~l~ty 6~ 1995

Bibliomania V, May 6, 1995

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel & Barbara Fisher, Co-directors Thomas Pcrry, Administrative Assistant

This program is presented in collaboration with the New York Public Library Librarians - Sandra Payne & Antoine Green

Pnrticipacing Schools: IS 2, 7, 27, 34, 49, 61, 72, 75, PS 373; Jewish Foundation School; McKee HS, Monsignor Farrell HS, Moore Catholic HS, New Dorp HS, Notre Dame Academy, Port Richmond HS, Sadie American Lyfe Center (Offsite Educational Services), Staten Island Academy, Staten Island Technical I-IS, Sr. Joseph Hill Academy, Sr. Patrick School, Sr. Sylvester School

Participating Teachers: Mr. Ashkar, Mr. Avin, Mrs. Ilene Bauer, Mrs. Bland, Mrs. 1\. Blumcnrich, Mrs. Helgi Carr,

Mrs. Andrea DeLuca, Mrs. Evelyn M. Lacagnino, Mrs. Levy, Mrs. Lin, Ms. Carol Lowe, Mrs. Loretta McMillen, Ms. Joanne M. Murasso, Ms. Frances Patti, Ms. Roseanne Rose, Mrs. Rosalie Savarese, R. Small, Mrs. Mary Snyder, Ms. Anita Verdiglione, Ms. Villani, Ms. Alison Weikel

With Support from the New York State Council on the Arts, Alternative High Schools & Programs and Con Edison.

© 1995 Ten Penny Players, Inc.

Alicia Paz 3 Kari Tannucilli 22
Rachel Somma 3 Vincent Maronna 23
Melissa D. Rios 4 Michael Maresca 23 1
Efrain Fuentes 4 Heather Udin 24 I
Elizabeth 1. Cohen 4-5 C. Mammi 24
Cheryl Conrad 6 Michelle Endress 25 I
Michael Reebe 6 Christopher Reinhart 25
Amanda Carey 7 Nicole De Lauro 25
Jamie Bratslavsky 7 Scott Gerber 26
Melissa Gray 8 Jonathan Grunfeld 26
Veronica Oi Camillo 8-9 Mary Catherine Reinhardt 27
Barbara Casuso 10 Matthew Yandoli 27
Estera Pawelee 10 Katie McAvoy 28
Louis Korn feld 11 Nicole Dcf'rospo 28
Quintielia N. Greene [I 12 Theresa Lavelle: 29
Katherine Blyth 12-3 Marie Petruzzelli 30
Franccsca Liquori 13 Lauren Arncndolara 31
Kristen Tursi 14 Megan Staiano 32
Jennifer Bisso 14 Courtney Sessa 32
Jennifer Nazzaruolo 15 Tyrell Jones 33
Marisa Manzano 15 Jeffrey Van Clicf 33
Megan Simpson 16 Edmond Rcpha 34
Jessica Pansarasa 16 Olga Golod 34
Valerie Collins 17 Jessica Hernandez 35
Kristin Bevilacqua 17-8 Allison Cioffolctri 36
Kim Cohen 18 Michael Lyons 36-7
Erica Ferraiuolo 18 Dena Safaresc 37
Chris Uhlig 19 Edward Morrell 38
Miehael Golden 19 Christine Driscoll 39-40
Blake \-Vallach 20
Sean Reisman 20
Erika Ferrante 21
Steven German 21
Heather Navy 22
Z Jesse Trojan 22 ODE TO TI-IE SCI-IOOL CAFETERIA Alicia Paz

The hamburgers bounce like a ball, fhe ketch u p is sti lIon the wall!

The greasy chicken is full of dust, I chink the veal is older chan us!

Oh, look at the food, don't clare take a bite, Ir might come back to haunt you tonight!

So, don't be a fool, Brown-bag it co school!

(r,m printct] in the I'S 5·1 1994 ycorbGok)


Rachel Somma

Pigs tongue and snake sounl(:

Things I wouldn't touch roday

Frogs green leas, black eyes or newt Sounds like something you'd find in a hoot, Can you cat it? I sure can't

You can just feed it to the plant


Melissa D. Rios

Am I a tall skinny fry

Or maybe a tomato pizza pie?

Am I a large chocolate chip Or maybe a corn chip?

Am I a watermelon, sweet and juicy Or maybe a salty saltine?

If you are what you cat, I'm a buffet.

