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• Every day there are more and more

people living on Earth. They need room to

• Forests are cut down, and wild areas are
filled with houses and stores
• When people move into new land and
begin to pollute land, air and water around
them, the plants and animals disappear
• Some even become extinct – which
means that they all die out, and are gone
from the Earth forever
• The dinosaurs lived on the Earth
many millions of years ago
• They are all extinct now
• That could happen to elephants,
butterflies, robins, frogs…or other animals,
if we’re not careful
• Do you know that every 10 minutes one
kind of animal, plant and insect disappear
• Never cut down baby trees

• Feed birds in winter

• Don’t kill animals
• Don’t leave litter in the forests
• Leave wild flowers for others to enjoy
• Plant flowers and trees
Let’s keep the Earth
green and healthy and
full of millions of
wonderful creatures!