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The activists who were chosen for the National Communal Harmony Award 2013 in the individual
category D%. Mohinde% Sin'h and D%. Radha(%i&hnan
The Mumai ased organi!ation wor"ing to #romote #eace$ secularism and communal harmony$ which
was chosen for the National Communal Harmony Award 2013 in the organisation category Cent%e )o%
St*d+ o) Societ+ and Sec*la%i&m ,CSSS-
The %ndian author who was awarded the fourth &'C (ri!e for 'outh Asian )iterature for the year 201*
for his oo" Chronicle of a Cor#se +earer ,at the -ai#ur )iterature .estival/ C+%*& Mi&t%+
The 0nion Minister of (etroleum$ Natural 1as and 2nvironment who was #resented with (andit Haridutt
'harma Award Sh%i .ee%appa Moil+
The social activists who were awarded the %nternational 1andhi Award 2013 instituted y 1andhi
Memorial )e#rosy .oundation for ma"ing outstanding contriutions in the field of le#rosy to eradicate
the disease through treatment$ training and research3 D%. .i/a+(*ma% .ina+a( Don'%e and 0%o)e&&o%
1han' G*ochen'
The first female am#utee in the world to scale Mt3 2verest and also the first %ndian am#utee to clim Mt
2verest who was awarded the Ama2in' Indian Awa%d instituted y Times Now channel M&. A%*nima
The contem#orary #oet and thin"er in 4dia )iterature who was awarded the 25th Moorti &evi Award y
the 6ice (resident Mr3 Hamid Ansari Sh%i a%ap%a&ad Da&
The noted string7theorist of the &e#artment of (hysics$ Harish7Chandra 8esearch %nstitute ,H8%/$
Allahaad$ who was chosen for the 23rd 13&3 +irla Award for 'cientific 8esearch for 20133 (rof3 Ra/e&h
The noted Hindi writer who was chosen for the #restigious 'araswati 'amman 2013 y 99 +irla
.oundation for his oo" &hool (audho (ar Go3ind Mi&h%a
CNN7%+N senior editor and anchor who was awarded the #restigious Chameli &evi award for outstanding
:ournalism An*4ha 5hon&le
The C!ech #riest who was chosen for the Tem#leton (ri!e 201*$ instituted y the Tem#leton .oundation
to honour a living #erson who has made an e;ce#tional contriution to affirming life<s s#iritual
dimension Toma& ali(

The %ndian writer who was awarded the =indham Cam#ell )iterature (ri!e in the non7fiction category
0an(a/ Mi&h%a
The eminent 1andhian and environmentalist who was chosen for the 1andhi (eace (ri!e 2013 Chandi
0%a&ad 5hatt
The acid attac" victim from %ndia who was honoured with the %nternational =omen of Courage Award
y the 0nited 'tates 6a7mi
The %ndian adminton #layer who won the 'yed Modi %nternational %ndia 1rand (ri; title 201* defeating
(6 'indhu in the finals Saina Nehwal
The 8ussian martial art which was recognised y the 4lym#ic Council of Asia and included in the Asian
1ames$ 201> Sam4o
The former %ndian athlete who was awarded the gold medal for her #erformance at the 200? Monaco
=orld Athletics .inal following dis@ualification of the original winner Tatyana 9otova of 8ussia An/*
5o44+ Geo%'e
The 8eal Madrid and (ortugal footall star who was awarded the 2013 .%.A +allon d<4r award
C%i&tiano Ronaldo
The tale tennis #layer from ('(+ who won the A?th 'enior National Tale Tennis =omens
Cham#ionshi# held in (atna defeating 9rittwi"a 'inha 8oy in the finals An(ita Da&
The tale tennis #layer from ('(+ ,(etroleum '#orts (romotion +oard/ who won the A?th 'enior
National Tale Tennis Mens Cham#ionshi# held in (atna defeating Harmeet &esai in the finals Sanil
The country %ndia defeated in the finals at 'har:ah to win the 071> Asia Cric"et Cu# title ,%ndian ca#tainB
6i:ay Col/ 0a(i&tan
The New Cealand cric"eter who hit the fastest century in one7day internationals in 35 deliveries
overta"ing 'hahid Afridi<s century off 3A deliveries Co%e+ Ande%&on
The %ndian ca#tain and wic"et7"ee#er who ecame the first %ndian to effect 300 dismissals in one7day
internationals DHe has also ecome the *th in the world after Adam 1ilchrist ,*A2/$ 9umar 'anga""ara
,*2*/ and Mar" +oucher ,*2*/3E M.S. Dhoni
The venue of the Third )usofonia 1ames eing held from -an 1F to -an 2> ,The event involves athletes
coming from )uso#hone ,(ortuguese7s#ea"ing/ countries$ namely those elonging to the C()(
,Community of (ortuguese )anguage Countries/$ ut also others where there are significant (ortuguese
communities or that have a common #ast with (ortugal/ Goa

