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Unit 1: Brand

Made in Europe
Almost every fashion label outside the top luxury brands is
either already manufacturing in Asia or thinking of it.
Coach, the US leather goods maker, is a classic example.
Over the past five years, it has lifted gross margins1 from 55
per cent to ! per cent by manufacturing solely in lo"#cost
markets. $n %arch &''& it closed its factory in (ares, )uerto
*ico, its last company#o"ned plant, and no" outsources all its
+urberry has many Asian licensing arrangements2. $n &''' it
decided to rene" Sanyo,s -apanese licence for !' years..his
means that almost half of +urberry,s sales at retail value "ill
continue to be produced under licence in Asia. At the same
time, ho"ever, -apanese consumers prefer the group,s
/uropean#made products.
Sanyo is no" reacting to this demand for a snob3 0a1 th2ch l3m sang
alternative to the +urberry products made in its factories
across Asia by opening a flagship store4 in .okyo,s 4in5a,
"here it sells +uberry imported from /urope.
$n intervie"s "ith the 6., many executives say the top luxury
brands "ill continue to be seen, particularly in Asia, as
/uropean .7omenico 7e Sole, "ho is to step do"n next year
from chief executive of 4ucci, the 6lorentine fashion and
leather goods group, says8 9.he Asian consumer really does
believe # "hether it,s true or not # that luxury comes from
/urope and must be made there to be the best.
Serge :einberg, chief executive of )inault )rintemps
*edoute, "hich controls 4ucci, says it "ill not move 4ucci,s
production offshore5.
;et some in the industry recognise that change may be round
the corner even for the super#luxury brands. )atri5io +ertelli,
chief executive of )rada, says 9.he ,%ade in $taly, label is
important but "hat "e are really offering is a style, and style is
an expression of culture. <e therefore recognises that =uality
fashion items may not al"ays need to be produced in $taly.
Amitava Chattopadhyay, professor of marketing at $nsead, the
business school, says8 9A brand is a set of associations6 in
the mind of the consumer and one of these is the country of
origin. 96or luxury goods, the role of the brand is crucial. .o
damage it is a cardinal sin7 and no brand manager "ill "ant
to get the manufacturing location and brand image "rong.9
Sn xut ti ch!u "u
<>u h?t c@c nhAn hiBu thCi trang ngo3i c@c thDEng hiBu
siFu cao cGp hoHc l3 IA sJn xuGt K chLu M hoHc Iang nghN
tOi viBc n3y.
Coach, mPt hAng sJn xuGt IQ da cRa %S, l3 mPt v2 dT IiUn
hVnh. <En nWm nWm =ua, hAng IA nLng IDXc sY l#i g$p1
cRa mVnh nhC viBc chR y?u sJn xuGt K c@c thZ trDCng c[
chi ph2 thGp. .h@ng \ nWm &''&, hAng n3y IA I[ng c]a
nh3 m@y cuYi c^ng cRa n[ K (aures, )uerto *ico v3 thuF
gia c_ng ngo3i to3n bP sJn ph`m.
+urberry c[ nhiau h%p &'ng cho thu( gi) ph*p +inh
doanh2 K chLu M. bWm &''', hAng IA =uy?t IZnh ra hcn
cho giGy phdp cRa hAng Sanyo, bhet +Jn thFm !' nWm
nfa. giau I[ c[ nghNa l3 g>n mPt n]a doanh thu b@n lh
cRa +urberry si ti?p tTc IDXc tco ra nhC nhfng giGy phdp
K chLu M. bhDng trong ljc I[, ngDCi tiFu d^ng bhet +Jn
lci Da th2ch c@c sJn ph`m IDXc sJn xuGt K chLu ku hEn.
<iBn giC, Sanyo Iang phJn lng lci vOi nhu c>u s3i nhfng
h3ng mxZnn thay cho nhfng sJn ph`m IDXc sJn xuGt chLu
M bong viBc mK nhfng c,a h-ng b.n &' ch/nh h#ng4 K
.okyops 4in5a, nEi b@n c@c sJn ph`m +urberry nhep kh`u
tq chLu ku.
.rong nhfng cuPc phrng vGn vOi 6., nhiau nh3 =uJn trZ
n[i rong c@c thDEng hiBu cao cGp h3ng I>u si ti?p tTc
IDXc nhVn thGy K chLu M csng nhD K chLu ku vey. tng
7omenico 7e Sole cRa hAng 4ucci ph@t biUu8 mChDa bi?t
Ijng sai th? n3o nhDng ngDCi tiFu d^ng chLu M tin rong
nhfng sJn ph`m cao cGp cRa chLu ku thV chu c[ sJn xuGt
tci chLu ku mOi l3 tYt nhGtn.
Serge :einberg, .vng gi@m IYc cRa )inault )rintempts
*eudoute nEi Iiau h3nh hAng 4ucci n[i rong si kh_ng
IDa viBc sJn xuGt cRa 4ucci ra n01c ngo-i5 .
.uy vey, mPt v3i hAng trong ng3nh nhen thGy rong nhfng
thay Ivi swp s]a xJy ra them ch2 l3 vOi c@c thDEng hiBu
siFu cao cGp. )atri5io +ertelli, tvng gi@m IYc cRa )rada
n[i8 mC@i nhAn m%ade in $talyn l3 =uan trxng nhDng thl
chjng t_i thyc sy mang I?n l3 phong c@ch, v3 phong c@ch
l3 mPt sy biUu hiBn cRa vWn h[an. +Ki th?, _ng nhen thGy
rong nhfng sJn ph`m thCi trang chGt lDXng kh_ng nhGt
thi?t phJi sJn xuGt tci chLu ku.
Amitava Chattopadhyay, 4i@o sD ng3nh %arketing cRa
trDCng kinh doanh $nsead n[i8 m .hDEng hiBu l3 m$t chu2i
nh3ng li(n t04ng6 trong tLm tr2 ngDCi tiFu d^ng v3 mPt
Iiau trong sY I[ l3 xuGt xl cRa sJn ph`m. gYi vOi c@c sJn
ph`m cao cGp thV vai trz cRa thDEng hiBu l3 tYi =uan trxng.
<u{ hoci Iiau n3y l3 mPt tr5ng t$i7 v3 kh_ng mPt nh3
=uJn trZ thDEng hiBu n3o muYn l3m mGt Ii sy cLn bong
gifa IZa IiUm sJn xuGt h3ng ho@ v3 hVnh Jnh thDEng hiBu.
Unit 2 : Travel
Road ragers in the sky
Airlines and their long-suffering customers are reporting a
steep climb in air rage incidents. Some incidents are
apparentl caused b problems familiar to nearl all regular air
tra!ellers. "ne case reported from America stemmed from
2 #a$ !% t&n
dela in ta'eoff( )hen passengers )ere
cooped up

in their aircraft on the tarmac

for four hours(
)ithout food( drin' or information. Mass unrest is less
common than indi!idual misbeha!iour( as in the scar case of
the convict
)ho recentl )ent cra* on a flight( attac'ed the
cre) and tried to open a door in mid-flight.
The pscholog of air rage is a ne) area of stud( and there
are almost as many explanations as examples . Most
analsts of the phenomenon blame alcohol( man people no)
thin' that the airlines are at fault. To cut costs( the
e!er more passengers into their aircraft( )hile
reducing cabin cre)( training( and +ualit of ser!ice( all of
)hich increases passenger frustration. In addition( there is
increasing concern in the ,SA about another cost-cutting
e-ercise )hich could seriousl harm passengers. health/ cabin
Modern aircraft are e+uipped )ith sophisticated air
conditioning devices
- but running them at optimum capacit
burns up !aluable a!iation fuel. Man airlines routinel
instruct their flight cre)s to run the sstems on minimum
settings. Campaigners for impro!ed air +ualit claim that this
can lead to irritability
( disorientation
In the ,SA( the soaring number of passenger complaints
across a )ide across a )ide range of issues( is reflected in a
number of ne) internet sites )hich critise the airlines and
demand better ser!ice. "ne of the sites is demanding an air
passengers' Bill of Rights
Cabin and flight cre)s( )ho are in the front line of the battle
against disruptive
and dangerous in-flight beha!iour( ha!e
called for stiffer penalties against offenders. Managements
ha!e also called for legislation - )hile dening that cost-
cutting practices ha!e contributed to the problem. 0ut there are
some signs( in America at least( that the airlines are at last
attempting to respond to customer disatisfaction and . Some
ma1or lines ha!e announced concessions to the most fre+uent
complaint of all( and are remo!ing seats to ma'e more room
for their customers.

*+nh kh,ch n-i gi.n tr/n m,y bay
C2c h3ng h4ng 'h%ng !4 nh5ng h4nh 'h2ch 63 ch7u 68ng m9t
th:i gian d4i 6ang th%ng b2o !; s8 gia t<ng m=nh m> c?a c2c !@
!iAc h4nh 'h2ch nBi gi&n trCn m2 ba. M9t !4i !@ !iAc dD:ng
nhD 6DEc gF ra bGi nh5ng !Hn 6; +uen thu9c !Ii nh5ng 'h2ch
du l7ch thJKng -uCn 6i m2 ba. M9t trD:ng hEp 63 6DEc b2o
!; tJ ML 0u1t ph,t1 !iAc trM ho3n cHt c2nh +u2 lFu trong 'hi
h4nh 'h2ch b7 giam gi2 trong chiNc m2 ba 6O trCn 345ng
b6ng! P gi: 6%ng hQ m4 'h%ng cR thSc <n( 6Q uTng ha bHt cS
m9t th%ng tin n4o. Nh5ng !@ l9n -9n t&p thU thD:ng Vt phB biNn
hKn nh5ng th2i 69 'hiNm nh3 c?a c2 nhFn( giTng nhD trD:ng hEp
m9t ng45i 37 b8 k9t t:iW 'hi mIi 6F( anh ta trG nCn 6iCn lo=n
trCn m2 ba( tHn c%ng phi h4nh 6o4n !4 cT mG cXa 'hi 6ang ba
6DEc nXa 6D:ng.
