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-25+35 -35+45 -45+60 -60+80 -80+120
8 10 12

Recovery 50
-35+45 8 Recovery
69.91% 10 Recovery 78.71%
12 Recovery 71.87% Recovery
73.49 %

This project aims to separator by using principle of force and specific gravity and using an
electric pump power that both direct current and alternating current. This machine has been installed
to measure water flow rate to adjustable rate of flow of water as needed. Furthermore it also has a
support base for the mineral separation tank can be moved easily and in isolated tanks mineral can
replace the cone, so that waste water can separate out minerals finished off with simplicity. In this
trial will test the iron ore mixed with sand which is used to mesh size -25 +35 , -35 +45 ,-45 +60, -60
+80 and -80 +120 mesh and control the flow of water to be used in the experiment is 8 , 10 and 12
liters per minute.
When the mineral was found that each size can extract heavy metals from mineral ores are
actually lighter. The results of testing were analyzed by recovery percentage. It can extract ores are
not less than 50 percent recovery. The size mineral that separates the best size is -35 +45 mesh at a
flow rate of 8 liters of water per minute and percentage recovery is 69.91%, flow rate of 10 liters of
water per minute and percentage recovery is 78.71 % and the rate of flow of water at 12 liters per
minute and percentage recovery is 71.87%. The average of recovery percentage is 73.49%. Moreover
this machine which has better efficiency. It is disassembly and suitable for transportation.