The 'wiss #rofessional tennis #layer who won the Chennai 4#en tennis tournament defeating Gdouard
8oger76asselin of .rance in the finals at '&AT Tennis 'tadium in Chennai Stani&la& 8aw%in(a
The %ndian cric"eter who ecame the fastest #erson in the world to score 1> 4&% centuries y doing it in
12* innings ,thus rea"ing Chris 1ayle<s record of 1> 4&% centuries in 1F> innings/ .i%at 9ohli
The winner of 8an:i Tro#hy which defeated the 8est of %ndia team to win the %rani Tro#hy 9a%nata(a
The athlete from .rance who estalished a new #ole vault indoor record y clearing 5315 meters and
rea"ing 'ergei +u"a<s record made in 1>>3 Rena*d 6a3illenie
The %ndian adminton #layer who having entered the finals of Malaysia 1rand (ri; 1old 201*$ lost to
%ndonesian #layer 'imon 'antoso Sa*%a4h .a%ma
The former %ndian s"i##er who was a##ointed y the 'u#reme Court as the interim #resident of the
+CC% to discharge the functions of the %ndian (remier )eague 201* S*nil Ga3a&(a%
The country which won the 'ultan A!lan 'hah Hoc"ey Tournament 201*$ defeating Malaysia in the finals
,this was the Fth time that the country has won the tournament/ A*&t%alia
The team which won the 6i:ay Ha!are Cric"et Tro#hy defeating 8ailways in the finals at 2den 1ardens$
9ol"ata 9a%nata(a
The team which won the 5Fth 'antosh Tro#hy .ootall Tournament ,for the first time/ y defeating
8ailways in the finals held at 9anchan:unga 'tadium$ 'iliguri Mi2o%am
The team which won the Asia Cu# 201* Cric"et Tournament y defeating (a"istan in the finals held at
'here +angla National 'tadium$ Mir#ur ,%ndia stood third3 Man of the 'eries )ahiru Thirimanne of 'ri
)an"a3/ S%i 6an(a
The team which won ,for the first time/ the 0nder 1> Cric"et =orld Cu# tournament held in &uai$
defeating (a"istan in the finals ,%ndia$ the winner of the cu# in 2012 finished ?th this time/ So*th
The venue of H% =inter (aralym#ic 1ames eing held from 0A March to 15 March Sochi: R*&&ia
0lace& ; Inte%national
The African nation which ado#ted a new constitution on 25 -anuary 2013$ three years after the ouster of
(resident Cine 2l Aidine +en Ali at the eginning of Ara '#ring T*ni&ia
The African nation which has added the %ndian 8u#ee to its as"et of currencies to e circulated in the
country ,NoteB The country does not have its own currency/ 1im4a4we
The 'outh Asian nation which has declared a state of emergency in its ca#ital and surrounding areas to
deal with mass street #rotests aimed at overthrowing the government Thailand

The middle7east country where #eo#le a##roved new Constitution y >F31 #ercent in a nation7wide
referendum recently E'+pt
.ragile .ive$ a term coined y a research analyst at Morgan 'tanley lists five economies due to their
de#endence on foreign investment to finance their growth amitions3 The five nations are T*%(e+:
5%a2il: India: So*th A)%ica and Indone&ia
The air ase in +ahrain at which an %nternational Airshow was held from 15 to 1F -an 1*$ with %ndian
showcasing models of )ight Comat Aircraft$ Te:as and multi7mission 0A6$ Nishant etc3 Sa(hi% Ai%4a&e
The ca#ital city of 9hyer (a"htun"hwa #rovince in (a"istan which has een termed as largest reservoir
of endemic #olio virus in the world y =orld Health 4rganisation 0e&hawa%
The country which has ecome the 1Fth memer of the 2uro!one i3e3 countries using the 2uro as their
currency 6at3ia
The 2uro#ean nation whose (arliament #assed a ill allowing euthanasia for terminally ill children
without any age limit ecoming the first country in the world to do so 5el'i*m
The autonomous re#ulic in the south7western region of 0"raine where the residents have voted in
favour of secession from 0"raine in a referendum held recently C%imea
The venue of third +%M'T2C summit ,+ay of +engal %nitiative for Multi7'ectoral Technical and 2conomic
Coo#eration/ held from 01 Mar to 0* Mar 201*$ %ndia re#resented y &r3 Manmohan 'ingh Na+ 0+i
Taw: M+anma%
0lace& ; National
The #lace in Maharashtra where 9%i&hi .a&ant$ a national level agriculture fair7cum7e;hiition$ is eing
organi!ed :ointly y the Ministry of Agriculture$ 1overnment of %ndia and 1overnment of Maharashtra
from .eruary > to 13$ 201* Na'p*%
The 'tate which has een selected as the +est 'tate for #roviding self em#loyment to uran #oor under
'-18I , 'warna -ayanti 'ahari 8a:gar Io:ana/ 2012713$ y the Ministry of Housing J 0ran (overty
Alleviation Odi&ha
The #lace in +ihar where the remains of an ancient Tiladha" 0niversity set u# in ?th Century have een
discovered Telha%a: Nalanda
The #lace in .atehaad district of Haryana where foundation stone of %ndia<s largest 2F00 mw nuclear
#ower #lant was laid y the (M &r3 Manmohan 'ingh Go%a(hp*%
The railway station at which (latform No3 1 entered the )imca +oo" of 8ecords as eing the world<s
longest #latform with a length of 13??3*0 m sur#assing the #latform at 9harag#ur with a length of
10A23? m Go%a(hp*%