TFm lY c?a nh5ng h4nh 'h2ch nBi gi&n trCn m2 ba l4 m9t lZnh
!8c nghiCn cSu mIi !4 h[u hNt nh5ng l:i gi\i thVch 6;u giTng
c2c !V d@. ][u hNt c2c nh4 phFn tVch 6;u 6B lOi cho rDEu cQn
nhDng nhi;u ngD:i hiAn gi: l=i nghZ lOi l4 G c2c h3ng h4ng
'h%ng. ^U c_t gi\m chi phV( h` 63 nh;i nh<t# nhi;u h4nh 'h2ch
hKn !4o m2 ba trong 'hi gi\m sT lDEng phi h4nh 6o4n( gi\m
!iAc 64o t=o !4 chHt lDEng ph@c !@( tHt c\ 63 l4m t<ng thCm s8
tSc gi&n c?a 'h2ch h4ng. ThCm !4o 6R( G ML 6ang cR s8 +uan
tFm lIn tIi !iAc th8c hiAn m9t s8 c_t gi\m chi phV liCn +uan tIi
h= th>ng 3i?u h@a khAng khB trong c,c khoang m,y bay$ (
6i;u cR thU gF h=i nghiCm tr`ng tIi sSc 'hoa c?a h4nh 'h2ch.
Nh5ng m2 ba hiAn 6=i 6DEc trang b7 c2c h= th>ng 3i?u h@a
t>i tCn% nhDng 'hi chbng ch= G c%ng suHt tTi 6a s> 6Tt ch2 rHt
nhi;u nhiCn liAu 6_t 6c . Nhi;u h3ng h4ng 'h%ng thD:ng chd 6=o
c2c phi h4nh 6o4n ch= hA thTng n4 G nh5ng chd sT tTi thiUu
nhHt. Nh5ng ngD:i !&n 69ng cho chiNn d7ch c\i thiAn chHt lDEng
'h%ng 'hV trren m2 ba tuCn bT reng 6i;u n4 cR thU gF nCn
sD bDc tEc% !4 m1t ph4Fng h4Gng& .
f ML( s8 t<ng !`t sT lDEng nh5ng ph4n n4n c?a 'h2ch h4ng !;
m9t lo=t c2c !Hn 6; 63 6DEc ph\n 2nh trCn nhi;u trang )eb mIi(
nKi 6U phC ph2n c2c h3ng h4ng 'h%ng !4 6gi hci chHt lDEng ph@c
!@ tTt hKn. M9t trong sT nh5ng trang )eb 6R cgn Cu c[u ph\i
cR dD lu.t nhCn Huy?n cho kh,ch h+ng 3i m,y bay1( .
hhi h4nh 6o4n( nh5ng ngD:i 6Sng mii ch7u s4o trong !iAc
chTng l=i nh5ng biUu hiAn gCy r>i11 !4 gF ngu hiUm 63 'Cu g`i
nh5ng hMnh ph=t njng hKn cho nh5ng ngD:i !i ph=m. Nh5ng nh4
+u\n lY cing 'Cu g`i m9t d8 lu&t trong 'hi !kn ph? nh&n !iAc c_t
gi\m chi phV c?a h` cing gRp ph[n gF nCn nh5ng !Hn 6; n4.
NhDng Vt nhHt l4 t=i ML( 63 cR m9t sT dHu hiAu cho thH c2c h3ng
h4ng 'h%ng cuTi clng cing 63 cR nh5ng cT g_ng 6U 62p l=i s8
'h%ng tho\ m3n c?a 'h2ch h4ng. M9t !4i h3ng lIn 63 6Da ra s8
nhDEng b9 !; nh5ng !Hn 6; ha 6DEc ph4n n4n nhHt !4 63 bc 6i
m9t sT chO ngQi 6U t=o nhi;u 'h%ng gian hKn cho 'h2ch h4ng.
Unit : Irganisation
Jirty business bright ideas
1) K headHuaters Lith a difference
Malk into NIOPityQ headHuarters of one of northern Europe's
most admired companiesQ and it feels like you've entered
a business playground) Oocated in a reno!ated film
studiom in the heart of *elsinkiQ the office e0plodes Lith
colorQ creativityQ and chaosn) The Lalls are bright redQ
LhiteQ and yelloLR the employees )andero the halls
talking on yelloL portable phones! Oiisa Soronen
developed NIO Pleaning Nervice 11 years agoQ out of a
1"(T year U old industrial empireW oLned by her family)
NIO's competitive formula has five key ingredients
2) *ard Lork has to be fun
Fe) people dream about becoming a cleaner. 0ut that doesn.t mean
cleaners can.t find satisfaction in their )or'. The 'es to satisfaction(
poronen belie!es( are fun and indi!idual freedom. Its cleaners )ear
red-and-ello) Vumpsuits# WphotoX that reinforce$ the compan.s
upbeat image. S"L.s logo( a ello) happ face( is plastered% on
e!erthing from her bla*er to the compan.s stationer to its most
important budget reports.Freedom means abolishing& all the rules
and regulations of con!entional corporate life. There are no titles or
secretaries at S"L( no indi!idual offices or set )or'ing hours. The
compan has eliminated1( all perks11 and status smbols.
o) There are no loL U skill Vobs
S"L.s training program consists of se!en modules( each of )hich
lasts four months and ends )ith a rigorous12 e-am. "f course( there
are 1ust so man )as to polish1 a table or shampoo a carpet. That.s
)h S"L emploees also stud time management( budgeting( and
people s'ills.
!) Yeople set their oLn target
Lots of companies tal' about decentraliZing responsibility and
authority1!. At S"L it.s a )a of life. The compan.s real po)er
plaers are its moW supervisors1"( each of )hom leads a team of up to
Wq cleaners. These super!isors )or' )ith their teams to create their
o)n budgets( do their o)n hiring( negotiate their o)n deals )ith
") Ooose organiZations need tight system
Liisa poronen belie!es in autonomy1#( but she.s also 'een on
accountability1$. S"L is fanatical1% about measuring performance. It
does so fre+uentl and !isibl( and focus on customer satisfaction.
E!er time S"L lands a contract( for e-ample( the salesperson )or's
at the ne) customer.s site alongside the team that )ill do the
cleaning in the future. Together the establish performance
benchmarks1&. Then( e!er month( customers rate the team.s
performance based on those benchmar's. rThe more )e free our
people from rules(r poronen sas( rthe more )e need good
s. [reat service reHuires cuttingTedge technology
Laptops and cell-phones are standard e+uipment for all super!isors
at S"L( freeing them to )or' )here the )ant( ho) the )ant.
Inside the office ( there.s almost no room for paper. So the compan
stores all critical budget documents and performance reports on its
Intranet( along )ith training schedules( upcoming e!ents( and
compan ne)s.
PAng ty v= sinh v+ nh2ng \ t4]ng s,ng t^o
1) Tr_ s] chBnh vGi m:t sD kh,c bi=t)
t=o trong S"L Cit( tr@ sG chVnh c?a m9t trong nh5ng c%ng t
62ng 6DEc ngDung m9 nhHt c?a 0_c vu( !4 c\m nh&n nhD b=n
6ang G trong 'ho\ng sFn chKi c?a doanh nghiAp. ^jt tr@ sG t=i
m9t 04]ng phim 37 34`c saa sang l^i1( !<n phgng l4m !iAc
c?a c%ng t blng nB !Ii m4u s_c( s8 s2ng t=o !4 sD l:n 0:n2.
Nh5ng bSc tD:ng m4u 6c tDKi( tr_ng !4 !4ngw nhFn !iCn c?a
c%ng t 3i lang thang t=i c2c s\nh mang theo m,y b: 3+m!
m4u !4ng. Liisa poronen 63 ph2t triUn c%ng t cung cHp d7ch !@
!A sinh S"L mm n<m trDIc( !DEt ra 'hci 39 ch9" c%ng nghiAp
mWq tuBi c?a gia 6Mnh c%. C%ng thSc c=nh tranh c?a S"L bao
gQm W th4nh ph[n chVnh.
