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The Scroll June 19, 2014

The Scroll June 19, 2014

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Published by J.A.Morgan
The first weekly issue of "The Scroll," a publication that is written live, on the web. Hoping to open it up to crowd sourcing soon.
The first weekly issue of "The Scroll," a publication that is written live, on the web. Hoping to open it up to crowd sourcing soon.

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Published by: J.A.Morgan on Jun 19, 2014
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The Scroll

June 19, 2014

Said she was having a boy, but really it’s a girl
This mother was so sneaky that she kept the true sex of her unborn baby a secret until the moment when
her mom and sister visited the hospital. Other than the sheer pressure of trying to keep something a
secret, I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to blurt it out during all of those discussions. “I saw a
blue outfit that would look perfect.”
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Mysterious Glowing Object in the Sky

Astute central Michigan resident Kyle Doc Howard captured a photo of a strange, floating and glowing
object in the sky this morning. He writes:
A large, glowing object was seen crossing the night sky. It woke me up. The 4:31 in the bottom of the
picture is my alarm clock. This was taken with my cell phone with no magnification.
Was it a UFO? Spy plane? Farm tractor? Flying pig?
I will be mulling questions like these and others throughout this weekend as I watch episodes from Season
3 of “The X-Files” (I rented the boxed set from the local library).
I will pass along answers as I find them, so stay tuned!

Howell Theater Returns
The Howell Theater, the same theater where I watched movies like “Back to the Future,” “The Rocketeer,”
and “Swiss Family Robinson” as a kid, is getting yet another chance at a new life as an actual movie
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Be the Type of Person . . .
“Be the Type of Person you want to Meet.” When I saw this graphic on my feed, I felt like it rang pretty
true. After all, why would someone else be interested if you wouldn’t even want to meet yourself.
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Say it ain’t So-lo!
Read an article today speculating on who could play the part of a young Han Solo in an “Adventures of
Han Solo” spin-off movie.
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Comedy Night at the Morgans
An accidental pun about Dracula set off a chain reaction of other puns one day after dinner.
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End of the School Year
The end of a school year is often bittersweet. The last day of school is usually followed by a feeling of relief
plus a feeling of accomplishment that our kids have moved up another grade.
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Skating Banquet
Last night we attended the end-of-year banquet for Kayla’s skating club. There was great food, and the
kids had a lot of fun.
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