The #lace at which a )N1 ,)i@uefied Natural 1as/ Terminal of (etronet )N1 was dedicated to the nation
y (rime Minister &r Manmohan 'ingh on -anuary *$ 201* 0*th*3+pe: 9ochi
The venue of 12th (ravasi +hartiya &ivas was held from 0A to 0> -an 201* .i'+an 5ha3an: New Delhi
The city in which TC' has decided to set the world<s largest cor#orate learning and develo#ment centre$
the foundation stone of which was laid y (M &r3 Manmohan 'ingh on 0*301313 Thi%*3ananthap*%am
The #lace in 0ttar (radesh #arliamentary a##roval was accorded for setting u# a 8ani )a"shmi +ai
Central Agricultural 0niversity Jhan&i
The #lace in Chennai where country<s first (ost 4ffice 'avings +an" ATM was inaugurated y 0nion
.inance Minister ( Chidamaram T Na'a%
The #lace in 4disha where All %ndia %nstitute of Medical 'ciences ,A%%M'/ was dedicated to the #eo#le of
4disha y the 0nion Health Minister 'hri 1hulam Nai A!ad 5h*4ane&hwa%
The #lace in Andhra (radesh where Atomic Minerals &irectorate found de#osits of %anthinite$ a rare
mineral of uranium containing two ty#es of uranium ,05K and 0*K/$ for the first time in %ndia
A((a3a%am 3illa'e in Mah4*4na'a% di&t%ict
The city in Andhra (radesh which was selected for the +est Heritage City for 2012713 y the 0nion
Tourism Ministry Ti%*pati
The %ndian state which ecame the first to achieve 100L sanitation in rural and uran households$
schools$ sanitary com#le;es and Aanganwadi centres Si((im
The venue of 101st %ndian 'cience Congress held from 03 to 0A .eruary and inaugurated y the (rime
Minister &r3 Manmohan 'ingh Jamm*
The north7eastern states which ecame the first in the country to issue (lastic (hoto %dentity Card for
elections in 201* A&&am and Na'aland
The venue of *th %nternational 2;hiition and Conference on Civil Aviation$ %ndia Aviation7201*$
organised :ointly y Ministry of Civil Aviation$ 1overnment of %ndia and .ederation of %ndian Chamers
of Commerce and %ndustry ,.%CC%/ from March 127153 +de%a4ad
The %ndian Navy sumarine on which a fire eru#ted "illing two officers and in:uring several others ,Navy
Chief Admiral &9 -oshi resigned acce#ting moral res#onsiility for Naval accidents/ INS Sindh*%atna
The largest e;ercise launched y the %ndian Navy for the first time under the ga!e of %ndia<s first
dedicated military satellite 1'AT7A or M8u"miniM involving %N' 6iraat$ %N' Cha"ra ,Nuclear 'umarine/
and over ?0 warshi#s is named T%ope7