2) O+m vi=c v1t vb nh4ng phbi vui)
xHt Vt ngD:i muTn trG th4nh ngD:i lau d`n. NhDng 6i;u 6R
'h%ng cR nghZa nh5ng ngD:i lau d`n 'h%ng thU tMm thH s8 h4i
lgng trong c%ng !iAc c?a mMnh. poronen tin reng nh5ng Nu tT 6U
c\m thH h4i lgng l4 !ui !a !4 t8 do c2 nhFn. Nh5ng nhFn !iCn
!A sinh c?a c%ng t mjc nh5ng b: ,o li?n Hucn# m4u 6c !4 !4ng
nhD cdng c>$ hMnh \nh tDKi !ui c?a c%ng t. Logo c?a S"L(hMnh
mjt cD:i m4u !4ng( 0u1t hi=n% trCn m`i thS tJ chiNc 2o c9c 6Nn
nh5ng b2o c2o ngFn s2ch c?a c%ng t. T8 do nghZa l4 0o, be&
m`i lu&t lA !4 n9i +u cho m%i trD:ng sTng trong doanh nghiAp
trG nCn dy ch7u. zh%ng cR chSc danh ha thD 'Y t=i S"L( 'h%ng
phgng l4m !iAc c2 nhFn ha gi: l4m !iAc 6DEc 67nh s{n.C%ng t
lo^i trf1( m`i 3gc Huy?n11 !4 nh5ng biUu tDEng c?a 67a !7.
) hhAng ci cAng vi=c chj 3@i hei kk n6ng th1p)
Nh5ng chDKng trMnh 64o t=o c?a S"L bao gQm | ph[n( mQi
ph[n '}o d4i P th2ng !4 'Nt thbc beng m9t b4i s2t h=ch khlt
khe12. tZ nhiCn( cing chd cR h=n chN c2c c2ch 6U 3,nh bing1
b4n hojc lau chli th\m. ^R l4 lY do t=i sao nhFn !iCn c?a S"L
cing h`c thCm !; c2ch +u\n lY th:i gian( +u\n lY chi tiCu !4
nh5ng 'L n<ng c?a con ngD:i.
!) Mmi ng45i tD 3gt ra m_c ti/u
Nhi;u c%ng t 6; c&p tIi vi=c phCn chia tr,ch nhi=m v+ Huy?n lDc1!.
T=i S"L( 6R l4 phDKng thSc tQn t=i. ~u;n l8c th8c tN c?a c%ng t l4
moW gi2m s2t !iCn( mOi ngD:i ph@ tr2ch m9t 69i lCn tIi Wq nhFn !iCn.
Nh5ng gi,m s,t vi/n1" n4 l4m !iAc !Ii 69i c?a h` 6U t=o ra ngFn s2ch
c?a riCng h`( t8 tuUn d@ng( t8 64m ph2n tho\ thu&n !Ii 'h2ch h4ng
")T- chEc lengQ thi9t ch9 chgt)
Liisa poronen tin !4o sD tD tr81#( nhDng c% cing tin !4o tr,ch nhi=m
gibi trnnh1$. S"L cDc ko 3? cao1% !iAc 62nh gi2 chHt lDEng c%ng !iAc.
NR 6DEc th8c hiAn thD:ng -uCn !4 r r4ng( !4 t&p trung !4o s8 h4i
lgng c?a 'h2ch h4ng. V d@ nhD 'hi S"L cR 6DEc m9t hEp 6Qng( ngD:i
b2n h4ng l4m !iAc !Ii phVa 'h2ch h4ng G nKi m4 s> l4m c%ng !iAc d`n
!A sinh trong tDKng lai. ]` clng nhau thiNt l&p ti/u chupn1& 62nh gi2
'Nt +u\ c%ng !iAc. Sau 6R( h4ng th2ng( 'h2ch h4ng n4 s> 62nh gi2 'Nt
+u\ c?a 69i d8a trCn b\ng tiCu chun. poronen nRi Chbng t%i c4ng 6U
cho nhFn !iCn t8 do( chbng t%i c4ng c[n nh5ng tiCu chun 62nh gi2 tTt.
#) J8ch v_ t>t 3@i hei cAng ngh= hi=n 3^i)
M2 tVnh -2ch ta !4 6iAn tho=i di 69ng l4 nh5ng thiNt b7 thiNt Nu cho
tHt c\ nh5ng gi2m s2t !iCn c?a S"L( gibp cho h` t8 do ch`n nKi l4m
!iAc !4 c2ch l4m !iAc h` thVch. Trong !<n phgng 'h%ng cR chO cho giH
t:. M thN !<n phgng c%ng t 63 lDu gi5 nh5ng t4i liAu !; ngFn s2ch !4
nh5ng b2o c2o 'Nt +u\ ho=t 69ng +uan tr`ng clng !Ii l7ch trMnh 64o t=o
nhFn !iCn( nh5ng s8 'iAn s_p tIi !4 tin tSc c?a c%ng t trCn m=ng n9i
Unit!: Phange
UN department store launch counterTattack
As consumers demand better !alue and a more interesting and
stimulating shopping e-perience( department stores face a
clear choice/ adapt or die.
rM concern is that the )ill become retail museums(r sas
0ritt 0reemer( chairman and founder of America.s xesearch
roup. rThe bottom line
is that the ha!e to admit the are
in trouble and figure out some )a to rein!ent themsel!es.r
This ma help to e-plain )h four times as man households
!isit discount stores as department stores.
tepartment stores face mounting

competition from specialit

retailers and discounters( such as al-Mart and Target. Their
stead loss of mar'et share ma lie partl in the fact that the
concept )as born in a different era( a time )hen( for families(
an trip to the stores combined shopping )ith entertainment
hat is needed( sa retail e-perts( is a ne) approach. A
tpical e-ample of this approach )or'ing is seen at
Selfridges.This ,z group has recast
itself from a rsleep
m|qs-stle department storer into a retailing e-perience fit for
the nmst centur( sas end Liebmann( hresident of SL
Strategic xetail
"ne of the main changes is that more floor space is rented to
( in )hat is sometimes referred to as the sho)case
business model/ !endors design their o)n booths and are
encouraged to be creati!e.
The Selfridges model( sas heter illiams( CE" of Selfridges(
is about creating an e-perience that is rne)( interesting and
differentr )here the product is not 1ust the product that is
different. ]e sas the problem )ith ,S department stores is
that the all loo'
Arnold Aronson( a management consultant( belie!es Selfridges
could be a prototype
for ailing ,S department stores/ rIt has
brought bac' e-citement and no!elt and is reall seducing the
customer b de!eloping the right merchandise
( in the right
+uantities at the right time.r
Federated( )hich o)ns Mac.s and 0loomingdale.s( appears to
be mo!ing in the right direction. Last ear it said Pn stores
)ould be upgraded )ith the latest components of its

strateg( including enhanced fitting rooms(

con!enient priceTcheck devices
( comfortable lounge areas(
computer 'ios's and shopping carts
The challenge department stores face is ho) to gro) in a
sector that is( essentiall( not gro)ing. 0ut if the adapt( man
industr obser!ers belie!e the )ill sur!i!e. rThe department
store is not dead( it )ill li!e on(r said hrof Tamilia. r0ut it )ill
not be the same animal it )as before.r
W from qinancial Times X
1 cu:c phbn cAng
P,c caa h+ng b,ch hia cda Mk ti9n h+nh 3-i mGi
zhi m4 ngD:i tiCu dlng 6gi hci nh5ng gi2 tr7 tTt hKn !4 nh5ng
tr\i nghiAm thb !7 !4 mang tVnh 'Vch thVch hKn 'hi 6i mua s_m
thM 6Qng th:i c2c cXa h4ng b2ch hRa cing ph\i 6Ti mjt !Ii m9t
l8a ch`n r r4ng/ thVch Sng ha l4 chNt.
Ch? t7ch c?a Americans xesearch roup( %ng 0ritt 0reemer nRi
reng/ ^i;u t%i +uan tFm l4 c2c cXa h4ng b2ch hRa s> trG th4nh
c2c b\o t4ng b2n la. ri?u Huan trmng2 l4 chbng ph\i thJa nh&n
nh5ng !Hn 6; c?a mMnh !4 tMm ra m9t sT gi\i ph2p 6U l4m mIi l=i
^i;u n4 cR thU gibp gi\i thVch t=i sao sT lDEt c2c gia 6Mnh gh}
+ua c2c cXa h4ng h= gi2 l=i nhi;u gHp P l[n c2c cXa h4ng b2ch
C2c cXa h4ng b2ch hRa 6ang ph\i 6Ti mjt !Ii s8 c=nh tranh ng4
m9t t6ng l/n tJ phVa c2c nh4 b2n la chuCn !; m9t lo=i s\n
phm ha c2c cXa h4ng gi\m gi2 nhD al-Mart ha Target. S8
mHt d[n th7 ph[n n4 G m9t chJng m8c n4o 6R cR thU l4 do m9t
+uan 6iUm mIi c?a c2c gia 6Mnh n\ sinh trong m9t 'd nguCn
m4 !iAc 6Nn c2c cXa h4ng ph\i l4 s8 'Nt hEp c?a !iAc mua s_m
!4 gi\i trV.
M9t chuCn gia b2n la nRi reng 6i;u c[n thiNt l4 ph\i cR s8 tiNp
c&n mIi. M9t !V d@ 6iUn hVnh l4 c2ch tiNp c&n c?a Selfridges.
i2m 6Tc c?a SL Strategic xetail ph2t biUu reng t&p 6o4n Anh
+uTc n4 63 thay 3-i! tJ 'iUu cXa h4ng b2ch hRa ta nh=t c?a th&p
niCn |q sang 'iUu b2n la phb hEp hKn !Ii thN ' nm.