SP ANISI-I FOOD Efrain Fuentes

If I had just one wish

It would be co have a Spanish dish

Rice and beans Peppers and greens

Spicy and hot

It would hit the spot.

TI-IE SOUND OF FOOD Elizabeth Cohen

Every food has its own sound,

For instance, an apple that's red and round.

It may go 'Arunch Aruneh' or 'Squishy Squishy' Depending on if it's ripe or mushy.


Pickles are very sour,

five rimes more every hour.

They will always go 'Crunch Crunch' . And they arc really fun to munch.

Icc cream gees a smooth lick, The sound of it is very slick.

The chilling feeling that you taste, It's a feeling you should not waste.

Soup on the other hand, is so hot, Can a person hate soup? I think noc!

It makes a 'Slurp Slurp' tunc,

I really love it in the afternoon.

Gurnbulls - ahhh, (hac's a different story, They fill me up with glory.

That chewing sound that my jaws make, Get me a gumball now, for heaven's sake!

Sponge, chocolate, ice cream cake, I love the smell when they bake.

The sound is like an 'Ummm, Ummm'

HI have a choice to cat one, I never say 'Humrn ... '

See what I mean, food and its sound?

No matter if it comes from the trees or the ground.

I have proven it, so you sec, Now you must agree with me.



Fruits and vegetables are good for you every day, Supplying the body with Vitamins E, C, and A.

l3y eating foods high in fiber they say,

You may lower your risk of getting cancer this way.

Eat less red meat and more chicken and fish,

Stir fry it, bake or broil it, for a tasty dish.

Have delicious pasta for dinner or lunch,

With sauce or vcggics that you can munch.

Drink plcmy of water for healthy xkin,

And exercise daily to keep your body thin

Don't forget to drink your mil k every day

For healthy bones and teeth to stay

So, remember to eat the food I mentioned to you, And to keep your body healthy,

You m usc exercise too.

Michae! Reebe

Pizza, Pizza it's so good, I'd eat it all day if 1 could, r tis well baked crust,

I ts extra cheese,

Can I have more,

Can I, please?

Its steaming box,

It smells divine, Don't try to touch it, Because it's all mine!



It's Thanksgiving time You knew it was near, Unbuckle your belt There's nothing to fear, The stuffing, the biscuits Thick giblet gravy

You're licking your lips You think it's so savory JUSt look at that turkey So tender and juicy

[t has to be good

It was cooked by Au nt L LlCY

The mashed potatoes Smooth, creamy, and white There's plenty for everyone There's no nced to fight

All these delicious things

J list cat them, don't wail

Un ci I the next morn i ng When you get on the scale

CI-IEES ECJ-\KE Jamie Bratslauslzy

As it arrives on the planer Nothing else seems [0 matter Than to sink my teeth into it

You wouldn't care if yOl! were gaunt You wouldn't care being obese

As you stare at tile face

You'd just die for a piece

Its color seems golden yet it is creamy white

Its interior is full of' strawberries packed all tight Its verbal description seems a masterpiece

The sight and taste arc irresistible

So may [ have some please?

I probably seem unaware of my behavior I'd do anything for [hat treat

I f the choice was only cheesecake That's all l'tI ever cat!


I LOVE TO EAT! lJ!1 elissa Gray

I was coming home from school one day All I wanted was a snack and to play

I went in my fridge and took out a drink I put in an ice cube and watched it sink

I had a cookie with sugar on top

Then I had a carrot from my family's big erop

[ unbuckled my pants and watched my stomach grow big Then I got a craving lor a delicious fig

Oops! I just noticed I've been eating for an hour Hey, look over there isn't that flour?

I have now decided to make a cake,

For that is what [ love to do - Eat and bake!

LVIY S\VEET DREAlYI Veronica Di Camillo

I woke up one morning in a place far from here, As I opened my eyes they began to tear

The clouds were minty fresh, The streets were M&M mesh.

Lamps of Lolly Pops lined the streets, Homes were made of yummy treats.

The trees were draped with sticky taffy The leaves were made of wafers wacky. 8

There were pools and lakes of syrup so sweet, Gingerbread men waved to me from across the street.

This land is a place for people with a sweet tooth, The doors on houses were made of pure Baby Ruths.

The marshmallow mountains rose up so merry, The water in the stream was a sweet blueberry.

Gumdrops came down as rain, Soil was ground up sugar cane

At this land 1 looked and gazed, Since all was candy I was amazed.

As I was about to cat,

My mauch felt so very sweet.