The si;7day multi7nation Naval e;ercise involving navies from 1A nations held from 0* .e to 0> .e was
named ,Australia$ +angladesh$ Camodia$ %ndia$ %ndonesia$ 9enya$ Malaysia$ Maldives$ Mauritius$
Myanmar$ New Cealand$ (hili##ines$ 'eychelles$ 'inga#ore$ 'ri )an"a$ Tan!ania and Thailand3/ Milan
The lead shi# of 9ol"ata class guided missile destroyers aoard which a gas lea"age claimed the life of
Commander 9unal =adhwa at Ma!agaon &oc" )imited INS 9ol(ata
The two7wee" long :oint e;ercise etween the armies of Ne#al and %ndia eing at the %ntegrated Army
Training Centre ,%ATC/ at 'al:handi in 8u#anddehi district of southern Ne#al is named S*%+a 9i%an .I
The Multilateral Humanitarian AssistanceN&isaster 8elief ,HAN&8/ 2;ercise$ which was conducted from
2F Mar to 03 A#r 1* at %ndonesia with %ndian Navy eing re#resented y %N' 'u"anya with integral
Cheta" is named 9OMODO
The '& card si!ed com#uter <a full (entium7class (C< #owered y a dual7core Ouar" '4C with uilt7in =i7
.i and +luetooth connectivity launched y %ntel is named Edi&on
The internet s#y system develo#ed y Centre for Artificial %ntelligence and 8ootics ,CA%8/$ a la under
&efence 8esearch and &evelo#ment 4rganisation ,&8&4/ to e de#loyed y security agencies in %ndia is
named Net%a
The #ower grid which has een synchronously connected to the rest of the 1rid in the country thus
accom#lishing the mission of One Nation < One G%id < One F%e=*enc+ through commissioning of
8aichur7'ola#ur A5? "6 single circuit transmission line y (ower 1rid Cor#oration of %ndia )imited
So*the%n G%id
The cloud com#uting initiative of the 1overnment of %ndia launched y the 'hri3 9a#il 'ial$ Minister of
Communications and %nformation Technology on 0* .e 1* has een given the name Me'h%a/
The system develo#ed y -onah +ruc"er7Cohen to trac" the distance travelled y an e7mail is named
Email Mile&
The tic"eting scheme launched y %8CTC to ma"e #ayment of fare during online tic"et oo"ing faster
and to avoid transaction failure is named E;wallet &cheme
Noted Hindi litterateur and -nan#ith award winner of 200> who reathed his last on 1A .eruary
The creator of .la##y +ird game who has decided to remove the game from A## 'tore is Don'

The well7"nown filmma"er$ screenwriter$ editor and cinematogra#her ,director of Hindi film 'adma/
who died on 13 .eruary 5al* Mahend%a
The leader of Ne#ali Congress who has een elected to e the new (rime Minister of Ne#al S*&hil
The 1ha!al singer and musician in whose memory commemorative stam#s were released y the (M &r3
Manmohan 'ingh Sh%i Ja'/it Sin'h
The former 'u#reme Court -udge who has een a##ointed as chairman of the Ath Central (ay
Commission J*&tice A&ho( 9*ma% Math*%
The e;ecutive vice #resident of MicrosoftPs Cloud and 2nter#rise grou# who has een a##ointed the
C24 of Microsoft succeeding 'teve +allmer Sat+a Nadella
The 0nion Minister of =ater 8esources who has ta"en over as the new Chief Minister of 0ttara"hand
from 'hri 6i:ay Chauhan Sh%i a%i&h Rawat
The %ndian doctor in Mount 'inai Hos#ital of 0nited 'tates who has im#lanted the first miniature7si!ed$
leadless cardiac #acema"er directly inside a #atient<s heart without surgery D%. .i3e( Redd+
The seniormost :udge of the 'u#reme Court who has een recommended to e the *1st Chief -ustice of
%ndia to succeed C-% (3 'athasivam retiring on A#ril 25 J*&tice R.M. 6odha
The environment engineer of the (uducherry (ollution Control Committee who has een awarded the
%ndira 1andhi (aryavaran (uras"ar ,%1((/QR772010R77S for his efforts to im#rove the environment in and
around his village of (illayar"u##am in Cuddalore N. Rame&h
The (rinceton 0niversity ,0'/ #rofessor of mathematics$ who has een awarded the 201* Ael (ri!e
,also "nown as Mathematician<s Noel$ y the Norwegian Academy of 'cience and )etters for his
influential ?07year career in mathematics Ya(o3 Sinai
The #erson who has ecome the first woman to head a Navratna (ulic 'ector 0nderta"ing y
ecoming the CM& of Hindustan (etroleum Cor#oration )imited Ni&hi .a&*de3a
The former Chief Minister of &elhi$ who has een a##ointed the 1overnor of 9erala M%& Sheila Di7it
The #resent 1overnor of 0ttar (radesh who has een sworn in as its 1overnor for the second time
Sh%i 56 Jo&hi
Go3t Scheme&>0%o'&
The city in which the 0nion Health Minister$ 'hri 1hulam Nai A!ad launched the National 0ran Health
Mission$ a nationwide scheme$ e;#ected to cover AA> uran areas with over ?0$000 #o#ulation y
March 201? 5an'alo%e
The anti7corru#tion hel#line numer launched y &elhi government is #"?#

