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He's back chapter 2: Mr. Honey bunny and strange dreams

He's back chapter 2: Mr. Honey bunny and strange dreams


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Sequel to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is still a problem for Bella, and what will happen when Alice makes Edward and Bella go out? Human, OOC,fanfiction, R&R.
Sequel to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is still a problem for Bella, and what will happen when Alice makes Edward and Bella go out? Human, OOC,fanfiction, R&R.

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Published by: RF on Nov 24, 2009
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Chapter 2: Mr. Honey bunny and strange dreams BPOV I froze in my actions and stared at him. “Jake??

What are you doing here??” I asked him, my voice weak from surprise. He flashed a friendly grin; a grin I recognized that warmed my heart…sometimes. “Well, isn’t it obvious?? I’m here to see you. Besides, Billy and Charlie wanted to see the game tonight.” His arrogant voice made me fill with anger, and I clenched my fits secretly. “Dad, you want me to make dinner??” I asked, controlling my voice as much as possible. He looked back at me from the sofa. “Bells, you don’t need to make me dinner; I already ate with Billy and Jake.” He said, and; unusual as it was, he smiled. I sighed, hoping that I could’ve had something to do to make my mind busy, and took my bag. “Alright then. I’ll be in my room if you need me.”I said briskly and began to walk upstairs. I hurried into my room, and was just about to close the door, when a foot stopped me. I sighed and opened the door, knowing he would be there. “What is it??” I asked and looked at him as he smiled sheepishly. For once, he actually wore a shirt. “When I said I, I meant me, alone.” I said acidly and glared at him. Sure, he was my friend, but these last weeks, he had been coming over to my house almost every day, calling me those days he wouldn’t, and be overly friendly to me. I had forgiven him for…well, together with Smith, pushing me over the cliff, but in the beginning I had been a little pissed at him. My body still hadn’t healed completely from the deadly fall, and in the beginning, all his apologies became too much. “Ouch Bella, that hurt. I just wanted to hang out with you. That’s what friends are for.” He said, looking me in the eyes. I sighed at him, and was just about to tell him that he wasn’t acting like a friend; he acted like an obsessed stalker, but he took my sigh as a sigh of defeat, and pushed the door open, no problem with his werewolf strength. I groaned, and went to sit on my bed, taking my bag with me. He followed me there and sat on the edge of it and looked at me as I took out my homework. “So…what are we doing??” he asked cheerfully. I raised my eyebrows at him sighed as I looked down at my books again. “We’re not doing anything. I, on the other hand, am going to study.” I said, wanting him to vanish into thin air. He frowned at me, and I thought for one second that I saw some sadness in those dark eyes, but as soon as it had appeared, it was gone.

“Sure, sure.” He said, grinned, and then lay back on my small bed beside me, stretching himself so that he was almost taking up all the space except where I sat. “…What are you doing??” I asked him as I began to open my math books. “You said I could do anything I wanted, right?? Well, I am.” He said, grinned at me, and stretched some more, almost pushing me off the bed. “Hey! Stop it! Haven’t you ever learned that pushing people off beds isn’t really that nice??” I asked him, glaring from my seat. “Oh, I have. I’m just doing this to piss you off.” He said, and then he began to hum on something, sounding a little funny in his husky voice. It was a song I recognized, and I began to hum with him to his delight. After a moment of humming, I stopped and went back to concentrate on my homework. This made Jake bored, and he stopped his humming as well. The minutes ticked by, and I knew Jake was getting bored every second that went by. This made a strange feeling burn inside of me, a feeling of delight, of evilness. I was happy that he was bored. Does that make me a bad person??? *A few minutes later* “Man, this sucks.” Jake groaned, and finally rose from my bed, giving my some space. “Well, no one made you stay; you’re free to go any time you like.” I said without looking up from my books. I was almost done, but I hoped that he would give up his interest in sitting in my room and do nothing and go somewhere else and do nothing before I finished. So I had to drag it out as long as I could so he could lose his interest and go and play somewhere else. He sighed deeply, and began to walk away from the bed. He began to stroll around in the room, looking at something. After a small moment, to my horror, I accidently finished all my homework, which gave me no other option then to hang out with him. I sighed, and just as I did, I heard a chuckle. “What is this??” he asked me between chuckles, and I looked up to see what he meant. When I saw what he held, I felt my cheeks turn red and I wanted to throw myself on him and take the thing he had just found in my room. “Give it to me.” I said and began to rise from my bed. He looked at me, and suddenly, I saw some evilness in his eyes, that told me this was his way of payback. “Well, well, well, what shall I do with you??” he said and looked at Mr. Honey bunny. Mr. Honey Bunny was a stuffed bunny I received as a birthday present on my 12th birthday. That bunny had been with me these years, and before, I didn’t really remember how I got it, but now I do. I got it from Edward.