M9t trong nh5ng tha 6Bi ch? Nu l4 nh2ng ng45i b,n ls" 6DEc
thuC nhi;u hKn diAn tVch s4n( nKi m4 6%i 'hi thU hiAn 'iUu trDng
b4/ h` 6DEc t8 thiNt 'N gian h4ng c?a mMnh !4 6DEc 'huNn
'hVch s2ng t=o.
ng heter illiams( TBng gi2m 6Tc c?a Selfridges nRi reng 'iUu
c2ch m4 Selfridges s_p t=o ra l4 m9t tr\i nghiAm mIi( thb !7 !4
'h2c biAt( nKi m4 'h%ng chd cR c2c s\n phm l4 'h2c biAt. Hn
6; c?a c2c cXa h4ng b2ch hRa G ML l4 chbng tr%ng 6;u nhD
ng Arnold Aronson( m9t cT !Hn +u\n tr7( tin reng Selfridges cR
thU l4 nguy/n mtu# 'hiNn c2c cXa h4ng b2ch hRa G ML thHt b=i.
NR mang l=i s8 hSng 'hGi( mIi l= !4 6ang d[n hHp dkn 'h2ch
h4ng beng !iAc ph2t triUn 6bng lo=i h+ng hia$ G m9t sT lDEng !4
th:i 6iUm thVch hEp.
Federate( c%ng t sG h5u Macs !4 0loomingdales dD:ng nhD
s> 6i theo m9t 6D:ng hDIng 6bng 6_n. Pn cXa h4ng s> 6DEc
nFng cHp !Ii c2c 'Nt cHu hiAn 6=i nhHt theo nhD chiNn lDEc ut,i
t^ov% c?a nR( bao gQm nFng cHp phgng thX +u[n 2o( c2c cAng c_
kiwm tra gi,& thu&n tiAn( phgng ch: tho\i m2i( buQng m2 tVnh
!4 0e 3py h+ng1(.
Th2ch thSc m4 c2c cXa h4ng b2ch hRa gjp ph\i l4 l4m thN n4o 6U
ph2t triUn m9t lZnh !8c m4 !; cK b\n l4 'h%ng thU ph2t triUn
6DEc n5a. NhDng nNu chbng tha 6Bi( nhi;u nh4 +uan s2t cho
reng chbng !kn s> tQn t=i. i2o sD xobert Tamilia c?a 6=i h`c
~uebec nRi/ CXa h4ng b2ch hRa s> 'h%ng biNn mHt( chbng s>
!kn tQn t=i nhDng s> 'h%ng cgn l4 th8c thU giTng nhD trDIc 'ia
Unit ": MoneyMalTMart
al-Mart esterda surprised in!estors )hen it sounded a strong note of
optimism1.This optimistic is a mar'ed turnround2 from three months
ago )hen it )arned about the strength of the reco!er in ,S consumer
Lee Scott( chief e-ecuti!e( said/ rI am more optimistic about the ear )e
ha!e 1ust started than I ha!e been in se!eral ears. I am not onl
optimistic about the econom and continuing strength of the housing
mar'et but also encouraged about al-Mart.s position.r
Mr Scott )as also encouraged b consumer spending( )hich he said )as
dri!en b higher ta- refunds and re!entuall impro!ements in the 1obs
The )orld.s largest retailer b re!enues said fourth-+uarter profits rose
mm per cent to n.|bn( or so cents a share( compared Lith n.Wbn( or Ws
cents a share a ear ago. xe!enues for the +uarter increased mn.n per cent
to |P.Wbn.
For the full ear( al-Mart.s profits 1umped mo.o per cent to .bn or
n.qo a share( up from |.bn. xe!enues increased mm.s per cent from
nn.sbn to nWs.obn. International sales )ere strong in nqqo(
contributing about |bn to the near-n|bn gain in o!erall sales.
Mr Scott said al-Mart had a good ear but the international di!ision
had an e-cellent ear.
]e stressed that( )hile gross margin! )as better than forecast( the
impro!ement )as thanks to" the mi- of merchandise( not higher prices.
re are not raising prices and have no intention of doing" so(r Mr
Scott said.
Target stores
Target esterda beat all Street e-pectations )hen it deli!ered a nm.m
per cent rise in Huarterly earnings# .ains in Target.s credit card
business as )ell as its Target Stores di!ision and Marshall Field.s
department stores offset a small drop in pre-ta- profit at the Mer!n.s
department store chain.
Target has cultivated$ a more upmar'et and styleT conscious% image
than other discount retailers. It is the third-largest general retailer in the
,S b re!enues.
Target esterda said it sa) continued price pressure from ri!al al-
Mart. For the fourth +uarter( Target.s profit rose to onm( or m cents a
share( compared )ith sm( or |W cents a share( a ear ago. Analsts
had e-pected Target to earn | cents a share( according to xeuters
xe!enues for the +uarter rose mq.| per cent to mW.W|bn from mP.qsbn(
)hile same-store sales - from stores open at least a ear - rose P. per
Target said preTta0 profit& soared m.W per cent at Target Stores. At the
department stores( )hich ha!e been ailing1( ( pre-ta- profit 1umped mW.s
per cent at Marshall Field.s but fell q.o per cent at Mer!n.s.
Credit card operations added msm to pre-ta- profit in the recent
+uarter( up mm.| per cent from a ear ago.
For the full ear( Target earned m.Pbn( or n.qm a share( up mm.P per
cent from m.sWbn( or m.m a share( the ear before. xe!enues rose .|
per cent to P.msbn from Po.mbn( dri!en b ne) stores( a n. per
cent rise in same-store sales and gro)th in credit re!enues
]%m +ua( al-mart 63 'iNn cho c2c nh4 6[u tD th8c s8 ng=c nhiCn 'hi
nR cho thH nh5ng tVn hiAu 'hGi s_c 62ng l=c +uan. xi?m l^c Huan1 n4
-uHt ph2t tJ sD h;i ph_c2 62ng 'U tJ o th2ng trDIc 'hi m4 al-mart 63
c\nh b2o !; sSc trG l=i m=nh m> trong mSc chi tiCu c?a ngD:i tiCu dlng
Ng4i Leescott( tBng gi2m 6Tc tiNt l9/ Trong nh5ng n<m 'hGi nghiAp(
t%i thD:ng l=c +uan hKn !4i n<m g[n 6F. T%i 'h%ng chd l=c +uan !; n;n
'inh tN( !; s8 t<ng trDGng liCn t@c c?a th7 trD:ng nh4 6Ht m4 cgn 6DEc
'huNn 'hVch !; !7 thN c?a al-mart.
Ng4i Scott cing 6DEc 69ng !iCn bGi mSc chi tiCu dlng. ng cho reng
nR 6DEc 6i;u 'hiUn bGi !iAc t<ng thuN !4 -}t cho clng l4 s8 c\i thiAn !;
!Hn 6; !iAc l4m.
Nh4 b2n la lIn nhHt thN giIi !; doanh thu n4 63 6=t lEi nhu&n trong
+uY bTn tIi n.| t 6%( tSc l4 so cents m9t cB phiNu( t<ng mm so vGi
n<m ngo2i( chd 6=t n.W t 6%( tDKng 6DKng Ws cents m9t cB phiNu. toanh
thu trong +uV t<ng mn.n ( 6=t mSc |P.W t 6%.
LEi nhu&n c\ n<m c?a al-mart 63 nh\ !`t tJ |. tIi . t 6%( tDKng
6DKng n.qo 6% m9t cB phiNu( t<ng mo.o. toanh thu t<ng mm.s( tJ
nnn.s tIi nWs.o t 6%. toanh sT b2n h4ng trCn to4n c[u cing rHt lIn(
6Rng gRp 'ho\ng | t trong sT g[n n| t 6% t<ng thCm trong tBng doanh
sT b2n h4ng.
Ng4i Scott cho reng 6F l4 n<m th_ng lEi c?a al-mart( riCng lZnh !8c
+uTc tN 63 cR m9t n<m 'inh doanh tuAt !:i.
Ng4i nhHn m=nh thCm( trong 'hi l7i g:p! 6=t 6DEc tTt hKn d8 'iNn thM
s8 c\i thiAn n4 l4 nh5! s8 'Nt hEp 6a d=ng c2c mjt h4ng( chS 'h%ng
ph\i t<ng gi2. Ng4i ph2t biUu/ Chbng t%i s> 'h%ng t<ng gi2 !4 khAng ci
\ 38nh" l4m 6i;u 6R dl trong bHt cS trD:ng hEp n4o.
Target stores
]%m +ua( Target 63 !DEt ngo4i mong 6Ei c?a all Street 'hi 6Da mSc
t<ng trDGng l`i nhu.n hyng Hu\# lCn tIi nm.m. S8 t<ng trDGng c?a
trung tFm ph2t h4nh tha tVn d@ng cing nhD chi nh2nh chVnh Target
Stores !4 c2c b2ch hRa thu9c Marshall Field 63 bl l=i cho s8 gi\m thiUu
!; lEi nhu&n trSKc thuN G chuOi b2ch hRa thu9c Mer!n.
Target chz trmng$ tIi th7 trD:ng cao cHp !4 hMnh \nh chz trmng 39n
phong c,ch% hKn c2c h3ng b2n la gi\m gi2 'h2c. t8a trCn doanh thu thM
nR chVnh l4 h3ng b2n la lIn thS o G ML.