The health #rogramme for adolescents ,10 to 1> years of age/ launched y Health Minister$ 'hri 1hulam
Nai A!ad on 0A -an 201* is named Ra&ht%i+a 9i&ho% Swa&th+a 9a%+a(%am
The minimum monthly #ension under the 2m#loyment (ension 'cheme >? run y 2m#loyees (rovident
.und 4rganisation has een revised to R&. #"""
8a:iv 1andhi 'cheme for 2m#owerment of Adolescent +oys which was launched y 0nion Minister of
=oman and Child &evelo#ment$ 9rishna Tirath is named Sa(&ham
The #ulic sector an" which has launched its channel on Ioutue in order to strengthen its social
media #resence State 5an( o) India
8eserve +an" of %ndia has decided to withdraw with effect from 01 A#ril 201* all currency notes #rinted
#rior to !""@
The #ulic sector an" which has ecome the first in the country to launch a domestic remittance
service called <%nstant money transfer ,%MT/< that allows cardless cash withdrawal from its select ATMs
which are tuned for this facility 5an( O) India
8o%ld Indice&
The ran" of %ndia in the 1loal .ood %nde; com#iled y 4;fam$ an international aid and charity
organisation$ in a ran"ing of 12? countries AB
The ran" of %ndia in the =orld (ress .reedom %nde; 2013 released y the organi!ation 8e#orter without
+orders #$"
The new #ortal launched for the enefit of children on the 55th death anniversary of Mahatma 1andhi
y 'am (itroda$ Advisor to the (rime Minister is named www.&ea%ch)o%'
The national #ar" from which famous tigress Machli was re#orted missing in -anuary ut found after
aout a month in .eruary Rantham4o%e National 0a%(
The 1eological 'urvey version of Advanced )ight Helico#ter e@ui##ed with Heliorne 1eo#hysical 'urvey
'ystem ,H1''/ and dedicated to the nation y 'hri &insha (atel$ Minister of Mines is named Ga%*da
The +ritish teenager who at the age of 15$ has ecome the youngest #erson to reach the 'outh (ole
6ewi& Cla%(e

The National &ance J Music Com#etition for '#ecially Talented Artists with &isailities organised y
&e#artment of &isaility Affairs$ Ministry of 'ocial -ustice J 2m#owerment$ 1overnment of %ndia$ at
'irifort Auditorium$ New &elhi on 1?715 -anuary 201* is named SAMART !"#$
The #olitical #arty led y Mrs3 'hei"h Hasina which has won the elections held in +angladesh Awami
The world<s largest dairy #layer ased in .rance which has entered %ndian mar"et y ac@uiring %ndian
dairy #roducts com#any Tirumala Mil" (roducts (rivate )imited G%o*pe 6actali& SA
The oceanogra#hic research shi# which was tra##ed y ice sheets on its way to Antarctica with the
memers of Australasian Antarctic 2;#edition on oard was named ,The e;#edition memers were
finally rescued using a helico#ter from Chinese ice7rea"er Hue )ong on 02 -an 2013/ A(ademi(
The #rice at which .aceoo" has ac@uired =hatsa## a cross7#latform instant messaging suscri#tion
service for smart#hones C#A 4illion
The language which was granted the status of si;th classical language of the country ,other classical
languages are 'ans"rit$ Tamil$ Telugu$ 9annada and Malayalam/ Odia
The constitutional amendment relating to introduction of (anchayati 8a: which has een e;tended to
-ammu and 9ashmir B?%d Amendment
The volcano on the %ndonesian island of 'umatra which eru#ted :ust a day after thousands of villagers
living neary were allowed to return to their homes Mt. Sina4*n'
The monorail service inaugurated y the Chief Minister of Maharashtra$ 'hri (rithvira: Chavan is
scheduled to run initially etween 8adala and Chem4*%
The 'tate which has een chosen as the theme state at the 2Fth 'ura:"und Crafts Mela in .aridaad
district of Haryana Goa
The country which has een chosen as the #artner nation at the 2Fth 'ura:"und Crafts Mela in .aridaad
district of Haryana S%i 6an(a
The race course in Mumai$ which com#leted 130 years of its estalishment recently Mahala7mi Race
The non7#rofit organisation which has started the first of its "ind water vending machine$ ADUATM$ in
Mumai .andana Fo*ndation
The #ain7"iller and anti7#yretic drug on which the 1overnment has revo"ed a an allowing its sale and
manufacture ut with a warning ,the an was im#osed in -une 2013/ Anal'in
MH3A0$ a Malayasian Air 'ervice #assenger #lane which disa##eared en route from 9uala )um#ur
%nternational Air#ort to +ei:ing Ca#ital %nternational Air#ort was a 5oein' BBB;!""ER