Then I woke up from my sleep, and all r did was sit and weep.

'It was JUSt a dream which makes me mad, But as I think of candy I become glacl.

I think of chis scrumptious tasty land,

Thar I could have had if I extended my hand.

The land of sweets could be far from here, nut when I dream of it to me it's ncar.


Barbara C asuso

If you arc what you cat

What woul d happen if you ate a Hot Dog? Could you turn a marvelous shade of pink? Would you resemble a worm,

That would never wiggle or squirm? (Even ifsomeone was to cat you?) What a wonderful shade of pink!

(1 wonder what it's made 01)

If you ate a hot dog

Would you turn into a long skinny dog with Barely a nose or a little squiggly tail?

Call your brother or your sister>

Let's give them a little quest

Just a simple test

Give them each a Hot Dog And see if they become small and wormlike

Or just like a little dog

YOU ARE WI-rAT YOU EAT Estera Pawelec

I care about what I cat

And that is why I don't cat meat I don't think that it is right

To cat an animal just for a bite

I like fruits, veggies, and rice

Those arc the things that I think arc nice 13u t someti mes I get this sudden need That I just have to feed

When this happens I cat junk food But later I'm in a different mood

I say I won't cat that any more

But then when I feci a real bore

I think to get something more First I cat some vegetables,

Than I take some whcatablcs Now I am eating better

10 And I am not getting fatter!

YOU j-\RE \VI-IAT YOU EAT Louis Kornfeld

I am what I eat? That can't be true!

Last time I looked in the mirror I was a boy, with a boyish glow, I can't be a cannibal!?!

Or can I?

What a foolish little phrase! For, I'd have co be an egg, But how would I breathe?

That would also mean that a chicken roosts within my belly! NEVER!!!

Despicable creuturc!l!

But wait, I could be an icc cream!

With that delicious paste for a head, Then r could cat it whenever I wished, But wait, when it was all gone,

r would have no face!

I don't like that very much

lance ate a cow's tongue!

I don't think I'd like co be that

It would be rather awkward on a date! And if a 'friend' dared me in the winter, I'd getscuck to a pole!

That doesn't sound like fun!

Or perhaps I'm a frog's leg! I3leehhhh! ! ! !

I think I'd rather starve!


Katherine Blyth

YOU ARE WI-IA T YOU EAT Quintielia N. Greene II

If I were what I ate

I'd be sauteed and on a plate

I sometimes come with linguine or rice In which I'd add very little spice

If I were what I ate I'd be divine

For no other seafood shell

Is nearly as hard as mine

I'd be steamed and boiled until my shell looked just right Not as red as day or dark as night

When they put me on that plate

I'd neither fuss nor fight

Pizza is delivered hot, although some cat it cold

13 read i5 bought fresh from a baker, But sometimes it's a day old.

Steak is good with 'A l' sauce,

but it is hard to chew.

G ri lied ch icken is loved by all, but spinach is liked by few.

For pasta, there's an endless list, of sauces that are great.

And salsa with costiros,

is a delicious plate.

French fries and a burger,

is good on a cold day.

Three big scoops of icc cream, can WIpe my tears away.


yum! Chicken soup is super, jfyou sprinkle on some cheese, f. platter of potatoes,

putS my hunger at case.

\Veil, let's go down to Roscoe's! No! McDonald's is a treat!

No, how about Mama's cookin' cause that j usc can't bc beat.

When I awake at seven,

some cereal, I munch.

)iThen a bowl of oatmeal

keeps me moving; until lunch.

Whether it's a chili Jog, or the soup du jour.

Food is great, and that is why


FOODS YOU Er\T: FRENCI-I FRIES Francesco Liquori

I know that I'd be telling a lie, If I said 'J don't cat french fries.

[ love the way tbat they do crunch, French fries arc what I like to munch.

Curly fries arc fun to cat,

And the spicy fries just cannot be beat.

With a soda and a burger on the side, I get a smile that [ just can't hide!

Add some salt, and ketchup as well, Givc me some, and I'll let out a yell!

For out of all the foods, whether salty or sweet, French fries arc one of my favorite foods to cat!


J ewnifer Bisso


When I'm sad there's only one wish To have a nice ice cream dish,

When all my friends arc holding a grudge I'm in the mood for chocolate fudge When I just feel like I could die

I crave a piece of apple pic

BUL there is one blessing my slim wn istlinc I'm usually happy, fit, and fine.

o hot dog, 0 hot dog,

I low do I love you? Let me count the ways As the sauerkraut Drips down my chin, As the ketchup

oozes alit of the bun,

I find myself asking again For j U5 t another one.

