Occupational Disease

Definition :

Diseases arising out of or in the course of employment. Occupational diseases can be grouped as follows: Diseases due to physical agents like heat, cold, light noise, radiation, electricity, mechanical factors etc. Diseases due to chemical agents : different types of gases ( CO2, HCN, CS2, HCI.), dusts, metals and their compound, chemicals, solvents etc.

Diseases due to biological agents: Brucellosis,

anthrax, tetanus, encephalitis fungal infection etc. Occupational Cancer : cancer of skin lung and bladder. Occupational Dermatosis : Dermatitis, eczema. Diseases of Psychological origin: Industrial neurosis, hypertension, peptic ulcer etc.

Silicosis – caused by inhalation of dust. Found in cold

mines, mica mines etc. Other dust related diseases are anthracosis, byssinosis, begassosis, etc. Lead poisoning – used in more than 200 factories, used manufacture of storage batteries, glass manufacture, ship building, printing and potteries, rubber industry etc. 75% of occupational cancers are skin cancer. Prevalent among gas workers, coke oven worker, oil refiners, dye staff makers, road workers and industries working with oil, pitch, tar etc.

Lung Cancer : it is a hazard in gas industry,

asbestos industry, nickel and chromium work etc. Cancer bladder and leukaemia are other types of cancer found in industries working with chemicals like arsenic, benzol etc. Occupational dermatitis : created by physical, chemical and biological agents. Radiation from radioactive substances a also create burns, dermatitis etc.

Accidents is another type of occupational

hazards.  Stress related problem- psychological disorder, frustration and different types of illness.

Prevention of Occupational disease
3 types of prevention can be taken1.Medical measures : Pre placement examinations,

periodical examinations, supervision of working environment, health education and counselling etc. 2.Engineering Measures : proper design of the plant, mechanisation, enclosure, protective device etc. 3.Legislation : Legislative protection like – The Factories Act 1948 and The Employees State Insurance Act 1948.

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