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CEED application form

Date of Birth:
Year of joining AIESEC:
Language skills:

Please list your responsibilities which you had in AIESEC before:
Position Responsibility

What does AIESEC mean for you?
Why have you decided to run for a CEED position and why have you decided to apply for this CEED
position in Linz?
How do you see your involvement in AIESEC so far?
What are the most important developments you have made during your AIESEC experience? How
would they qualify you for this CEED position?

How do you want to see yourself after this project? (personally and in AIESEC)

What are your personal strength and weaknesses and how do you think they would influence/help
you with your work as a CEED in Linz? (please, list and describe at least two positive and two negative

What are your ideas for the ICX area? How do you think you can make this area growing?

Send this application form together with a CV and a small video message (maximum 3 minutes long)
to: Julia Wurnitsch (
Application deadline: 20/08/2014