Art and Design: Art Video Unit 3: Personal Study: Essay/Presentation Theme: Artists and Auteurs Deadlines

Week 11 (23/11/09) Kettle’s Yard Visit Week 12 (04/12/09) Draft 1 Essay/Presentation Week 13 (11/12/09): Draft 2 Essay/Presentation Week 1 Term 2 (05/01/09): Mock Exam Presentations in Class Essay/Presentation Week 4 Term 2 (29/01/09): UNIT 3 Deadline HAND IN(Film and Essay/Presentation Week 5 Term 2 (01/02/09): Tutor assessment of Unit 3 Projects Week 6 Term 2 (08/02/09) Unit 3 returned for corrections Week 6 Term 2 (12/02/09) FINAL HAND IN Week 9 Term 2 (22/02/09) Unit 4 papers handed out Brief: To produce an essay/sketchbook of 1000-3000 that reflects knowledge of or draws inspiration from a film movement or auteur/artist that relates to your own Unit 3 Practical project. You will record and document your investigations, rough work and class exercises in a sketchbook that demonstrates a thorough exploration of your chosen movement or artists/auteur During the course you will have to deliver/record and edit a presentation adapted from your essay. This work may also be included in the sketchbook. Completion date for both the edited presentation and essay/sketchbook is 29th January 2010


Use the examples, links and images in this hand out and the screenings and workshops over the next few weeks to develop a context for your responses to the theme. 6PY01: Film and Video

Reference Material
Bibliography/ Film History – Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell Film Art: An Introduction Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell History of Art – Marcia Pointon A History of Experimental Film and Video – A L Rees Art and Film since 1945 – Kerry Brougher Websites/ There will be a growing number of links on the Art Video site under Art Video A2 Project Links: Filmography/ Films to look at. We will be watching the highlighted films in class/ L’Age D’or - Luis Bunuel Eraserhead – David Lynch The Cabinet of Dr Caligari Chelsea Hotel - Andy Warhol Wavelength – Michael Snow Neighbours – Norman Mclaren The Five Obstructions – Lars Von Trier Me and You and Everyone we Know – Miranda July This Is England – Martin Parr Cremaster Cycle - Mathew Barney Dog Star Man – Stan Brakhage Selected Shorts of Chris Cunningham – Chris Cunningham


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