The way you taste, The way you smell,

There arc tOO many things to count, If you're baked in the toaster,

If you're boiled in a pot,

I'll cat you any way,

Jus t as long as you arc hot.



ODE TO FOOD Jennifer Nazz aruolo

I like soda with lots of icc,

I like chicken soup with rice, Sometimes 1 cat pizza bagels,

The homemade kind without the labels, Chicken parrn's my favorite dish, Sometimes turkey, never tish. Cupcakes, cookies, candies, SWCCt'>

Arc foods I really like to cat.

Burgers and fries on my lips

Remain forever on my hips.

Low fat, no fat, what to choose?

Healthy meals or fattening foods?

You can cat lots of veggics; you can cat lots of meat. Always remember, you arc what you cat!

Mnrisa Manzano

Let me tell you a Story About a slimy treat.

It was our parents' anniversary,

And we had to cat some exotic, foreign meat.

Just lookinj; at it I almost cried, And sitting ncar it,

I thought I'd die

It was grcen and red,

And all I could think of was, 'Is it dead?'

So I took a taste and To my surprise

It tasted like it could win first prize

So if you Ire ever hungry for a treat,

You should try a strange, exotic, foreign meat


Megan Simpson

Here is a dish that I despise,

It makes me sick, it makes me sigh, If I had to name one horrible dish, I know it would have to be - Fish

It is gross, It is nasty, It smells,

I t is scalcy,

I'd die if I had to cat it daily,

When it's on a plate I sit and stare,

I would not even cat it on a dare, These arc the reasons that I hate fish, The most horrible and nasty dish.

lYIY DIET Jessica Pansurasa

Your health depends on what you cat So do not have too much red meat

When you go out to wine and dine, Vegetables will do very fine

Potatoes, carrots and broccoli

Will keep the doctors away from me

So from now on, before I buy it I'll usc my head for my diet.


PIZZA Valerie Collins

I like pizza, it is ncatza,

I like to cat it from my head to my fcctza, I wish I can cat it from morning to nightza I cat all the cheese with all of my mightza The sauce is rornatocy and spicza

Buy the slice or the whole pic

1 never have to think twicza


Kristin Bevilacqua

11m glad November comes once a year, 'Cause it's a time I truly fear.

My dad spends months planning and plotting, To find the best land where deer arc trotting.

While Dad's perched in [he trees, In his camouflage clothes,

An innocent deer smells for food, With his nose.

But he never I?;ets the chance to cat 'Cause my dad hunts [his animal, It's his favorite meat.

I-Ie skins this dead beauty in our garage,

As I always walk in to sec his proud sabotage. There from the ceiling a deer hangs on some string, With his feet tied together,

Be can no longer sing.

As I watch 'Bambi' frying in onions and oil, And the diced potatoes begin to boil,

My dad will consume his favorite dish,


MY LIFE Kim Cohen

While I sadly watch and I make a wish ... I wish I may, I wish I might,

Give innocent deer ammunition to fight,

So when hunters go out and catch their sight, Deer can whip out huge fangs,

And take a nasty, big bite! !

My life is like a pizza, Everyone wants a slice! Sometimes ['m pepperoni

Or mushrooms when I'm nice! When I have some sausage I'm in a glad mood,

Just add a little pepper,

And I'll have an attitude

I like being a pizza,

I t rea lIy can be fu n,

J list throw me in an oven, In 20 minutes I'll be done!

lVIEAT Erica Ferraiuolo

Once living, once breathing Once roaming, once fceding

The next day they lay on the ground bleeding No one will cry for the animal that has died Even the man, that to himself has lied

There is no result for this heinous crime

The killer unfortunately docs no time

The murderer sadly gets a way

And repeats this process day after day 18

Chris tnu.


Oh, how I hate liver

his like death being served for dinner I f you serve it to me,

1111 hit you with my knee Give me cake, give me pie.

If you give me liver, I shall die. I'll cat candy, I'll cat gum

If you serve me liver, you've gotta be dumb! So now that you know that r haec liver, Please Mom, donie serve it for dinner!

ODE TO A BLINTZE Michael Golden

B lintzcs arc a treat to cat

And thcy arc not filled wirh meat,

Thcv can be filled with potato, cheese Dr fruit It makes you want to toot-toot-toot!

They may be topped with sour cream,

Mom, is chis a dream!