]%m +ua(Target 63 tuCn bT reng h3ng n4 63 nh&n thH s8 c=nh tranh
!; gi2 'h%ng ngJng tJ 6Ti th? art-Mart. Trong +uY bTn( lEi nhu&n c?a
h3ng 63 t<ng lCn on triAu 6%( ha m cents m9t cB phiNu( so !Ii s
triAu 6% !4 |W cents m9t cB phiNu !4o n<m ngo2i. Theo nghiCn cSu c?a
xeuter( c2c nh4 phFn tVch 63 chd mong 6Ei Target cR thU 'iNm 6DEc |
cents m9t cB phiNu.
toanh thu c?a +uY n4 63 t<ng mq(| tJ mP(qs lCn mW(W| t 6%( trong
'hi doanh sT c?a c2c same-store( c2c cXa h4ng mG 6DEc Vt nhHt m9t
n<m( 63 t<ng P(
Target tuCn bT l`i nhu.n tr4Gc thu9& 63 t<ng !`t !Ii m.W t=i chi
nh2nh chVnh Target Store. T=i c2c cXa h4ng b2ch hRa( nKi !kn cgn non
y9u11 ( lEi nhu&n trDIc thuN 63 t<ng !`t !Ii mW(s t=i Marshall Field
nhDng gi\m q(o t=i Mer!n
]o=t 69ng 'inh doanh tha tVn d@ng 63 gRp thCm ms triAu 6% !4o lEi
nhu&n trDIc thuN trong +uY mIi 6F( t<ng mm(| so !Ii n<m ngo2i.
Trong c\ n<m na( Target 63 'iNm 6DEc m.P t 6%( ha n(qm 6% m9t cB
phiNu t<ngmm(P so !Ii m(sW t !4 m(m 6% m9t cB phiNu !4o n<m ngo2i.
toanh thu 63 t<ng (| tJ Po(m lCn t 6% nh: nh5ng cXa h4ng
mIi( t<ng n( G c2c same-store !4 t<ng trDGng !; doanh thu tJ tha tVn
6nit 6 7 8d9ertising:hat ma+es ;i+e<s
ad9ertising tic+=
hhil znight( the co-founder and former chief e-ecuti!e of Ni'e
prefers to let his superstar athletes and ad!ertisements do his tal'ing
for him.Named Ad!ertiser of the ear at the Wqth Cannes
International Ad!ertising Festi!al( he is the first person to )in the
a)ard t)ice.
znight has an absolutel clear and committed1 strateg to celebrit
athlete endorsement2. ]e describes it as one part of the rthree-
legged stoolr )hich lies behind Ni'e.s phenomenal gro)th since
the earl mqs( )ith the other t)o being product design and
]e has built Ni'e.s e-pansion into sport after sport from its athletics
roots on the bac' of sporting masters/ Carl Le)is on the trac'w
tennis.s pimm Connors and pohn McEnroew Tiger oods( )ho led
Ni'e into golfw xonaldo and the 0ra*ilian national football teamw and
Michael pordan( )ho famousl rescued the compan.
From the beginning Ni'e has been prepared to ta'e a gamble on
sporting bad bos others )ould not touch/ Ian right( Eric Cantona
and Andre Agassi spring to mind. It )as a strateg that began )ith
Ilie Nastase( the original tennis bad bo. The xomanian had the
+ualit that has come to represent Ni'e and its ad!ertising/ attitude
After e0traordinary groLth! ( Ni'e became number one trainer
manufacturer in the ,S. 0ut znight admits the compan then lost its
)a as it failed to cope )ith its success. It e-perimented
unsuccessfull )ith e-pansion into non-athletic shoes( and lost its
number one position to xeebo' in ms
znight bet" the compan on a ne) air technolog inside the trainer(
launched it )ith a ta!id Fincher-directed ad )hich used the 0eatles
trac' rre!olutionr( and then mar'eted the Air pordan brand on the
bac' of bas'etball plaer Michael pordan. Sales too' off and the rest
is histor.
This brings us to the sub1ect of globalisation# and the +uestion of
ho) American the brand can be. Ni'e uses a mi- of global ads such
as rgood ! e!ilr and local ad!ertising such as its famous poster
campaigns in the ,z.
turing a nm-ear partnership )ith z( Ni'e has created some of
the )orld.s most attentionTgrabbing$ ad!ertising/ Ni'e rgood !
e!ilr and n ad!ertisements both for orld Cupsw rtagr( last ear.s
Cannes grand pri- )inner. "ther famous star hete Sampras and
Andre Agassi plaing in the streets of Manhattanw Tiger oods
plaing 'eep-upp )ith a golf ballw and 0ra*il.s team plaing soccer
at the airport terminal
ri?u gn l+m n/n th4Fng hi=u Hubng c,o cda xike{
hhil znight( ngDKM 6Qng s2ng l&p !4 cing l4 c8u tBng gi2m 6Tc c?a
Ni'e( thD:ng thVch 6U c2c siCu sao thU thao !4 c2c +u\ng c2o nRi h9
mMnh. ^DEc !inh danh l4 Nh4 +u\ng c2o c?a n<m t=i LiCn hoan
+u\ng c2o +uTc tN Cannes l[n thS Wq( %ng l4 ngD:i 6[u tiCn n l[n
nh&n 6DEc gi\i thDGng n4.
ng znight cR m9t chiNn lDEc ho4n to4n r r4ng !4 nh1t Hu,n1 l4
d|ng ng45i n-i ti9ng 3w Hubng c,o2 . ng miCu t\ nR nhD m9t
chiNc chFn trong c2i 'i;ng ba chFn 6Sng sau s8 ph2t triUn mang
tBnh hi=n t4`ng c?a Ni'e tJ 6[u nh5ng n<m q. 4 hai chiNc
chFn cgn l=i chVnh l4 thiNt 'N s\n phm !4 +u\ng c2o.
ng 63 mG r9ng thDKng hiAu Ni'e tJ m%n thU thao n4 +ua m%n
thU thao 'h2c tJ -uHt ph2t 6iUm l4 m%n 6i;n 'inh !Ii s8 ?ng h9
c?a nh5ng b&c th[ thU thao nhD Carl Le)is trCn 6D:ng
ch=wpimm Connors !4 pohn McEnroe G m%n +u[n !Etw Tiger
oods ngD:i 6Da Ni'e 6Nn !Ii m%n g%nw xonaldo !4 69i tuUn
+uTc gia 0ra*ilw !4 Micheal pordan ngD:i 63 cSu ngu cho Ni'e
beng s8 nBi tiNng c?a mMnh.
zhi b_t 6[u !iAc +u\ng c2o( Ni'e 63 s{n s4ng m=o hiUm !Ii
nh5ng anh ch4ng l_m t4i nhi;u t&t m4 c2c h3ng 'h2c 'h%ng d2m
69ng tIi !4 Andre Agassi ban 6[u 6DEc tVnh tIi. NhDng chiNn
lDEc +u\ng c2o 63 6DEc th8c hiAn !Ii Ilie Nastase cing l4 m9t
ta !Et thVch chKi b:i. Ta !Et ngD:i xumani cR nh5ng phm
chHt 6U trG th4nh 6=i diAn cho Ni'e !4 +u\ng c2o c?a h3ng !;
th2i 69
Sau sD t6ng tr4]ng ngo^n m_c! ( Ni'e trG th4nh nh4 s\n -uHt
gi[ thU thao sT m t=i ML. NhDng chVnh %ng znight cing ph\i
thJa nh&n reng h3ng 63 62nh mHt !7 thN !M nR 63 thHt b=i trong
!iAc 6Ti diAn !Ii th4nh c%ng. Ni'e 63 'h%ng th4nh c%ng 'hi thX
nghiAm mG r9ng thCm lo=i hMnh gi[ thU thao cho ngD:i 'h%ng
ph\i !&n 69ng !iCn !4 62nh mHt !7 trV sT m9t !4o ta xeebo'
trong n<m ms.
znight 63 3gt c4`c" c\ c%ng t !4o c%ng nghA th%ng 'hV mIi
cho gi[ thU thao 6DEc tung ra !Ii 6o=n phim +u\ng c2o 6DEc
6=o diyn bGi ta!id Fincher trong 6R cR sX d@ng b\n nh=c
xe!olution c?a ban nh=c the 0eatles. S\n phm mIi 68Ec tiNp
th7 !Ii thDKng hiAu Air pordan dDIi s8 ?ng h9 c?a Micheal
pordan. toanh thu t<ng !4 cgn l=i thM m`i ngD:i 6;u 63 biNt.
^i;u n4 gibp ta hiUu thCm !; 'h2i niAm to+n ccu hia# !4 cFu
hod ThDKng hiAu ML cR thU l4 gM. Ni'e sX d@ng c\ +u\ng c2o trCn
to4n c[u !V nhD good ! e!il !4 +u\ng c2o t=i 67a phDKng !V d@
nhD m9t chiNn d7ch +u\ng c2o beng poster nBi tiNng c?a h3ng G
Trong suTt nm n<m hEp t2c !Ii z( Ni'e 63 t=o ra m9t sT
nh5ng +u\ng c2o gCy chz \$ nhHt thN giIi !V d@ nhD chiNn d7ch
good ! e!il !4 hai +u\ng c2o d4nh cho orld Cup !4 +u\ng
c2o tag( gi4nh gi\i thDGng lIn t=i Cannes !4o n<m ngo2i.