Rep*4lic Da+ Cele4%ation& !"#$
+est Marching Contingent at the 8e#ulic &ay celerations 201* among the services Te%%ito%ial A%m+
,Si(h 6I-
Chief 1uest at the 8e#ulic &ay celerations 201* M%. Shin2o A4e: 0%ime Mini&te% o) Japan
Theme& o) Rep*4lic Ta4lea*& < !"#$
The following are the themes of various taleaus on the occasion of 8e#ulic &ay Celerations 201*3
E Ta4le* Theme Awa%d
13 0ttar (radesh 'uhah7e7+anaras
23 Meghalaya Areca Nut
33 Arunachal (radesh A:i )hamu &ance
*3 0ttara"hand -adi +uti
?3 Maharashtra Coconut .estival
53 -ammu and 9ashmir Nomads of -ammu and 9ashmir
A3 8a:asthan 9avad 9ala and Terah Taali &ance
F3 9arnata"a Ti#u 'ultan7The 6aliant =arrior
>3 Chhattisgarh +hum"al .reedom Movement of +astar
103 =est +engal (urulia Chhau 7 The Choreogra#hic -ewel of
=est +engal
+est Taleau
113 Tamil Nadu (ongal .estival 'econd +est Taleau
123 Assam &r3 +hu#en Ha!ari"a 7 The 1olden 6oice of
Third +est Taleau
133 Chandigarh 8oc" 1arden of Chandigarh

A*&t%alian Open !"#$
E3ent 8inne% Nationalit+ R*nne%;*p Nationalit+
Men<s 'ingles 'tanislas =awrin"a 'wit!erland 8afal Nadal '#ain
=omen<s 'ingles )i Na China &omini"a Ciul"ova 'lova"ia
Men<s &oules ) 9uot
8 )indstedt
2 +utorac
83 9laasen
' 2rrani
8 6inci

%taly 23 Ma"arova
23 6esnina
Mi;ed &oules 9 Mladenovic
& Nestor
'ania Mir!a
H3 Tecau

5CCI Awa%d& < !"#!;#?
Col3 C393 Nayudu )ifetime Achievement Award B 9apil De3

(olly 0mrigar Award$ for eing %ndiaPs est international cric"eter of 2012713 B Ra3ichand%an A&hwin
)ala Amarnath Award for the est all7rounder in the 8an:i Tro#hy$ 2012713 B A4hi&he( Na+a%
+est 0m#ire in domestic cric"et in 2012713 B C. Sham&h*ddin
&ili# 'ardesai Award for eing %ndia<s est cric"eter in 201371* test series against =est %ndies B Rohit
6a*nch o) GS6. < D@
)aunch 'tation B S%iha%i(ota
)aunch &ate B "@ Jan*a%+ !"#$
'atellite #ut into orit B GSAT;#$
(owered y indigenous cryogenic engine
%ndia ecame the Fth nation after 0'$ 8ussia$ -a#an$ .rance and China to indigenously manufacture
cryogenic engines3
i&to%+ in 4%ie) B %'84 had tested its first indigenous cryogenic engine in A#ril 20103 The engine failed
shortly after the cryogenic stage ignited3 %ndia tried to relaunch the 1')67&? in August 2013 ut a lea" in
the li@uid fuel tan" aorted the mission 2 hours efore ta"e off3
@Ath Film)a%e Awa%d& < !"#$
+est .ilm 7 5haa' Mil(ha 5haa'
+est &irector 7 Ra(e+&h Omp%a(a&h Meh%a ,+haag Mil"ha +haag/
+est Actor 7 Fa%han A(hta% ,+haag Mil"ha +haag/
+est Actress 7 Deepi(a 0ad*(one 1oliyon 9i 8asleela 8am)eela
+est &eut ,&irector/ 7 Rite&h 5at%a The )uncho;
)ifetime Achievement Award 7 Tan*/a
New C%ite%ia )o% &election o) &po%t&pe%&on& )o% A%/*na Awa%d&
The criteria would e a##licale for selection of s#orts#ersons for Ar:una Awards for the year 201*
(oints for winning medals will e given to each eligile s#orts#erson for hisNher #erformance during the
last $ +ea%& as #er mar"s given in the tale elowB