One blintze may be a feast, Ifyou cut it from west to east

lfyou believe potato blintzes arc the best, Eat your blintze trorn cast to west, Blintzes arc a wonderful dish

If you had three wishes they would be a wish Blintzes arc my favorite treat,

So 1 say to you 'Bon Appctit!'



Small though it may be It can bring a giant grin,

You can share it with a friend, Or you can enjo)(, it for yourself.

A big chunky circle open wide, It brings a smile to your eyes, It can keep back a tear

Or show an expression of kindness.

The crumbs it leaves behind Reminds us of the taste.

The sweetness of its morsels, And the aroma of' its goodness.

A pleasure to your lips,

It has peaks and valleys of chips,

A wave of sweetness upon your tongue

A chocolate chip cookie is a delicious delight


Sean Reisman

Like one hundred purple Wrinkled like a

Planets, revolving around Grandmother's face.

One snake-like, twisted The juices inside of the

Vine. The vine is twisted, Tiny gypsy's crystal ball

Like a branch of a cork flow like water flows,

Screw willow. The spheres, In the sea. Such a royal and

So perfectly round, like Majestic food. It is,

a child's ball. Among the Perfection!

Sweet orbs, you may find a

Little, wrinkled raisin,


Erilea Ferrante

There it is It awaits

The last piece of Devil's Food Cake,

I now understand why they call it Dcvil's Food Cake, Very sneaky and persuasive

It antagonizes me until I explode It haunts me

The moist chocolate just rolls off my tongue The thick layer of rich, creamy, irresistible icing Infatuates me. I feci my insides pumping

And racing for the cake.

A rush comes through my head again, And I taste

That's it

Too bad!

M mmmmmm ..... Good!

. FRIES Steven German

Fries with ketchup, fries with salt; It makes me want a chocolate malt.

l3ig fries, small fries, thick fries, thin fries; Fries in any shape or size.

Sticky, greasy, hot or cold, They taste as pure as gold.

Fries with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Fries with any meal's a winner.



JELL-O Heather Navy

J ell-o is a fun food to eat,

It wiggles and jiggles at your feet,

I love strawberry, raspberry, and cherry, When I eat these flavors I feel merry,

[ell-o jigglers come in all sorts of fun shapes They wobble and bobble all over the place, J ell-o is my favorite dessert

It helps make me feel alert

1 wish that I could have [ell-o instead of dinner Fat free jell-o would make me thinner

Jesse Trojan

Fish is the food for me,

I could get it from the sea, Fish is my kind of food,

I t puts me in a good mood, Fish fills up my belly,

Better than peanut butter and jclly.

I like my fish fried.

With ketchup on the side, I like my fish baked

With anything else [ can make.


When I think of all the foods 1 know

My favorites are flavored with grated romano, I f I close my eyes I can see

Plates and plates of cheese ravioli and fcttucinc. I love them all...gnocchi, fusilli and lasagna Cavatelli, spaghetti really any kind of pasta, There is one I can make anytime I please

It's a favorite of mine, macaroni & cheese,

The best way to eat it of course

Is with meat balls and a thick. red tomato sauce. 22


What light through yonder window breaks, It is the sun shining on my bowl of Rice Krispics with, a snap, crackle, and pop,

I pick up my cars to hear, and only hear The sounds of breakfast in the making, The sizzle of lustrous Canadian bacon, The rising of black Folgcrs coffee,

The pouring of the rich, creamy, smooth Pancake batter on the stove,

The popping of freshly made toast with A touch of cinnamon,

The pouring of fresh milk in a fine crystal glass, Finally, the whistling of the teapot as the tea is

fi nally ready,

The worst part of thc sounds of breakfast,

Is the rushing water when you clean the dishes.

ARE YOU IN A FOWL MOOD? fl!1 ichael fl!1 aresca

I especially like it when it's fried, Mashed potatoes on the side, Good with almost anything, Always keeps my mouth watering.

You can get it at Roy Roger's

and KFC,

But try them all and you will sec, That if you simply want the best, Mom's homemade style beats out

the rest.

Whether boiled or baked, Grilled or fried,

It's something almost everybody Has tried.

Something luscious on your plate, Even on that special date,

Wings and thighs; legs and breasts, Juicy choices put to the test.