Nh5ng ng%i sao +u\ng c2o nBi tiNng 'h2c nhD hete Sampras !4
Andre Agassi thM chKi +u[n !Et trCn 6D:ng phT G Manhattanw
Tiger oods thM tFng bRng !Ii tr2i g%n( !4 c2c tuUn th? 0ra*il
thM chKi bRng t=i nh4 ga G sFn ba.
^R l4 m9t ph[n 3,ng kw% c?a c%ng !iAc !; c\ tVnh 6a d=ng !4 s8
s2ng t=o mang tVnh li?u l}nh& nhDng nhHt +u2n. T=i Ni'e( cR m9t
+uNt 67nh h`p l\1( t=o nCn s8 ph2t triUn 6R l4 trao +u;n l8c
th8c s8 cho c2c gi2m 6Tc mar'eting. ]` 'h%ng chd d8a !4o
nh5ng nghiCn cSu mang tVnh 'iUm nghiAm trDIc 6i;u thD:ng l4
gi\m t2c 69ng c?a nh5ng +u\ng c2o thX nghiAm. MTi +uan hA
lFu d4i !Ii m9t trong nh5ng h3ng +u\ng c2o tTt nhHt thN giIi
6DEc ieden miCu t\ nhD l4 s8 chFn th4nh !Ii thU thao. Nhi;u
thS chd cR thU -uHt hiAn trCn nh5ng +u\ng c2o c?a Ni'e( nh5ng
thS do chVnh c2c !&n 69ng !iCn thU thao thU hiAn # 'o c[n dlng
'L -\o$
NguCn t_c +u\ng c2o sT m9t c?a t%i l4 62nh thSc ngD:i tiCu
dlng( %ng znight 'Nt lu&n !Ii m9t ni;m tin ch_c ch_n reng 6R
l4 th8c s8 'h2c biAt so !Ii nh5ng nh4 +u\n tr7 th:i na. Chbng
t%i cR chiNn lDEc +u\ng c2o mang tVnh m=o hiUm cao. zhi m4 nR
hiAu +u\( nR l=i c4ng thb !7 hKn. f 6F th8c s8 'h%ng cR m9t
c%ng thSc n4o c\
Unit %: Employment
Motivating high-calibre staff1
An organisations capacit to identif( attract and retain enough
high-+ualit( high-performing people )ho can de!elop )inning
strategies has become decisive2 in ensuring competitive advantage.
]igh-performers are easier to define! than to find. The are people
)ith apparentl limitless energ and enthusiasm( +ualities )hich
shine through e!en on their bad das. The are full of ideas and get
things done +uic'l and effecti!el. The inspire others not 1ust b
pep tal's but also through the sheer inspiration" of their e-ample.
Such people can push #propel$ their organisations to greater and
greater heights.
The problem is that people of this +ualit #calibre$ are !er attracti!e
to ri!al companies are li'el to be headhunted#. #'eenl co!eted and
are li'el to be poached b ri!als$ . The financial impact of such
people lea!ing is great and includes the costs of e-pensi!e training
and lost producti!it and inspiration
]o)e!er( not all high performers are stolen( some are lost
#organisations that lose high performers are not necessaril innocent.
]igh performers lea!e because organisations do not 'no) ho) to
retain them$. Too man emploers are( for e-ample( blind$ #ml$ or
indifferent% to the agenda of LouldTbe& high-performers( especiall
if the are oung.
"rganisations should consider ho) such people are li'el to regard
'e moti!ating factors.
Mone remains an important moti!ator but organisations should not
imagine it is the onl one that matters. In practice( high-performers
tend to take for granted 1( that the )ill get a good financial
pac'age. The see' real moti!ation from other sources.
EmpoLerment11 is a particularl important moti!ating force for ne)
talent. A highperformer )ill see' to feel that he or she o)ns a
pro1ect in a creati!e sense(=way). Mise12 emploers )ill offer this
The challenge of the 1ob is also another essential moti!ator for high
performers. Such people easil become demotivated1 #get
demoralised$ if the sense that their organisation has little or no real
sense(= understading) of )here it is going.
A platform for self-de!elopment should be pro!ided. ]igh
performers are !er 'een to de!elop #cra!e the confidence that the
are de!eloping$ their s'ills and curriculum !itae. "ffering time for
regeneration1! is another crucial1" )a for organisations to retain
high performers. or' needs to be !aried and time should be
a!ailable for creati!e thin'ing and mastering ne) s'ills. The
pro!ision of a coach or mentor1# signals that the organisation has a
commitment to fastTtracking1$ an indi!iduals de!elopment.
Indi!iduals do )ell #thri!e$ in an en!ironment )here the can depend on
good administrati!e support. The )ill not )ant to feel that the success the
are )inning for the organisation is lost #dissipated$ because of the
inefficienc of others or b )ea'enesses #inade+uacies$ in support areas.
Abo!e all( high performers - especiall if the are oung )ant to feel that
the organisation the )or' for regards them as special. If the find that it is
not interested in them as people but onl as high performing commodities1%(
it )ill be hardl surprising their loalt is minimal1&. "n the other hand( if
an organisation does in!est in its people it is much more li'el to )in loalt
from them and to create a communit of talent and high performance
that )ill )orr competitors #ma'e competitors tremble$.
P,ch l+m cho nhng nhn vin nng lc1 ci 3:ng lDc l+m vi=c
zh\ n<ng nh&n biNt( thu hbt !4 gi5 chFn nh5ng nhFn !iCn cR n<ng l8c !4
th4nh tVch cao- nh5ng ngD:i cR thU ph2t triUn nh5ng chiNn lDEc 6U gi4nh
th_ng lEi trong 'inh doanh 63 trG th4nh 6i;u 'iAn ki/n Huy9t2 6U 6\m
b\o l`i th9 c^nh tranh.
CR thU dy d4ng 38nh ngh}a! hKn l4 tMm 'iNm nh5ng nhFn !iCn cR n<ng
l8c cao. ]` l4 nh5ng ngD:i tr4n 6[ n<ng lDEng !4 lgng nhiAt tMnh -
nh5ng phm chHt gibp h` tca s2ng dl 6ang G trong nh5ng ng4 tQi tA .
]` cR rHt nhi;u Y tDGng !4 l4m m`i !iAc th&t nhanh chRng !4 hiAu +u\.
]` tru;n c\m hSng cho nh5ng nhFn !iCn 'h2c 'h%ng chd bGi nh5ng l:i
69ng !iCn m4 cgn beng nh5ng bnh h4]ng tuy=t 3>i" tJ hMnh \nh c?a
chVnh b\n thFn mMnh. Nh5ng ngD:i nhD !& cR thU 6Da c%ng t c?a h`
ng4 m9t ph2t triUn hKn.
Hn 6; l4 nh5ng ngD:i cR 6DEc phm chHt tTt nhD !& thD:ng rHt hHp
dkn 6Ti !Ii c2c c%ng t 6Ti th? !4 rHt dy b8 s6n 3in#. nh hDGng !; mjt
t4i chVnh 'hi nh5ng nhFn !iCn cR n<ng l8c bc 6i th&t to lIn bGi nh5ng
chi phV 6_t 6c cho !iAc 64o t=o !4 s8 mHt 6i n<ng suHt l4m !iAc !4 nguQn
c\m hSng.
Tu nhiCn( 'h%ng ph\i tHt c\ nh5ng nhFn !iCn t4i gici 6;u b7
62nh c_p bGi c2c c%ng t 'h2c m4 m9t sT 63 t8 bc 6i.V d@ nhD(
cR +u2 nhi;u nh5ng ngD:i ch? khAng thw nh.n th1y 34`c$ hojc
dang d4ng% trDIc +u2 trMnh phHn 6Hu c?a nh5ng ngD:i sau n4
s~ r1t ci thw& trG th4nh nh5ng nhFn !iCn -uHt s_c( 6jc biAt 'hi h`
l4 nh5ng ngD:i tra.
C2c c%ng t c[n -em -}t -em 6Fu l4 nh5ng nhFn tT m4 nh5ng nhFn !iCn
cR n<ng l8c cho l4 +uan tr`ng 6U thbc 6 h` l4m !iAc.
Ti;n l4 m9t 69ng l8c +uan tr`ng nhDng c2c c%ng t 'h%ng nCn cho 6R l4
6i;u du nhHt cR Y nghZa 6Ti !Ii c2c nhFn !iCn gici. TrCn th8c tN( ngD:i
cR n<ng l8c thD:ng cho !iAc h` cR m9t mSc lDKng tTt l4 3i?u hiwn
nhi/n1(. ]` tMm 'iNm 69ng l8c th8c s8 G nh5ng thS 'h2c.
ND trao Huy?n h+nh11 l4 m9t Nu tT thbc 6 6jc biAt +uan tr`ng 6Ti
!Ii nh5ng nhFn t4i mIi. NgD:i cR n<ng l8c s> tMm 'iNm c2i c\m gi2c
'hi h` 6DEc l4m ch? m9t d8 2n theo c2ch s2ng t=o riCng c?a h`.
Nh5ng ngD:i ch? s,ng su>t12 s> trao cho h` nh5ng cK h9i nhD thN.
Th2ch thSc trong c%ng !iAc cing l4 m9t nhFn tT thiNt th8c 6Ti !Ii
nh5ng nhFn !iCn t4i gici. Nh5ng ngD:i n4 s> dy nbn l@ng1 nNu h`
nh&n ra reng c%ng t 'h%ng hojc h[u nhD 'h%ng hiUu !; tDKng lai s> 6i
tIi 6Fu c?a nR.