“Give him to me.” I said and walked over to Jake. I had no chance in the world to take it away from him, considering that he’s as tall as a giraffe. A bulky giraffe, that is. “Him you say?? What’s his name?? Mr. Bunny??” he joked, and as I came closer to him, he held it up in the air out of my reach. “Stop being a jerk and give him back!” I yelled at him so loud I think even Charlie heard it. But Jake just grinned at me, and then looked at Mr. Honey bunny. “You haven’t told me his name yet. I’ll give him back if you do.” He said, and continued to grin. I groaned at his childishness, but did as I was told, wanting him back. “His name is Mr. Honey bunny. Now, give him back!” I said and glared at him. He chuckled slightly, but started to give him to me…but I was wrong. Just as I almost had him in my arms, he snatched it back, and held it out of reach for me. Stupid werewolf and his super werewolf height… Jake took Mr. Honey bunny, and began to run across the room with him, holding him as high as possible. Of course, I ran after him. “Give him back!” I shouted. He laughed and stopped at the foot of my bed. I still couldn’t reach it, even if he had stopped running, so I decided to try to jump up in the air to try to catch it. “Never!” he said evil in his husky voice and laughed darkly. I continued to jump in the air in my attempt to catch Mr. Honey bunny, and it was then when it happened. When I was going to jump my 6th time, my foot slipped on the floor, and I bumped into him, and he started to fall down on the bed. I landed on top of him, and our faces we’re just a few centimeter apart. He was grinning, looking at me from where he lied with amusement, and I was just about to tell him I hated him really much, and that I knew people that could kick his ass if he didn’t give Mr. Honey bunny back, when something even worse happened; the door opened. As I turned my head to see who it was, I wasn’t surprised to see Charlie there. My face instantly turned tomato red; realizing what this scene would look like to him. He stared at us with surprise, his eyes wide with shock, but it was his next action that surprised me the most. “Oh…eh, I’ll leave you kids alone.” He said in a slightly embarrassed voice, and closed the door. I heard how he walked downstairs again, and I groaned, thinking how he and Billy would chatter about this forever. “…are you going to get of me or what??” Jake asked after a moment, and grinned at me. I blushed in embarrassment, and began to move, but then he took his arms around me and held me there, continuing to speak.

