his family.
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Bill, on the other hand, had no employees to pay. He could spend all his time
doing the things he loved and enjoyed to do without going to work from 9 to 5
daily, and yet had a secured source of income. He could spend more time with
his family and was able to show love and care and to educate his young children.

Soon, the larger villages nearby heard of the water supply in this little village.
Their chiefs also offered contracts to deliver water to the villages on a daily
basis. Bill confidently volunteered to take on the task. Jack saw this as an
opportunity to expand his business. He also volunteered himself.

Bill immediately began the constructions. He only needed to invest some time
and money at the beginning to construct the pipelines to the villages and he
would secure a long-term water supply upon the completion of the pipelines.

Jack employed more employees to carry the water from the nearest lake to the
villages. He earned more by delivering water to more villages. However, he also
had higher commitments as he had to pay even more wages to more employees.

As Bill’s pipeline construction was completed, he again offered his high speed,
high volume, low cost, and clean water delivery system to those larger villages.
Again, the villagers cheered and immediately ran to Bill’s pipelines.

As Jack’s business was bad, he soon sold off some of his personal assets to
finance his business and to pay his employees. He also borrowed more money at
fixed interest rates, sacked a few of his employees to cut cost and worked even
longer hours himself to ensure sufficient supply of water to the villages.

Soon, Bill’s pipeline delivery services expanded to all the villages around the
world. Although he only makes a few cents per bucket of water delivered, his
pipelines deliver billions of buckets of water everyday, around the world.
Regardless of whether he works or not, billions of people consume billions of
buckets of water, and all that money pours into his bank account. Bill had
developed a pipeline to deliver money to himself as well as water to the villages.

Bill lived happily ever after with all the time freedom and financial freedom to
enjoy his life and to provide the best things for his loved ones, while Jack
worked hard for the rest of his life, not having time for other important things
in life, had financial problems, unhappiness and family arguments forever after.

The End.
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Are you trading time for money and

trading more time for more money?

Or are you willing to look at the longer-term

and start building a pipeline today to provide
yourself with a constant flow of steady
income… that will last long after you’ve
stopped working on building the pipeline?

What will happen if you stop

working (or can’t work) today?

Think about it.
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Why Are People Still Poor?

There are a lot of highly paid people who are still poor, or are drown in debts
and high monthly commitments. They are not incapable people. In fact, most of
them are at managerial levels or running a group of salespeople.

The main reason that had led to many people’s poor financial lives is that they
are still hauling buckets of water rather than building a pipeline of water supply
for themselves. They are still trading time with money.

Look around. What are those basic living expenses which had increased in price
since the past 5 to 10 years? Are there any of your monthly expenses which had
been increasing steadily within the past 5 to 10 years? How much had they
increased? How much more do you think they will increase?

What will you do to earn more income?

When people start to have more and higher commitments in life, most
immediately seek to look for a part-time or freelance job to earn more money.
What they didn’t realize is that they are just getting more buckets hauling more
water. The fact is that they are still trading time for money.
(Fulltime Job)

More Income
(Part-time Job)
Dream House,
Dream Cars,
Dream Holiday,
Other Luxuries Expenses Bank

Basic Living

But how long can they continue doing this? Are they sacrificing their health? It’s
sad that most people destroy their health to earn more money; eventually they
become so ill that they have to spend all their money to restore their health.

If you want to predict your financial future by continue doing what you are
currently doing, answer this very powerful question:

How long can you continue living in your current lifestyle if you have
lost the ability to work – TODAY?

Your answers will determine your long-term financial stability.
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What If You Can’t Work Anymore?

Take a look at the following scenes. Do they look familiar to you?

Scene 1: This person started with a Income

steady job, merely getting by from (Fulltime Job)
month to month.

Expenses Bank

Basic Living

Scene 2: He started working 2 jobs to Income

maintain his current lifestyle and to (Fulltime Job)
go for his dreams.

More Income
(Part-time Job)
Dream House,
Dream Cars,
Dream Holiday,
Other Luxuries Expenses Bank

Basic Living

Scene 3: This person has now lost his Income

ability to work due to either health (Fulltime Job)
challenges or other unexpected

More Income
(Part-time Job)
Dream House,
Dream Cars,
Dream Holiday,
Other Luxuries Expenses Bank

Basic Living

How many people do you know who are doing this? Help them see the bigger
picture. Give them a copy of this book. You might help them to realize what they
are currently doing for their financial future.
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Start Building Your Pipeline Today

Here’s how you can start protecting your financial future:
Step 1: Start building your pipeline Income
while maintaining your fulltime job. (Fulltime Job)

Building a
Expenses Bank Pipeline

Basic Living

Step 2: Secure a steady flow of income Income

from your pipeline while maintaining (Fulltime Job)
your fulltime job. Start realizing your

Dream House,
Dream Cars,
Dream Holiday, More Income
Other Luxuries Expenses Bank (Pipeline)

Basic Living

Step 3: Choose not to work at your Income

own will and enjoy your free time FREE (Fulltime Job)
when the steady flow of your pipeline TIME
income becomes more than the income
from your fulltime job.

Dream House,
Dream Cars,
Dream Holiday, More Income
Other Luxuries Expenses Bank (Pipeline)

Basic Living

We must start building our pipelines while we still have the time and energy to
do so. This will ensure our long-term financial stability and time freedom to
pursue our dreams and to contribute more to our family and community.

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Thank You
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build your super pipeline using our proven success system.

Thank you and congratulations for taking the first step to learn about your
financial future. I wish you a successful life ahead.

Cheanu Chew
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