Nh5ng ngD:i cR n<ng l8c c[n 6DEc trao cK h9i 6U t8 ho4n thiAn hKn b\n
thFn. ]` rHt ham thVch !iAc ph2t triUn c2c 'L n<ng !4 l4m 6p thCm sK
Nu lY l7ch c?a mMnh. ibp h` cR th:i gian 6U 3-i mGi1! mMnh l4 m9t
Nu tT then ch>t1" 'h2c gibp c2c c%ng t gi5 chFn nh5ng ngD:i t4i.
C%ng !iAc c[n 6a d=ng !4 c[n cR th:i gian cho nh5ng Y tDGng s2ng t=o
!4 l4m ch? nh5ng 'L n<ng mIi. iAc c2c c%ng t cX nh5ng ngD:i
hDIng dkn hojc c> v1n1# 6U gibp 6u c2c nhFn !iCn cR n<ng l8c 6DEc
-em nhD dHu hiAu c?a s8 cam 'Nt cho !iAc thzc 3py nhanh1$ s8 ph2t
triUn c?a c2 nhFn ngD:i t4i 6R.
Nh5ng nhFn !iCn gici cR thU ph2t triUn trong m%i trD:ng l4m !iAc cR s8
hO trE tTt tJ phVa +u\n tr7. ]` 'h%ng muTn c\m thH nh5ng th_ng lEi h`
gi4nh !; cho c%ng t s> b7 mHt 6i bGi s8 l4m !iAc '}m hiAu +u\ c?a
nh5ng ngD:i 'h2c hojc do s8 Nu '}m trong 'hFu +u\n lY.
NhDng trCn tHt c\( nh5ng nhFn !iCn t4i gici( 6jc biAt l4 nh5ng ngD:i tra(
lu%n muTn thH h` 6DEc c%ng t -em nhD nh5ng ngD:i 6jc biAt. NNu h`
nh&n ra reng c%ng t 'h%ng +uan tFm tIi h` nhD m9t con ngD:i m4 chd
nhD m9t thS h+ng hia1% chHt lDEng cao( thM 'h%ng ng=c nhiCn gM 'hi
lgng trung th4nh c?a h` s> chd r1t nhe nhoi1&. Mjt 'h2c( nNu c%ng t
th8c s8 6[u tD cho nh5ng nhFn !iCn n4 thM s> cR thU gi4nh 6DEc lgng
trung th4nh tJ h` !4 t=o ra m9t c9ng 6Qng nh5ng ngD:i t4i gici 'hiNn c2c
c%ng t 'h2c ph\i
6nit >7 ?rade
6@ de9elops taste for fair trade
Along "ith tens of thousands of other banana gro"ers in the
:ind"ard islands, 7enise Sutherland faces ruin. .he :orld .rade
Organisation has forced the /uropean Union to phase out1 its old
Auota2 system that guaranteed :est $ndian gro"ers market access,
and there,s no "ay she can match the rock#bottom prices of the giant
US corporations that dominate the market for the "orld,s favourite
$n Costa *ica, -uan |alverde Sanche5, a sugar cane gro"er "ho
sells to a local farmers, association, is unsure if he and his colleagues
"ill survive another year. %ost of the "orld,s sugar producers cannot
break into the /uropean or US markets because of high tariffs3 and
the heavy subsidies that "estern farmers en}oy.
+ut there is no" hope for *icardo, 7enise and -uan # they are selling
some or all of their produce to the gro"ing 0burgeoning1 9fair trade9
market that protects 0cushions1 them from depressed "orld
commodity markets and the price "ars bet"een giant multinationals.
6or its suppostors 0advocates1, fair trade is a example 0microcosm1 of
ho" "orld trade can and should be run to tac+le~ poverty. )roducers
are all small scale and must be part of a cooperative or
democratically run association of "orkers "ho observe high social
and environmental standards.
.heir groups deal directly "ith first#"orld companies that pay "ell
over the "orld market price. .hey also get an added premium5,
"hich goes directly to the group of farmers to be shared out in any
"ay they choose.
.he price difference can be as much as !'' and can save a farmer
from bankruptcy or mean a family has the money to send their
children to school.
At the other end of the chain, the first#"orld consumer pays about a
penny extra for a cup of coffee or teaspoon of sugar, or a fe" pence
more for a banana.
6air#trade food is booming. :hat started as a "ay for 7utch
consumers to support bicaraguan farmers in the 's has gro"n into a
5''m 0\!5m1 a year global niche market "ith more than ~''
northern companies no" importing fruit, coffee, tea, bananas, nuts,
orange }uice and other foods.
Around 5'',''' smallBscale6 farmers and their families are thought
to be benefiting in \ of the "orld,s poorest countries, and the latest
figures suggest it is "orth ~'m extra to producers. %ean"hile,
demand for other 9fairly traded9 but unlabelled non#food goods, such
as handicrafts and textiles, is also gro"ing.
6air trade food sales are gro"ing by more than &5 a year
internationally and almost !'' a year in +ritain, no" the largest
market after S"it5erland. $t,s one of the most remarkable consumer
success stories of the past decade, promoted =uietly in +ritain and
no" attracting multinationals such as Sainsbury,s, Starbucks and
$t is ironic7, though, that fair trade, "hich "as designed to reduce
0counter1 the in}ustices of the trading system, could itself become a
victim of the :.O. .echnically, it could be banned because :.O
rules prohibit 9differentiation9 bet"een products on the basis of their
means of production.
$n the meantime, fair trade sho"s that charity is not needed to lift
people out of poverty and that social and environmental standards
can be put into trade.
8nh ph.t triCn nhu cDu 9E sn phFm th0Gng mi cHng bIng
Clng !Ii h4ng !=n c2c nh4 trQng chuTi 'h2c G 6\o ind)ard( tenise
Sutherland 6ang ph\i 6Ti mjt !Ii r?i ro. TB chSc thDKng m=i thN giIi 63
bu9c liCn minh chFu vu ph\i dcn 0o, be1 hA thTng h^n ng^ch2 ci tJng
6\m b\o cho nh5ng ngD:i trQng chuTi ^%ng n 6DEc tiNp c&n th7
trD:ng( !4 'h%ng cR c2ch n4o cho c% H cR thU theo '7p gi2 c\ c?a
nh5ng t&p 6o4n lIn c?a ML 6ang thTng tr7 th7 trD:ng hoa +u\ 6DEc Da
thVch trCn thN giIi.
T=i Costa xica( puan al!erde Sanche*( m9t nh4 trQng mVa 6D:ng ngD:i
m4 b2n s\n phm tIi hiAp h9i nh5ng ngD:i n%ng dFn 67a phDKng( 'h%ng
ch_c ch_n reng anh ta !4 nh5ng 6Qng nghiAp cR thU tQn t=i thCm m9t
n<m n5a 'h%ng. ][u hNt c2c nh4 s\n -uHt mVa 6D:ng trCn thN giIi
'h%ng thU -Fm nh&p th7 trD:ng vu MZ !M thu9 cao !4 trE gi2 lIn m4
n%ng dFn phDKng TF 6DEc hDGng.
NhDng !kn cR hi !`ng cho tenis !4 puan h` 6ang b2n m9t sT hojc tHt
c\ s\n phm c?a h` cho th7 trD:ng thDKng m=i c%ng beng nKi m4 b\o !A
h` 'hci th7 trD:ng h4ng hRa trM trA !4 cu9c chiNn gi2 c\ gi5a c2c t&p
6o4n 6a +uTc gia lIn.
^Ti !Ii nh5ng ngD:i ?ng h9 thM thDKng m=i c%ng beng l4 m9t !V d@ c?a
!iAc thDKng m=i thN giIi cR thU ha nCn gibi Huy9t! !Hn 6; 6Ri ngho
nhD thN n4o. Nh5ng nh4 s\n -uHt 6;u cR +ui m% nhc( ha ph\i l4 m9t
ph[n c?a hiAp h9i c%ng nhFn cR tVnh hEp t2c !4 ho=t 69ng dFn ch?(
nh5ng ngD:i lu%n tuFn th? tiCu chun m%i trD:ng !4 -3 h9i.
Nh5ng nhRm n4 thD:ng l4m !iAc tr8c tiNp !Ii nh5ng c%ng t t=i nh5ng
nDIc ph2t triUn nKi m4 tr\ gi2 cao hKn mSc gi2 trung bMnh trCn th7
trD:ng thN giIi. ]` cing 6DEc hDGng nh5ng khobn ti?n trb th/m"( nR
6DEc giao 6Nn tr8c tiNp nh5ng ngD:i n%ng dFn !4 h` t8 chia ch2c theo
c2ch c?a h`.
S8 chCnh lAch gi2 c\ cR thU lCn tIi mqq !4 cR thU cSu m9t ngD:i n%ng
dFn 'hci ph2 s\n ha cing cR nghZa l4 m9t gia 6Mnh cR ti;n 6U cho con
h` tIi trD:ng.
f 6[u 'ia c?a chuOi s\n -uHt tiCu dlng( nh5ng 'h2ch h4ng G nh5ng
nDIc ph2t triUn tr\ thCm 'ho\ng m -u cho m t2ch tr4 ha m9t thMa 6D:ng(
ha thCm m9t !4i -u cho m9t +u\ chuTi.
