Conservation of Minerals and Ores

*Srinivasan. M., Mahesh. R., and Victor Rajamanickam.G
Centre for Advanced Research in Indian System of Medicine SASTRA University, Thanjavur, India.

All the living kingdoms of the earth use the surface as a living platform. Of course, plants utilize only soluble minerals which are recycled by biogeochemical transformation. After the human era the earth has faced abrupt changes which may require millions of years to reset by the nature. For example explorations of minerals from rocks above and below the sea level for the purpose to meet the comforts of human beings have removed millions of years in the womb of mother earth. They are removed in few years. Such exploration continues to a larger extent for the purpose of fuel, coal and petroleum products. The quantity consumed with in hundred years by man was taken millions of years to form in the earth. Hence, within next few hundred years man will exhaust all of these minerals which are not recycled. This causes the irreversible damage to the health of the earth. Since the projection of world population and their requirements of minerals are tremendously large, this will cause the human corrosion of earth crust. Thus, the crust may loose its integrity. The people were very much happy when started using fossil fuels now they are suffering due to global warming. As our ancestors had no experience on this event as well as reluctant to worry beyond their life span we are facing this global warming. Like this the world will realize unsuitability of their living platform in near future unless until the weathering and explorations are stopped. We must find a solution to adopt the methods for natural living and not for more artificial comforts when recycling is not possible. Key words: Corrosion of earth crust, conservation of earth, human weathering * Corresponding Author:

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