Heather Udin

We sow it, we grow it, we raise it, we reap it, We mix it, we bake it, we fry it, we eat it, Green, red, yellow and blue,

You eat it because it's good for you It could be tart, it could be sweet,

It could be a staple, or it could be a treat, Some like it cold, some like it hoc,

Off a plate or out of the pot

Eat it now or eat it later,

Have it at home or call the waiter, A spoon, a cup, a burger, a slice, If you like it a lot, have it twice,

consume it whenever you are in the mood,

Don't forget your etiquette when you're being viewed If you don't know what I'm talking about from the start, It's food, the thing in life that plays an important part

MY DIET C. Mammi

Once upon a day in spring, It was a peculiar thing,

I could have sworn I heard a munching, Something surely worth the crunching,

Suddenly I felt like lunching something never lunched before But quoth my diet: "Nevermore."

I could almost feel the taste,

And started toward the source with haste, Hoping that it wasn't crummy,

Hoping it was something yummy

Hoping it would fill my tummy

As it was never filled before

But quoth my diet: "Never more." 24

As I entered there I saw, Something I had seen before,

For it was simply chocolate cookies being crunched by my Lenore

And though I longed for something more, For this was surely quite a bore,

Quoth my diet: "Nevermore."

LUNCI-I Michelle Endress

An overwhelming satisfaction

For a baby enjoying the warm milk of its mother A great annoyance

For a young boy who would rather be playing with friends A quiet sanctuary

For a man and a woman to share their most intimate feelings.

TI-IE ABSENCE OF FOOD Christopher Reinhart

Some people can be so rude,

Making me suffer the absence of food. My brother was just so cruel,

Drank enough juice to fill a pool.

How could they empty the fridge,

Didn't even leave enough food to feed a pidge. Now I'm tearing out all my hair,

Because they left all the cupboards bare.

Oh boy, my mom just went shopping and now I can cat, Oh no! She just got vcggics and forgot all the meat.


BANANAS Nicole De Lauro

Bunches of bananas, Hang high from trees, The monkeys love them,

But they make me want to wheeze, Yellow and long,

All tied as one,

I can't even walk into the kitchen, Until they're completely done. They're supposed to be healthy, And taste really neat,

But when mom puts them on the table, I hide under my seat.

Mom tries to make me cat them, But: she knows it's a useless try

But every time she goes to the store, She continues to buy, buy, buy.


J onathan Grunfeltl

Food can be tasteful, Enjoyable, and fun.

Food can also be an art, To a certain, little one Making sculptures out Of mashed potatoes, Or catapults from

Peas and Cheerios

Food can be tasteful, Enjoyable, and fun.


Ona hot summer day, An ice cream cone is Quickly licked away,

Or in winter, when it's cold, In January or December, Warm soup, or hot cocoa, Will make Y01l remember, That food can be tasteful, Enjoyable, and fun.

TI-IE MISSING BOX OF CANDY IVI ary Catherine Reinhardt

A box of chocolate on the table, Went to pick it up

But when I opened up the lid,

1 found out what somebody did. Someone ate all of my candy

[ hadn't had a piece,

[ think that it might have been my little baby niece. [ asked my mother what had happened,

She said she didn't know and told me to go get my brother, Who was playing in the snow.

[ called my brother in and asked him if he knew, l-lc said that [ should go look in my shoe.

That is what [ did, my friend, and do you know what happened in the end?

My baby niece had taken a piece and hid the rest where only my brother knew, in my shoe!

lVIY Fi-\ VORITE TIlVIE OF DAY il1 atthetu Yandoli

I'll cat icc cream, pistachio

And maybe chocolate cookie dough, Chocolate mousse or icc cream soda And blueberry pic a In mode.

Tarts and cupcakes and brownies too All will make the best dessert roods, Ami though breakfast is important, You'll always hear them say, Dessert is my favorite time or day.

l~very time I cat or dine

I cannot wait until dessert time, I cannot wait for an icc cream cone With every topping ever known, Or a chocolate pudding pop

Or a pic with cream on top.


FOOD Katie B. McAvoy

A vegetarian is what I am,

I will not eat corn beef or ham, After I go out and eat my candy,

I like to wash it down with a shot of brandy, Potatoes and tomatoes are what I like to cat, They get me up and on my feet,

And when 11m depressed or all alone,

Food shuts me up and stops my moan,

The brandy's not true, I cannot lie,

But I really do love apple pic.


Chocolate chip cookies Are all I like.

They taste so great

They're everyone's delight. They're best when you make Them with Mom from scratch And they're even better when You make a double batch.

I nto the oven the cookies go The smell of (he kitchen

Is one straight now. 'rIME'S UP!

