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Here is a quiz to see how green you are and how

well informed you are about the environment.
Score one point for every “yes” answer.

1. Do you read the list of ingredients on the food

you buy?
2. Do you take a shower instead of bath?
3. Have you planted at least one tree?
4. Do you feed birds or squirrels in winter?
5. Do you insulate your house in winter to save
6. Do you switch off lights if nobody needs them
7. Does your school (home) use recycled paper?
8. If you have ever organized campaigns on
environmental issues, score 5.
9. For short journeys, do you regularly walk, if
you can?
10. For long journeys, do you regularly use a
bike or public transport?
11. If your family has a car, does it run on
unleaded petrol?
12. If your family doesn’t have a car, score 2.
13. Do you buy ozone-friendly aerosols?
14. If you don’t buy aerosols at all, score 5.
15. Do you buy cruelly-free products? ( those not
tested on animals).
16. If you have ever written to a manufacturer to
complain about their products, score 5.
17. Do you belong to any environmental
18. Can you name one endangered species?
19. Do you take bottles to the bottle bank?
20. Do you collect aluminium cans for recycling?
21. Do you collect paper for recycling?
22. If you are a non – smoker, score 3.
23. Coming back from the forest or from the
beach, do you always take your litter with you?


Add your scores to discover if you are:
Very pale green-scores under 5
Light green-scores 6-16
Mid green-scores 17-27
Dark green-scores 28-38