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29 Dangerous Miles-8Jan02

29 Dangerous Miles-8Jan02

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Published by jinyuan74
dangerous mile
dangerous mile

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Published by: jinyuan74 on Jun 18, 2014
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Transportation Tuesday

Back to the basics :
The most dangerous mile!
Transportation Tuesday
How many of us heard drivers talking of
the dangerous mile they travel? This
dangerous mile could have:
•history of memorable accidents?
•blind Curves?
•steep hills?
•heavy and high speed traffics?
•uncontrolled intersections?

Dangerous Mile : Fact or Myth?
Move on to the next slides,
and know the facts!
Believe it or not,
we still talk
about this!
Transportation Tuesday
If your answer is a specific
location along the stretch
of road you travel… you could
be wrong!

•The most dangerous mile is always the
mile right in front of you!

It is the mile that requires your undivided
attention and the very best driving skills.
Transportation Tuesday
Tips to survive the most
dangerous mile:
•The basic – Drive Defensively. Always drive to
prevent collision in spite of incorrect action or
adverse conditions.

•Wear your seatbelt and shoulder harness.
Fact -Seatbelt saves lives!

•Be familiar with your vehicle. You may be driving the
best vehicle, but it is a hazard if you are not familiar on
how the controls work.

•Observe the speed limit. Remember, speed
limit is not a target!

Transportation Tuesday
More tips!
•Avoid surprises. Make it a habit of reading the road signs.

•Plan your route. Avoid the temptation of sudden change
of direction, such as exiting a road.

•Get the big picture. Watch our for the traffic in front,
back and sides of your vehicle!

•Fight fatigue. Start your trip well rested.
Remember the role of the thumb : 15 minutes rest for every
2 hours of continuous driving.
•Alcohol and driving don’t mix. A lot of drivers died trying it !

•Take advantage on the Defensive Driving training
that you have attended. Practice what you have
learned, it will save your life !

Transportation Tuesday
We could prevent this accident!
Vehicle roll-over
We don’t want this
to happen …

Remember the ‘tips’ to survive
the most dangerous mile !

Transportation Tuesday
More tips for survival?
Just remember ……..
The most dangerous mile is the one
right in front of you, so give it your full
attention whenever you drive.
Transportation Tuesday

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