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iHuman Artisan

Alliance Program
Project Funding Proposal
iHuman Youth Society
Box 62013
Edmonton, AB
T5M 4B5

March 28, 2011
Corporate Donations
BMO Financial Group
Corporate Communications
302 Bay Street, 10th Floor
Toronto, ON M5X 1A1

Dear Bank of Montreal Corporate Donations Committee,
Proposal for Artisan Alliance Program
On behalf of everyone at iHuman, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the
time to consider our request. We have enclosed a copy of our proposal regarding Artisan
Alliance Program for your consideration.
As you see, iHuman Youth Society exists to help Edmonton youth rebuild their lives through
creative self-expression. We have created the Artisan Alliance Program to provide our
participants with the support and encouragement they need to better their lives whilst
contributing back to society.

By donating to iHuman, which is improving community life in disadvantaged urban areas, youre
not only helping open doors for the people who participate in these initiatives, but you are
broadening our talent and your customer pool.
In particular, we have provided such plans in how we will execute our ambitions into valuable
experiences for our participants. I would like to stress that iHuman has made a strong
commitment to this undertaking. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you should have any
queries. I am very much looking forward to working with you and your colleagues to make
Edmonton a loving community for all youth.
Yours truly,
Megan Anise Brown,
iHuman Program Coordinator


Mailing Address
iHuman Youth Society
Box 62013
Edmonton, AB
T5M 4B5
Studio Address
iHuman Art & Recording Studio
10231-95 Street
T: 780-421-8811
F: 780-421-9776
iHuman is an Edmonton non-profit organization that was first formed by Wallis Kendal and
Sandra Bromley in 1997. Its original goal was to support arts activities that led to positive
social change. Kendal and Bromley first encountered a small group of youth while they
were working on the Gun Sculpture, a five-ton anti-violence art project. Since many of the
youth had troubled pasts and the Gun Sculpture was constructed out of actual deactivated
weapons, they decided to redirect and mentor the youth in an anti-violence initiative called
the Red Tear. This project premiered at the Art Gallery of Alberta in 2000.
By the time the project ended, the group of Edmonton youth at risk had grown to twelve
with many more showing interest. Kendal and Bromley continued to mentor these high-
risk youth until iHuman received its first grant two years later, at which time iHumans first
employee was hired. As more youth came to iHuman, it became obvious to the founders
that iHuman would have to expand further and provide support and outreach, as well as
arts training.
iHuman is a charitable organization whose mission is to work with high-risk youth and to
promote their reintegration into the community through programs involving crisis
intervention, arts mentorship, and life skills development programs.

Value Statements
We never give up on youth.
We respect youth as unique individuals.
We listen to youth and their needs, and we will change our programs according to
We must remain attractive to youths. We cant afford to become too institutional.
We want us to be non-judgmental and the youth to feel comfortable.
We want to promote punchy opportunities for self-expression (e.g., in art work). It is
empowering for the youth (they must feel they are listened to).
We are open to all high-risk youth between the ages of 12 and 24, unconditionally
(irrespective of culture, race, gender, etc.).
We are committed to developing mentors among the youth and want our staff to
grow with them (personal development at all levels and for all concerned).
We value opportunities for our youth to advance in life and make positive
contributions in society.
We want the youth to feel connected to iHuman as a family: supported to be healthy
and productive while learning to maximize their own unique abilities.
iHuman participants are high-risk boys, girls, men and women ages 12 24. In general all
of our members have come from low income families and face challenges that are
preventable and unnecessary. Our
studio space is in Edmontons inner-city
downtown, central for most
participating youths. It is on the course
of many major bus routes which makes
it an accessible location, therefore,
increasing the number of youths we are
able to help.
We are young people who range in age
from 12 to 24. Many of us have lived in
group homes, foster care, or on the streets.
We're considered youth at risk because
we've had trouble with the law, and we
haven't done all that well with staying in one place.
We all have drug or alcohol problems, and some of us are struggling with being abused, or
having to battle with problems such as Attention Deficit Disorder. We all want the best, and
we're trying to make that happen. That's where iHuman comes in. They have this cool place
where we can work on making our dreams come true. an iHuman youth