Out of the oven

The cookies they come, NOW it's time

For me to have some. YUMMM!!!

The flour's so fluffy Like a big pile of snow I t makes the most Delicious dough.

And oh, those milk Chocolatey chips

One little taste please, And everyone flips.


FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD Theresa Lavelle

When I came home yesterday Crying because Mark and I broke up I got out the milk

And poured myself a cup I looked at the counter And low and behold Cookies, cakes, crackers Treasures untold

I opened up a box of Orcos Then the crumb cake

A hopeless bag of Doritos

And contemplated what else to take

I thought of how food always made me happy Whether it was white bread

Or salt water taffy

And how those potato chips Would never break your heart Talk about you behind your back Or tear you apart

That yogurt in my refrigerator Would never make me cry

And those carrot sticks would never tell me lies Food will always be there

Until the very end

I3 ut best of all

Food will never say, II Let's just be friends."


Marie Petruzzelli

I am green and I can be sweet.

I make a crunch when I hit your teeth. Sometimes I am awfully sour,

I stay on your breath for over an hour.

You can eat me alone you will see, But you can't make a meal out of me. I taste so good just as a snack,

And fattening calories I do lack.

I will confuse you, if you. will,

There arc sometimes when I am dill, And at times, I am quite plain,

Just mix me up with some romaine.

You see my friends I can change my name, and no this is not a game,

I am a food that you may cat,

In a salad or between some meat,

Now if you've had quite enough, 1 will tell you about my stuff,

1 am a cucumber, as 1 begin,

Puc me in salad and give me a spin.

Then off to a barrel with garlic I go, Then the process is rather slow,

In a couple of days I am so fickle, I-lave yourself a nice, little pickle.



CI-IEZ JEFF Lauren Amendolara

I walk through the doors of the small cafe, The scene docs not change from day to day. I am not a customer, manager or Maitrc'd,

I am someone the people do not often sec.

As I walk to the back, I am greeted by familiar faces All doing their jobs in their regular places.

The cafe may be small, but it has a good reputation, The phone is always ringing in hope of a reservation.

I\s I begin my task, the place gets crowded, Chairs are being moved and words are shouted.

Dinner is finished and dessert menus are brought to sec, They'll finish with two orders of the house specialty,

Ice cream, whipped cream, cherries, and sauces galore, The waitresses always come back with orders for more,

I walk to a table that is very ncar,

IIWe love it!", tilt's great!" is what I always hear.

As the place slows down, I start to clean up. I sweep up the remains of a broken cup,

I wash my station and put away my tools,

I change out of my work clothes and push in my stool; I say good night to everyone around,

Their tired replies are the only sound,

I walk out the doors of cafe Chez Jeff,

a day in the life of a dessert ehef.



We went to greet Aunt May It was a cold winter day She said, "stay and eat

1111 serve you a sweet treat!" We all took a seat

Ready to feast

"Ve began to drink from mugs To our bittersweet surprise

She served us a plate of chocolate bugs, Rotten eggs, marinated frog legs, Albatross in mayonnaise sauce

Topped with green moss

\Ve began to discreetly rise

We decided to retrea t

Before we would have to eat

One of Aunt May's sweet treats!

MY DEAR BROTI-IER Courtney Sessa

My dear brother sat at supper, Took his spoon, and knife and fork, Ate a bowl of pea soup, ate a

Slice of roasted pork,

Ate a dozen stewed tomatoes, Twenty-seven deviled eggs,

Fifteen shrimps, nine baked potatoes, Thirty-two fried chicken legs,

A shank of lamb, a boiled ham,

Ten pots of tea, and after he

Had eaten all that he was able

I-Ie poured some broth on the cloth and ate the kitchen table!



In the morning I wake up with some bacon and eggs Pancakes on the side with some sweet potato pic. Chicken and collard greens, stuffing rice and peas Don't ever be afraid to put more on my plate, please.

It is always quite a treat

To have turkey, whieh is my favorite meat, Whenever good food is around

You can be sure 1111 be found.


I am always looking when something is cooking, 'The smell of something so sweet

Makes me want to cat.

Cookies, candy and cake

I hope 1 don't get a stomach ache.

The smell of cookies baking i:-; so sweet Boy, I want them for a treat.

So when something is cooking

You can be sure that I'll be looking Good food is always fine

I look forward to it being mine.

So, I am thankful whenever there is a treat, God made food for us to cat.



When it comes to favorite food, There's only one I think of dude!