S.No. E3ent Gold
13 =orld Cham#ionshi#N=orld Cu# ,once in * years/ *0 30 20
23 Asian 1ames 30 2? 20
33 Commonwealth 1ames 2? 20 1?
*3 =orld Cham#ionshi#N=orld Cu# ,iennialNannual/ 2? 20 1?
?3 Asian Cham#ionshi# 1? 10 A
53 Commonwealth Cham#ionshi# 1? 10 A

=inners of medals in 4lym#ics and (aralym#ics will automatically e considered for 8a:iv 1andhi 9hel
8atna or Ar:una Awards$ de#ending on the ty#e of medal won$ if they have already not een conferred
with either of the two Awards3
A" G wei'hta'e will e given for the medals won in various %nternational cham#ionshi#s and s#orts
events of the disci#lines covered in 4lym#ic 1ames ,'ummer$ =inter and (aralym#ics/$ Asian 1ames
and Commonwealth 1ames3
.or cric"et and indigenous games$ not included in 4lym#ic N Asian 1ames N Commonwealth 1ames
disci#lines$ the 'election Committee will recommend the numer of awards$ ,not e;ceeding two/$ to e
given for Cric"etN%ndigenous 1ames and recommend the s#orts#ersons ta"ing into consideration their
individuals #erformances and @ualities of s#ortsman s#irit$ leadershi#$ sense of disci#line etc3
4rdinarily$ not mo%e than one awa%d will e given in each disci#line in a #articular year su:ect to
deserving s#orts#ersons eing availale3 Ade@uate re#resentation would e insured for #hysically
challenged and women3
The #rinci#le of one award #er disci#line will not e a##licale in case of team s#orts and across gender3
That is to say that$ the 'election Committee may recommend$ in deserving cases with #ro#er
:ustification$ more than one s#orts#erson in res#ect of team s#orts and s#orts#ersons of oth the
Normally not mo%e than #@ awa%d& could e given in any calendar year3 However$ "ee#ing in view the
#erformance of %ndian s#orts#ersons in the Commonwealth$ Asian 1ames and 4lym#ic 1ames during a
#articular year and for the reasons given in #ara A aove$ 'election Committee may recommend more
than 1? s#orts#ersons for Ar:una Award3
%n a #articular s#orts disci#line$ names of not mo%e than $ &po%t&pe%&on& ,2 male and 2 female/ with the
highest mar"s as #er the criteria rought out in the tale aove will e considered y the 'election
'election Committee will recommend the final list of s#orts#ersons for Ar:una Awards as #er the mar"s
otained in terms of the criteria indicated aove and #lace it efore the 0nion Minister of Iouth Affairs
J '#orts for the final decision3

FICCI Spo%t& Awa%d& ; !"#$
'#orts#erson of the Iear 7 Deepi(a 9*ma%i ,A%che%+-
+rea"through '#orts#erson of the Iear 7 0. Sindh* ,5adminton-
Most %ns#iring '#orts#erson of the Iear 7 Y*3%a/ Sin'h
(ara7'#ortsman of the Iear 7 De3end%a Jha/ha%ia
)ifetime Achievement Award 7 Rah*l D%a3id
6a*nch o) ? Medical Detection 9it& 4+ Union ealth Mini&te% Sh%i Gh*lam Na4i A2ad on !"."!.#$.
13 A water7orne #athogen detection "it indigenously manufactured y National %nstitute of Nutrition$
to detect five #athogens T 'almonella$ 'ta#hylococcus aureus$ )isteria$ 6irio cholerae$ 6irio
#arahaemolyticus ,main causes of food #oisoning and food7orne infections/3
23 A "it to estimate the @uantity of ferritin and diagnose iron deficiency anaemia individually as well as
for mass level screening3
33 A "it ased on dried lood s#ot collection system for (lasma 6itamin7A estimation for diagnosing
6itamin7A deficiency3
Sochi 8inte% Ol+mpic& ; !"#$
Host Country 7 8ussia
&ates held 7 0A .e to 23 .e 201*
(artici#ating nations B FF
Mascots 7 (olar ear$ a 'now hare$ and a 'now leo#ard
Medal& Tall+
E Co*nt%+ Gold Sil3e% 5%on2e Total
13 8ussia 13 11 > 33
23 Norway 11 ? 10 25
33 Canada 10 10 ? 2?
*3 0nited 'tates > A 12 2F
?3 The Netherlands F A > 2*

Indian 0a%ticipant& at the Game&
13 'hri 'hiva 9eshavan 7 )uge
23 'hri Himanshu Tha"ur Al#ine '"iing