Meet our long time participants Jacob and Shelly:
In my work, I express emotions through the use of colours, and the
creation of images becomes a subconscious act. Art is a way of life
for me, and I am inspired by the work of the masters like Picasso and
Leonardo da Vinci. Through art, I express my African background
and Canadian experiences. The use of mixed media is evident in my
work, and I enjoy getting different textures with the use of Cont, oil,
acrylic paint, and oil pastel. My objective as a painter is to keep
experimenting with different textures and mixed media, with the
aspiration to find a completely new way to create art. Jacob

Through art, I express the story of my life and the lives of the people
around me. Life is not perfect, and one of my aims is to express this in
my art. Art helps me to relieve the pressure of lifes difficulties by
expressing and transferring my emotions on canvas. In fact, my
paintings became my life journals. The method I use to make my
paintings involves taking objects that have been thrown away and
recycling them into something new by adding details, repetitions of
mark-making, and words.

iHuman works closely with provincial and local organizations, by doing so we are
committed to interrelationships with organizations that have similar beliefs and goals as
our own. We are united by similar visions for troubled youth and continue to feed off one
anothers ambition. Here is a list of our community partners:
- Alberta Crystal Meth Task Force
- Youth Criminal Defense Office
- Edmonton Youth Emergency Shelter
- Global Visions Film Festival
- Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta
- Alberta Foundation for the Arts
- The Works Art & Design Festival
- Big Brothers Big Sisters
- Syncrude Next Generation Arts Festival

About Artisan Alliance Program:
iHuman Youth Society offers Edmonton youth at risk ongoing education and therapy
through art. In essence, iHuman provides a safe haven and creative tools to help
Edmontons high-risk youth heal and grow. The Artisan Alliance Program begins by
teaching disadvantaged youths the artistic skills of their choice, including: painting,
pottery, photography, and silk screening, to help youth at risk heal, rebuild their lives, and
create better futures. When artists have established their work and are satisfied with the
results, the pieces will be auctioned off at Edmontons Harcourt Gallery. Each participant
will explain their art work and what their piece means to them. All proceeds of their work
will be donated to The Mustard Seed, a local food kitchen for the homeless and hungry.
Together the participants will hand a large cheque to the members of the kitchen and
afterwards the youth of iHuman will spend the day volunteering in the kitchen cooking and
serving food, cleaning and socializing with the patrons.
Purpose Artisan Alliance Program:
The purpose of the Artisan Alliance Program is to teach art as a positive medium of self-
expression. It is through art that high-risk youth will share their creativity and imagination
in ways they have never been able to do before. iHuman believes in supporting small
resident businesses, by hosting the auction at Harcourt House, a local Edmonton gallery,
this is one way to do so. We will teach our participants proper art techniques and skills that
will ensure a positive result and boost their confidence. We will also teach them public
speaking skills and etiquette so that at the auction they will present their piece with poise
and self-assurance. When all pieces are sold we will donate the proceeds to The Mustard
Seed, an Edmonton homeless shelter. The youth that created the art will then go to the
shelter and see firsthand what the profit from their piece has done for their community.
Taking them to the shelter to volunteer will instill a purpose in each youth because they are
helping others and are being constructive with their time. This program is community
orientated and focuses on self-improvement while contributing to those that are less

Timeline for Artisan Alliance Program:

APRIL 2011 1 search for
two artists to
teach program

3 4 Begin
5 6 Meeting
with Harcourt
about Auction
7 8 Advertise
are needed
10 11 Meeting
with Mustard
12 13 Flier
14 15 Hire two
artists for
17 18 PSA
-ts on Radio
19 Artists
outline syllabus
for art classes