“But it’s okay if you don’t want to, I understand. Who would want to move away from a stud like me??” he asked, and I sighed at him smiling to myself, thinking what a vain person he is sometimes. Is it because of the muscles? I mean, sure; I don’t like him that way, but anyone must admit that he got a bit handsomer after his transform into a werewolf. “You’re so vain.” I told him, grinning, and began to move again, but his hold on me wouldn’t budge. He gasped in mock horror, and stared at me with wide, entertained eyes. “Oh! No I’m no Bella! By the way, have you seen my new hair gel? It was so cheap! I got it on a sale this Saturday in the mall. Oh, that reminds me! What do you think about my shirt?? But ew Bella, you’re making wrinkles on it!” He exclaimed in a very feminine voice, but as he said all these things, his hands were still on my back, holding me down. “…Eh, you look great Jake, sure. But can you let me go now??” I asked and looked him in the eye. He looked at me for a moment, and a small emotion flashed in his eyes, but we’re gone before I could see what it had been. Then, he smiled and did as he was told. As he released his hold on me, I rushed to get off him, and sat down on the edge of the bed. I heard him chuckle a little, but he didn’t move from his spot at the bed. But then he suddenly sighed. I turned my head to look at him, and he was watching the ceiling with a distance look, like he was thinking about something. Then, his eyes flickered to mine, and for the first time this night, he was looking serious. He stared at me, and I stared at him. “…What is it Jake??” I asked, surprised and confused by his sudden mood change. He stared at me, and then, like it was too much for him, he broke away from my gaze and stared at the ceiling once again. “Bella…well, I have something to tell you.” He said, still looking away from me. I continued to look at him, waiting for him to say anything, but he didn’t. “What?” I asked again. He frowned where he lay, and then he opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it again. I waited patiently, and finally, he began to speak. “Bella…I know my feeling for you are not the same as your feelings for me, I understand that. And I’m not asking for a second chance, I’m not. I already know I blew my chance. But I want you to know that I’m your friend now. I’m your friend only, nothing more.” He said in a serious tone, and then he looked at me again. His eyes where as serious as he sounded, and as I watched his dark eyes, I forgot what I was going to say. He stared at me for a moment, and then he continued. “I just want you to know that…that I’m here for you, and I will never hurt you again.” He said as seriously, but then, his eyes became darker than normal; dark of hate, and his face became hard.

“And I will not let that leach hurt you, and I don’t care if he’s on our land or not; if he as much as touch you the wrong way, I will kill him.” He said darkly, giving me chills down my spine, and I gulped at his scary talk. He was slightly vibrating at the bed now, shaking with anger, and I started to panic as I realized it was the werewolf effect. “Eh, I appreciate that Jake, I really do.” I said swiftly, and gave him the best smile I could at the moment, not managing any better because of the fear in my system. “But right now, what I really would appreciate was that you took some deep breaths and calmed down.” I said admitting the truth. He looked at me for a moment, his expression not changing, and he was still vibrating on the bed. But eventually, his shaking stopped, and he closed his eyes, putting his hands in his face. After a small moment, he removed them, and to my relief, his eyes were back to normal, and he now smiled slightly at me. “Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said, and I laughed slightly. “Well, you did. So, what-“I began to ask, but suddenly the door opened again. I turned my head to it, and wasn’t as surprised when I saw Charlie in the doorway, watching us. “Eh, Jacob you and your dad are leaving now.” He half-mumbled half-said, and walked out of the door again. I looked back at Jacob again, and he looked a little disappointed, but sighed and began to move from the bed. “Well, I had a blast. Did you??” he asked when he was in the door way, turned to me, who had followed him. “Well…it could’ve been better.” I said, and his face fell a little. I laughed at him, and we began to move downstairs. “No, I’m just kidding. I had fun with you too Jake.” I said and smiled at him. He grinned back at me before he went to get his Jacket. “So, we’re leaving then. Thanks for having us over Charlie.” Billy said, and even though he tried to hide it, I saw his smug smile under the grateful one. Billy looked at Charlie, and I turned to him as well. “No problem, it was nice having you over as always.” He said and smiled back, and he had that smug smile as well hidden poorly under his smile. I sighed when I saw them exchanging looks, winking in the end. “Bye then.” They called as they stepped out the door and disappeared in the short darkness to their car. I sighed and escaped as fast as I could to my room before Charlie could start one of his awkward parent talks. *Later* I made myself ready to sleep, and lay down in my bed, thinking. Sure, Jake was a kick-ass friend…sometimes. Well, he’s often a kick-ass friend. And, yes, he’s handsome….in his kind of way. And I love him…but not like he loves me. He loves