33 'hri Nadeem %@al Al#ine '"iing
The (resident #resented 9rishi 9arman Awards to Chief Ministers of Madhya (radesh$ 4disha$ +ihar$
Meghalaya and agriculture Ministers of other nine 'tates for e;cellence in foodgrain #roduction3
.or total foodgrain #roduction$ Madh+a 0%ade&h got the award in large category ,foodgrain #roduction
more than 10 million tonnes/$ Odi&ha in medium category ,foodgrain #roduction 1 to 10 million tonnes/
and Manip*% in small category ,foodgrain #roduction less than 1 million tonnes/3
%n individual foodgrain cro#s$ Chhatti&'a%h recieved the award for rice$ 5iha% for wheat$ Jha%(hand for
#ulses and Andh%a 0%ade&h for coarse cereals3
9h*&hwant Sin'h ; Impo%tant Fact&
+orn B 02 .eruary 1>1?
&iedB !" Ma%ch !"#$
Career 7 )awyer ,1>3F/$ %ndian .oreign 'ervice ,1>*A/$ All %ndia 8adio ,1>?1/
.ormer 2ditorB Io:ana$ The %llustrated =ee"ly$ The National Herald and The Hindustan Times
.amous ColumnB 8ith Malice Towa%d& One and All
(adma 6ihushan 7 200A
'ome =ell7"nown +oo"s =ritten y 9hushwant 'inghB Train to (a"istan$ A History of 'i"hs$ &elhi 7 A
Novel$ The 'unset Clu and The 1ood$ The +ad and The 8idiculous
Fo%t*ne ma'a2ineH& li&t o) 8o%ldH& G%eate&t 6eade%&
13 (o#e .rancis
23 Angela Mer"el$ 1erman Chancellor
33 Alan Mulally$ C24 of .ord Motor Co3
*3 =arren +uffett$ C24 of +er"shire Hathaway
?3 +ill Clinton
53 Aung 'an 'uu 9yi
A3 1en3 -oe &unford$ Commander of 03'3 .orce$ Afghanistan
F3 +ono$ lead singer of 02

>3 &alai )ama
103 -eff +e!os$ C24 of Ama!on3com
3*3 Malala Iousaf!ai
*03 Anand Mahindra$ Chairman$ Mahindra and Mahindra
*F3 )a"shmi Mittal$ C24$ Arcelor Mittal
ES0N;C%icin)o !"#? Awa%d&
Cric"eter of the 1eneration B Sachin Tend*l(a%
Contriution to Cric"et B Ta%a( Sinha
&eut of the Iear B Mohammed Shami
4&% +atting (erformance of the Iear B Rohit Sha%ma
4&% +owling (erformance of the Iear B Shahid A)%idi
Test +atting (erformance of the Iear B Shi(ha% Dhawan
Test +owling (erformance of the Iear B Mitchell John&on
St%ee Sha(ti 0*%a&(a% )o% !"#?
The (resident of %ndia conferred the 'tree 'ha"ti (uras"ar for the year 2013 on the ocassion of
%nternational =omen<s &ay3 2ach award carries a cash #ri!e of 8s3 3 la"h and citation3
E 0e%&on State Awa%d Rema%(&
13 'mt3 Manasi
4disha 8ani )a"shmiai Award .or her wor" in the field of
womenPs em#owerment
23 &r3 M 6en"aiah Andhra
8ani 8udramma &evi
.or his contriution in the field of
womenPs health3
3 Mrs3 +ina 'heth
Maharashtra Mata -i:aai Award .or her achievement in the field
of education and training3
*3 Mrs3 T3 8adha 93
9annagi Award .or her achievement in the field
of #roviding su##ort to or#hans$
visually im#aired$ handica##ed
and destitute women3
?3 &r3 6arti"a Nanda &elhi 8ani 1aidinliu Celiang
.or her creating awareness on
womenPs issues through media3
53 &r3 'eema 'a"hare Maharashtra &evi Ahilyaai Hol"ar
.or her contriution in the field
of womenPs rights$ gender issues$
legal counselling and institutional
su##ort to women and girls3

Academ+ Awa%d& !"#$ ,O&ca%&-
13 7 +est (icture 7 #! Yea%& a Sla3e
23 7 +est &irector 7 Al)on&o C*a%on for 1ravity
33 7 +est Actor 7 Matthew McCona*'he+ for &allas +uyers Clu
*3 7 +est Actress 7 Cate 5lanchett for +lue -asmine
?3 7 +est Animated .ilm 7 F%o2en
53 7 +est .oreign )anguage .ilm 7 The G%eat 5ea*t+ ,%taly/
NoteB 1ravity won the ma;imum ,A/ Academy Awards