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Yesterday, President Barack Obama spoke at an LGBT fundraiser in New York City.

tou!t you mi!t "ike to know wat e said, so ere are a few e#cerpts from te
transcript of is speec$
% Te day tat te &upreme Court issued its ru"in!, 'nited &tates (. )indsor, was a !reat
day for *merica.
% &o Pride +ont is a time for ce"ebration, and tis year we,(e !ot a "ot to ce"ebrate. If
you tink about e(erytin! tat,s appened in te "ast -. monts, it is remarkab"e. In
nine more states you/re now free to marry te person you "o(e % tat inc"udes my two
ome states of 0awaii and I""inois. Te N1L drafted its first open"y !ay p"ayer. Te '.&.
Posta" &er(ice made istory by puttin! an open"y !ay person on a stamp % te "ate, !reat
0ar(ey +i"k smi"in! from ear to ear.
% )en I took office, on"y two states ad marria!e e2ua"ity. Today, -3 states and te
4istrict of Co"umbia do.
% But because of your e"p, we,(e been ab"e to do more to protect te ri!ts of "esbian
and !ay, and bise#ua" and trans!ender *mericans tan any administration in istory.
% )e repea"ed 5don,t ask, don,t te"",5 because no one sou"d a(e to ide wo you "o(e
to ser(e te country we "o(e.
% I "ifted te ..%year ban on peop"e wit 0I6 tra(e"in! to te '.&.
% Before I took office, on"y one open"y !ay 7ud!e ad been confirmed in istory. )e a(e
-8 more.
% ...we stopped defendin! te so%ca""ed 4efense of +arria!e *ct in te courts and ar!ued
a"on!side 9die and :obbie before te i!est court in te "and.
% I,(e directed my staff to prepare for my si!nature, an e#ecuti(e order proibitin!
discrimination by federa" contractors on te basis of se#ua" orientation and !ender
+y friend, our nation is in deep troub"e under President Obama and "ibera"s in
Con!ress...are you re!istered to (ote in upcomin! e"ections;