me, loves me. I love him like a brother, like family…and I don’t think that will change. But I’m glad he decided to be my friend despite all that have happened. I’m really sorry that I can’t respond his love; I wish I could…But at the same time, every time I think of that, I get this pain in my stomach, almost like guilt. And a even more strange thing is…every time I think of love…I see Edward. I wonder why… is it that I love him??? No, that’s impossible… or it is??? That was the last thing I thought about before I fell asleep. *Next day* I woke up startled by the alarm clock. I turned it off as fast as I could, and then lay back on my pillow for a minute. I knew I dreamt of something… what was it?? *Dream* I stood in a dark room filled with candles. I looked around, confused. It was a quite big room, Victorian-styled. The floor was dark and wooden, the bed was king-sized and the sheets were made of silk. There was a big window next to me and the curtains I were red and heavy, only letting the smallest potion of light in. I walked over to it and removed the curtain to look outside. It was dark out there; the moon was the only light besides the candles. To my surprise, the house…or rather castle was on a cliff, facing the ocean. I dropped the curtain and let it fall back to its place, leaving the room dark once again except the candles around me. There were rose pedals spread out on the sheets of the bed and the floor. I watched the scene, putting my hands on my hips, when I noticed what I was wearing. I was wearing a tight fitting cocktail dress, and in the poorly lighted room, I saw it was blue. It was lowly cut to my embarrassment. I blushed, and turned around to the bed again, but now, someone was standing there. Someone I knew… “Oh my love, you look stunning.” Edward said softly as he looked at me, smiling his crooked smile which I loved. He was himself dressed in a black shirt and pants, his shirt half open, revealing his muscular chest. I blushed even more than before, thinking how embarrassing I am for dreaming this, but my thoughts became interrupted when Edward walked over to me. His strides were graceful as he walked and when he stopped, we we’re more close than ever. He took one of his hands and placed it on my back, holding me to him, and the other one he caressed my cheek with. I opened my mouth to speak, but he stopped me…by kissing it. The kiss was magical, even for a dream, and it made me feel like I was soaring in space, and the truth was, I didn’t ever want to come down. He moved his hand on my cheek to my hair, pulling me closer to deepen the kiss, and I didn’t object. The kiss was soft, yet aggressive, and then, I have no idea how it happened, but somehow he pushed me down on the bed. We continued the kiss and*End if dream*

I sat on the bed after my slight flashback of the dream, doing nothing. I was in shock. Then, finally, my head started to work, and I blushed deep red. I dreamed that?!? How embarrassing can it get?? I got out of my bed and went to take a shower, hoping that it would work. It didn’t. After the shower I was still very embarrassed and shocked as before, and I groaned in frustration and continued my morning as I normally did… and blushing like crazy the whole time. I finally got ready to go, and got out to my beloved truck. My ride to school was slow, and even though I put on some music to keep me distracted, it didn’t work. I still blushed as I parked on the lot at school. I cut the engine off, and sat there for a while without moving. Then, a thought came into my head. Where was Edward? Was he here?? I gazed through the parking lot, searching for him, and very well, his car was parked in its usual place. I blushed, and many thoughts came to my head once again, but this time all of them were about one thing; how I could avoid Edward. Wait, avoid?? Why would I want to do that?? …okay, I kind of did; my dream may not be real, but it will still be embarrassing and awkward to see him. I stepped out of the car into the rain, and pulled up my hood in slight protection. I hurried into the building, and to my relief, I didn’t meet him on my way over to my locker. I opened it and took off my hood. I took out my math books, my least favorite subject, mostly because of the teacher, and then closed the locker to hurry away to class. But as I did, there was someone standing there. I gasped in surprise and looked up at Edwards face, watching his green eyed which were watching me with amusement and slight confusion. “Hi Bella.” He greeted me, smiling his crooked smile. “Oh my love, you look stunning.” Edward said softly as he looked at me, smiling his crooked smile which I loved… I shuddered at the memory and blushed deep red. “Hi. I’m late for class so…” I said, leaving the sentence hanging, and started to walk away from him. I hoped he wouldn’t follow me, but I knew he would. It took a small moment for him to react to my words, but I soon heard his footsteps after me, half-running to catch up with me. I tried to walk faster, but he was in front of me before I could. “Bellie, class doesn’t start until another 10 minutes… and why are you blushing??” he asked, studying me where he stood. I blushed even more and looked down at the floor. “Oh, I forgot about that…” I said, not answering his other question. He noticed that as well of course, and crossed his arms in front of him, raising one eyebrow. “Bellie…answer my question.” He said again, and frustration and embarrassment took over.

