A Case Study: BCI Mechanical Fabs

Iron Ore Induration Machine

A BCI Case Study

A Case Study : Mechanical Fabs
In 2007/8 BCI took on the manufacture and installation of major parts of a large Iron Ore Induration Machine, erected in India. This project involved: 1.Components sourced globally 2.Structural Fabrications 3.Mechanical Fabrications 4.Trial erection at shop site 5.Global logistics 6.Field installation

A BCI Case Study

A Case Study : Mechanical Fabs
The customer had drawings that were 20years-old, and only available in 2D pdf. BCI created isometric and 3D drawings for our fabricators
Customer’s drawings BCI’s drawings

A BCI Case Study

A Case Study : Mechanical Fabs
Pallet Cars: BCI sourced and produced castings and forgings from China. We created an entire assembly facility for End Housings.

Produced in North China

Made in BCI-managed assembly line in East China

A BCI Case Study

A Case Study : Mechanical Fabs
Drive Wheels: Castings, forgings and bearings from China and USA. Fabrication and trial fit-up in Malaysia.

Sourced from China And USA

Fabricated in Malaysia

Trial fit-up in Malaysia

A BCI Case Study

A Case Study : Jindal Steel
Field Installation Support: BCI provided on-site installation assistance during erection.
Drive Wheels assembled and installed

Pallet Cars assembled and installed

BCI Structural fabs from Malaysia installed
A BCI Case Study

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