The food that makes me yell and sing Would have to be hot Buffalo Wings

It turns my tongue all incandescent, My bulging eyes turn red, fluorescent, I gulp my water and when 11m done,

I reach and get another one.

FOOD Olga Golod

Food so miraculously gives life,

And without it can cause great strife.

From a philosophical point,

G-d and food have formed a joint.

Life is a G-d given gift, And to think. about it, Makes my spirits lift.

Now, we can relate this to foocl,

For without it, would put us in a horrible mood

Gone forever would be G-d's gi ft, Causing the world as we know it to shift.

Shift into a world where humans are none, Ending everything including our fun.


CI-IOCOLATE Jessica Hernandez


Is all I do all day.

I don't want a snack bar or a pay day

[ want some milk chocolate that will hyper me up I don't want it in a plate

or in a cup

I want a Kit-Kat

So that I can cat while I chat I want a M ilkyway to last

me a long way

I want some chocolate chips to melt on my lips

[ want M&M's to melt in my

mouth not in my hands.


SOOO ... ifyou have CHOCOLATE it is my property!



FIOLIDA Y TREATS Allison Cioffoletti

Yes, it's that time of year

when our stomachs are never clear ham, turkey and roast beef,

Even an artichoke leaf

Once dinner is over and

We are filled to the brim

That's when dessert will begin cakes filled with fruit and cream

Those pumpkin pies are tastier than a dream Feasting on a cannoli

Or even a cookie or two

I listen to Nanny saying

"l baked chis just for you"

Out comes the cheese cake,

Then I wonder. ..

How much more can my stomach rake?

SOUP OF THE DAY Michael Lyons

The waitress scratched on her pad Soup of the day.

I I Crackers accompanied my soup that was poured into my bowl

and placed on a small saucer

Chicken noodle was the soup that made my day special


The clammy yellow noodles clung to the sides of my bowl, Crawled up the border to escape from what hid inside my soup The tangy yellow broth possessed a noisome odor of old people

that shot out at me

I twirled my spoon through the broth and watched the fumes escape as if they were from factories in Jersey

purple chicken grappled onto the walls hoping for a chance to escape

I sat there in amazement, staring at my soup of the day. While waiting for the fumes to exhaust, the chicken to die and the noodles to escape

I realized that perhaps with a little pepper and some extra crackers

this soup could turn out special after all.

A CRY FROM TI-IE SALAD BAR Dena Loren Savarese

Help me please.

I've become a victim

of the fat-free, caloric-free, taste-free world. All I cat is as thin as paper.

All I drink is clear as water.

I haven't seen icc cream in 100 days. I can not taste don u ts

or muffins

or nachos

(all of the food that I dream of each day.) My life has become a long stalk of celery.



LE BEAU MONDE DES I-IARICOTS (The Wonderful World of Beans) Edward Morrell

So it has been said,

That through any means, To get genuinely fed,

Is to cat a plate of beans.

It may sound pretty amusing,

For one must never overdose in eating or abusing, Either in gaining weight or in losing,

Beans are the food that I prefer choosing.

Whether baked or string,

In a salad or soy,

The pleasure they bring, Extends me infinite joy!

Beans for thought,

Give exactly what cannot be taught,

Shine forth more value than any that can bc bought, And personally make me emotionally overwrought!

Some call me sad,

When they see me lament, But I think I'm mad,

When a bean garden is covered with cement.

"Such a waste!", I cry,

I know I'd ask myself why or possibly even sigh,

, I When I see those poor little beans innocently lie, In the cemented dirt where they were left to die. But enough with the horrors and out with the love, For a bean shows courage and hope from above.

Above you ask, with question and wonder?

Well, above the ground it grows from way down under!



Ice cream and peanut butter On a cold winter's night After a night with my friends It always tastes right

We dash through the door 'Tb the kitchen we flutter

To whip out our chatting snack Icc cream and peanut butter

what flavor you choose It's all up co you

Vanilla or Chocolate or Strawberry coo

It makes no big di ffcrcncc Each one is a treat

As 0 u r tongues ttl rn to ici clcs And we chatter our teeth

We open the cupboard And just [Q our delight

We cake out the peanut butter And chat about the night

Words become distorted As our lips turn to blue

and our teeth stick together from the peanut butter goo

We laugh and we giggle Eat it all before it melts I know this would never

taste better with someone else


I know that this moment Is one I will treasure

For ice cream and peanut butter Will live on forever ....


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