20 21 22 Sign-up
for youth
24 25 26 27 28 29 Art
supplies is

1 2 Announce
Program in Vue
3 4 5 Staff
6 7
8 9 Volunteer
10 11 12 13 14
15 16 Announce
Program in See
17 18 19 20 21
22 23 Deadline
for sign-up
24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31 May

June 2011

1 Youth
meet and

2 3 4
5 6 Art
7 8 Youth
9 10 11
12 13 Art
14 15 16 Youth
team building
17 18
19 20 Art
21 22 23 24 Public
26 27 Art
28 29 Healthy

1 2
3 4 Youth
Present Art

5 6 Prep for
7 8 9 Harcourt
10 11
Goal Setting
13 14 15 16
17 18
19 Prep for
Mustard Seed
20 21 22 23 Day at
Mustard Seed
25 Wrap up
Party for
27 Wrap up
Party for
28 29 30

Advertisement in See Magazine: $200.00
(from May 16 23)
Advertisment in Vue Magazine: $215.00
(From May 2 9)
Flier Campaign: $180.00
(Print, paper and distribution)
Art Supplies $525.00
(crayons, markers, colored pencils, pastels, watercolors, acrylic paint, air dry clay, polymer clay,
ink pad, sponge, rubber stamps printing ink, glitter, canvas, wood frames, white glue, glue stick,
Mod Podge, liquid starch, fabric glue (Fabric-Tac), wood glue, scissors, paintbrushes, hole
punch, variety of needles, copy paper, construction paper, wax paper, colored tissue paper)
T-Shirts for Youth $250.00
($10.00/shirt = 25 youth)
Name tags for volunteers $5.00
(5 Volunteers)
Supplies for Workshops and Lectures $325.00
(Paper, pens, snacks, worksheets, lecture aids)
Wrap up Parties: $200.00/Party
(Games, food, non-alcoholic beverages, goodie bags)
Transportation to Mustard Seed $68.75
(Bus ticket = $2.75/25)
Transportation to Harcourt House $68.75
(Bus ticket = $2.75/25)
Art Instructors $1200.00
(2 instructors X $15.00/hour X 4 Hours X 10 Days)
Total and Amount Being Requested: $3,467.00

At the end of the program each youth will be given a survey to fill out. This survey will be a
good indication to what we are doing well and what we need to improve for upcoming
Name of Program: ..

What motivated you to attend this program? (check all that apply)

A friend invited me along __
I was interested to find out more about iHuman __
I wanted to learn about art __
I came to see a particular lecture and/or workshop __
I needed a place to go that was safe __
I know the event organizers __

How did you find out about the event?

Press (See or Vue magazine)..
iHuman promotional materials (i.e. fliers, radio ads etc)
iHuman Website
Other Website (website address)..................
Word of mouth
Passing by
Other (please specify)....................

How do you rate the quality of the:

Instructors Excellent Good Ok Not good
Art Lessons: Excellent Good Ok Not good
Lectures Excellent Good Ok Not good
Workshops Excellent Good Ok Not good

What did you enjoy most about the program?

Learning about art __
Meeting People __
Going to Harcourt House __
Going to The Mustard Seed __

How good are the materials for the Artisan Alliance Program?

Excellent Good Ok Not good None available

Had you heard of iHuman before coming to this program? Yes/ No

Have you attended a iHuman programs before? Yes/ No

Would you attend another program like this? Yes/ No

Please let us know your thoughts on the program by writing E for Excellent, G for Good,
S for Satisfactory and P for Poor

Event organization __
Event promotion __
Event location __
Lessons __
Information available __
Support __
Overall quality of the program __

Any other comments about the Artisan Alliance Program?

Your Telephone

Your email
Thank you for taking the time to fill in this form. Your feedback will
be very useful to the event organizers when evaluating or planning
future iHuman programs.
Please hand your completed form to the organizers of the event.