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• Metal Parts: External cases (2mm) and inner wings (1, 5 mm) are
made of DKP iron sheet and dyed by electrostatic powder dyes
and kilo-dyed at 210 'C. The cases have two types as adjustable
and fixed.
• Wood: 2 types of wood are used on your doors such as
folio cover on the 12 mm MDF and pompom dying. The
color and design of the woods are standard and resisting
against the damp, strokes and heat. The door motifs are
made on the computer based looms. For this reason, the
faces and shapes are extremely well.
• Locks: On our doors, we use barreled lock at the middle
and security lock on the upper side. Furthermore, there is
a multi system lock that the 14 points, as desired. The
locks guaranteed 5 years
• Accessories: Whole accessories that we are made of brass
• Mounting: Our doors are produced in measure and
mounting with concrete. Our doors are certified with TSE
(Turkish Standards Institute) and guaranteed for two year.

• NOTE: These measures are standard. For exceptions

order the price can be change.