“It’s none of your business, alright?!” I snapped at him, blushing even more, and began to walk to class. The bells just as I sat down in my chair and as always, Smith entered just as the bell had rung. He closed the door behind him, and began to write the pages of today’s assignment. If this were another class, or if we had another teacher who wasn’t a teacher, I could guarantee that everyone in the classroom would’ve groaned. Actually, someone groaned last year right before a test. He was a really good student, straight A’s. He failed the test. I opened my book, sighing mentally as the rest of them and started to work. Class was dragging on slowly as always, but even though all these numbers were standing in front of me, wanting to be solved, the only thing I thought about was my dream. Did that dream mean something?? Did I want to dream that?? I mean, I was the one dreaming, so it was my brain that was making all that up, no one else’s. Was Alice right all this time; that we felt something for each other?? Oh wait…how do I know that he feels something for me?? Ugh, how confusing! Do I like him? Does he like me? Did the dream mean anything?? Did that kissMy thoughts were interrupted by a loud bang from my desk. I jumped in surprise, to see Mr. Smith standing in front of my desk. The bang had come from the 5 books he had dropped on my desk. His eyes were staring at me, his face hard. “Please stay after class Miss Swan.” He simply said, and walked away, taking his books with him. I stared after him, still in slight shock. He…he can’t read minds, can he?? If he can, then…then this is really embarrassing. Oh man, my head is wacked up. Right now, I’m wondering if my vampire, math teacher, animal shape shifter, manipulating “friend” is a mind reader, and I’m not even considering the idea that mind reading is impossible. I sighed, and began to work again, pushing my thoughts out of my head and just began to focus on the tiny number on my page. *Later* The bell rang, and everyone in the room hurried to get out of the room… everyone except Mr. Smith and me that is. He waited until everyone had exited the room, which didn’t take long, and then turned to look at me. Our eyes met, and as they did, I recoiled in my seat, gasping in horror. I had seen him mad before, but even though I have, it still scares the crap out of me. His eyes were coal black, glaring at me murderously. I even think I heard a small growl grow in his chest, but it was gone as soon as it had appeared. I stared at him wide eyed, wondering if I was going to die, and then he spoke. “What did you and that mutt do in your bed?” he asked furious and stepped closer to me. I stared at him, my chin at the floor, and after a moment, I gained the power to speak. “Wh-Wh-What?? What are you talking about??” I asked and frowned at him. He stopped in front of my desk and glared at me darkly.

“I visited your house last night. That….that mutt’s smell was on your sheets! What did you do?!” he asked, and his question made me blush. He could’ve just as well asked ‘did the two of you sleep together in your bed last night?’ “You were in my house last night??” I asked horrified, ignoring his question. His facial expression became a little less scary as I mentioned it, like I was reminding him about some nice memory of his. “Yes, I was. I just wanted to make sure you were alright, nothing more. But then, I noticed his smell on your sheets and…well it made me furious, it still does. So, what happened??” he asked again, and his face became hard again. I frowned at him. “Nothing happened, really. But even if something would’ve happened, that’s none of your business.” I said, glaring at him. “Nothing happed??” he asked again, looking surprised. I sighed at him and began to rise from my seat. “Nothing happened. Now leave me alone. I don’t care that you were worried about me, don’t visit my house.” I said and glared at him. He stared at me for a moment, not letting any emotion cross his face, and then he looked away from me. “Very well, I won’t.” he said, watching as the rain hit the window. I began to move out from the room, trying to be as fast as possible. But, of course, he was there before me. Why was everyone faster than me?? Is it that I’m slow or something?? “Bella…I just want to tell you I’m sorry. For everything, absolute everything. And I will stop interfering with your life from now on.” He said which made my eyes go wide, and look up at him. “You’ll stop stalk me and follow me around?? Enter my house without permission??” I asked, hoping joyfully. “Yes, I will.” He said simply, no emotion in his voice. I almost screamed of happiness. “Oh my goodness, I’m so happy! Are you serious??” I asked one last time, and it was really all it took. “Actually, I’m not. Why would I give up on you my love?? I love you to the bottom of my heart, and I will never let you go.” He said, and with those words, he hugged me to his chest. I struggled to get out of his grip, but he didn’t notice. Or he did and ignored it, but that I’ll never know… Finally, he let me go, and I glared at him, while he was looking at me with loving eyes.

“You’re everything for me Bella.” He said simply and caressed my cheek. I glared at him and slapped away his hand. “LEAVE ME ALONE! I DON’T LIKE YOU AND I NEVER WILL!!” I screamed to the top of my lungs at him, and then ran out of the room as fast as I could. When I got to my locker, I hurried to get my geography books. I ran to class, and entered the classroom just as the bell rang. I hurried to my seat next to Mike and Mrs. Allison started class. “Alright class. Today, I want you to write about one European country each. Please start now.” She said, and as she had, the class started to talk. Mrs. Allison wasn’t so picky about talking in class. It was more the results of your work she cared for. I opened my book and looked for a country to write about. “So, what country are you going to write about??” Mike asked and watched me with his usual grin. “Eh, I think France. What about you??” I asked, looking at the page about France in the book. Mike’s next words didn’t surprise me. “I’m going to write about Japan!” he exclaimed energetic and smiled at me. I frowned at his stupidity and sighed. “Mike, Japan’s in Asia.” I said, pointing out the obvious. “What?! That can’t be true! I know that Japan’s in Europe, it stood in the book!” he said and began to turn the pages intensely to find the country. I only enjoyed it a little when he groaned in defeat by finding out the truth. Only a little. Classes ended, and I began to walk to lunch. Last night’s dream was almost out of my head, but that was about to change. I just rounded from my lockers, when I bumped into a person. Guess who?? “Bella! There you are; I’ve been looking all over for you! Are you avoiding me or something?” Edward asked and frowned at me, and I saw sadness flicker in his eyes. “No, I’m no avoiding you…but I got to go, see you, bye.” I said and began to walk away from him. I didn’t get far, because just as I had passed him, he caught my hand and pulled me back to him. I bumped into him, and it almost made me fall, but he placed a hand on my back to prevent me from falling (or getting away). That action of his made last night’s dream flutter into my brain, and I blushed deeply. He took one of his hands and placed it on my back, holding me to him, and the other one he caressed my cheek with... I tried to push him away, but he held me there, frowning at my strange behavior. “Bella, what is it?? Is it something I’ve done?? Please tell me! You’re blushing like crazy…” he said, muttering the last thing for himself. Everything he said made

me blush even more (if that was possible), and suddenly, the whole world became all dizzy. “…ella, answ…me….plea…ell me…” Edward pleaded in the distance, and I soon realized that I was going to pass out. NO! I don’t want to pass out! I always pass out! Why is it always me! NO! I’m not going to! Black spots had clouded my vision, and the world was spinning as well. My ears were ringing, and then, I felt how my knees gave in. “Why does she always pass out on me?!” Edward asked desperately to himself, and then, numbness filled my body, and the darkness became overwhelming.

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