Th8c phm thDKng m=i c%ng beng 6ang blng nB. Trong 'hi nh5ng gM
'hGi ph2t chd l4 c2ch nh5ng ngD:i tiCu dlng ]4 Lan gibp 6u nh5ng
ngD:i n%ng dFn Nicaraguan trong nh5ng th&p niCn sq( ng4 na 63 ph2t
triUn th4nh m9t th7 trD:ng ngh2ch to4n c[u cR doanh sT m9t n<m
'ho\ng Wqq td 6% !Ii hKn Pqq c%ng t phVa b_c 6ang nh&p 'hu hoa +u\(
c4 phC( tr4( chuTi( l=c( cam !4 c2c th8c phm 'h2c.
NgD:i ta cho reng 'ho\ng Wqq nghMn n%ng dFn s\n -uHt Hui mA nhe# !4
gia 6Mnh c?a h` t=i os +uTc gia ngho nhHt trCn thN giIi 6ang 6DEc
hDGng lEiw nh5ng sT liAu mIi nhHt cho thH cR thCm 'ho\ng Pq td 6% gXi
6Nn cho h`. Trong 'hi 6R( nhu c[u !; m9t sT lo=i s\n phm phi h4ng
ho2 'h2c nhDng 'h%ng 6DEc d2n m2c lCn nhD 6Q th? c%ng mZ nghA ha
!\i !Rc cing 6ang t<ng lCn.
toanh sT c?a th8c phm thDKng m=i c%ng beng 6ang t<ng lCn 'ho\ng
hKn nWn<m trCn to4n c[u !4 t<ng 'ho\ngmqqn<m G Anh th7
trD:ng lIn nhHt thN giIi hiCn na sau Th@ SZ. Th7 trD:ng n4 l4 m9t
trong nh5ng cFu chuAn th4nh c%ng 62ng 'U nhHt c?a ngD:i tiCu dlng
trong th&p 'd !Ja +ua( 6DEc +u\ng b2 th[m ljng G Anh( hiAn na 6ang
rHt thu hbt nh5ng c%ng t 6a +uTc gia nhD Sainsnurs( Starbuc's and
Th&t 3,ng mja mai$( mjc dl thDKng m=i c%ng beng 6DEc sinh ra 6U
gi\m thiUu s8 bHt c%ng trong hA thTng thDKng m=i thN giIi thM cR thU
chVnh nR l=i trG th4nh n=n nhFn c?a tB chSc thDKng m=i thN giIi #T"$.
Theo nguCn t_c m4 nRi( nR cR thU b7 cHm !M lu&t c?a T" 'h%ng cho
ph}p s8 phFn biAt !; gi5a c2c s\n phm d8a trCn c2ch thSc s\n -uHt.
Trong lbc 6R( thDKng m=i c%ng beng cing chd ra reng 'h%ng ph\i nh5ng
'ho\n tJ thiAn mIi gibp nh5ng ngD:i ngho tho2t 'hci 6Ri 'hB !4 reng c[n
ph\i 6Da !4o thDKng m=i nh5ng tiCu chun m%i trD:ng !4 -3 h9i.
Unit 1(: uality
Miele focuses on oldTfashioned Huality
Pompany strategy
At a time )hen life has rarel been tougher for manufactures in the
de!eloped )orld( Mieles strateg for sur!i!al is to brea' almost all the
rules.The erman compan(a global leader in high-+ualit domestic
appliances1 such as )ashing machines and !acuum cleaners(is reno)ned for
its high manufacturing standards and its refusal2 to mo!e do)n-mar'et and
compete on price.
Manufacturing at home ensures Huality
Miele bases nearl all its manufacturing in high-cost erman and is selfT
sufficient to a high degree.xather than outsource to lo)-cost suppliers(it
ma'es P million electric motors a ear #enough for all its products$ in its
o)n plant near Cologne .zeeping the manufacturing base in the compans
o)n plant is (Miele belie!es essential to maintaining its +ualit standards.
Sales last ear )ere n.n billion # m.W billion$.
ndustry admiration for top Huality
The approach is respected b Mieles industr peers.Andrea uerra(Chief
E-ecuti!e of Merloni(the Italian )hite goods ma'er( regards it as the icon of
+ualit in the industr- )ith a fantastic position at the top end.
qocus on detailed testing
The compan sells appliances ranging from dish)ashers to coffee
machines(at a price premium of up to |q percent o!er their
competitorsproducts. It spends mn of its re!enue on product
de!elopment-far more than the industr norm. Mieles attention to detail is
legendary!."!ens are tested using machines that open and shut their doors
sq(qqq times to simulate the use the )ill ha!e in their o)ners 'itchens
nnovation in Lorking practices
The compan also belie!es it can ma'e its erman plants more competiti!e
b changes in Lorking practices". According to Mar'us Miele( co-o)ner of
the compan(e ha!e a plant near utersloh that ma'es Wq percent of all
the plastic parts )e need. 0ut )e ma'e this plant compete )ith outside
contractorss to see )ho gets the )or' for specific 1obs.e ma'e sure that
the Miele plant charges prices no greater than the other bidders.This is one
)a )e encourage our factories to ma'e impro!ements and innovations$ in
their production processes.
*igh costs: increased realiability
E!en though Mieles manufacturing costs are higher than those of its
competitors (the compan sas these are 1ustified b its abilit to produce
appliances that-despite their high prices people )ant to bu. xoughl Wq
percent of Mieles manufacturing costs come from components it ma'es
itself compared )ith about oq percent of eHuivalent companies. 0ut( the
compan sas (most Miele appliances )ill )or' for nq ears()hich is longer
than comparable products.This(it sas(is lin'ed to the reliabilit of indi!idual
Ooyalty for product that lasts
The polic pas off(sas Mr Miele.M father )ho )as in o!erall charge of
Miele until nqqn once had a letter from an old lad in Eastern erman
.She said she didnt ha!e much mone but she )as )illing to pa Wq percent
more for a Miele )ashing machine because she 'ne) it )ould last for the
rest of her life.Nic' hlatt(a home appliance specialist at the fz mar'et
research compan(sas such feelings are not uncommon.. The compan has
built up a tremendous& loalt among consumers )ho 'no) that the brand
stands for +ualit(he sas.
Oooking to the future
Miele faces a tough fe) ears as it stri!es not 1ust to 'eep ahead of
competitors at the top end of the )hite goods mar'et but also to interest ne)
generations of increasingl cost-conscious consumers in buing
machines that-in terms of 'itchens-are the e+ui!alent of lu-ur S)iss
*7ng Miele t.p trung v+o ch1t l4`ng sbn phpm
Phi9n l4`c cda cAng ty f
th:i 6iUm 'hi m4 c%ng !iAc 'inh doanh trG nCn 'hR 'h<n hKn bao gi:
hNt 6Ti !Ii c2c nh4 s\n -uHt G c2c nDIc ph2t triUn( chiNn lDEc c?a Miele
6U tQn t=i l4 ph2 !u g[n nhD tHt c\ c2c +u t_c. Miele l4 c%ng t h4ng
6[u thN giIi c?a ^Sc !; thi9t b8 3i=n gia d_ng1 chHt lDEng cao nhD m2
gijt !4 m2 hbt b@i( nBi tiNng !Ii nh5ng +u chun s\n -uHt cao !4 vi=c
tf ch>in chuUn sang th7 trD:ng thHp cHp( c=nh tranh beng gi2 c\.
TD sbn 0u1t s~ 3bm bbo v? ch1t l4`ng
[n nhD tHt c\ c%ng !iAc s\n -uHt c?a Miele 6;u th8c hiAn
trong nDIc #^Sc$ dl !Ii chi phV cao !4 mSc 69 tD cung tD c1p c?a
h3ng l4 lIn . Tha !M thuC gia c%ng tJ c2c nh4 cung cHp gi2 ra( c%ng t
s\n -uHt ra P triAu 69ng cK 6iAn m9t n<m #6? cho tHt c\ s\n phm 6Q gia
d@ng c?a nR$ t=i nh4 m2 c?a h3ng g[n Cologne. Miele tin reng !iAc
du trM s\n -uHt G nh4 m2 riCng c?a h3ng l4 c[n thiNt 6U 6\m b\o nh5ng
tiCu chun chHt lDEng. toanh thu n<m ngo2i l4 n.n t euro#m.W t b\ng
ND ng4ng m: cda ng+nh v? ch1t l4`ng h+ng 3cu
C2ch tiNp c&n !Hn 6; c?a Miele nh&n 68Kc s8 t%n tr`ng tJ c2c
h3ng trong ng4nh. Ng4i Andrea uerra( Ch? t7ch c?a Meloni- h3ng s\n
-uHt 6Q gia d@ng c?a ( coi 6R nhD biUu tDEng chHt lDEng c?a ng4nh -
clng !Ii m9t !7 thN tuAt !:i !; chHt lDEng ho4n h\o.
T.p trung v+o kiwm tra chi ti9t
C%ng t b2n c2c d@ng c@ tJ m2 rXa b2t tIi m2 pha c4 fC( !Ii
gi2 cao hKn tIi |q so !Ii mSc gi2 s\n phm c?a c2c 6Ti th? c=nh
tranh. NR d4nh mn trong tBng doanh thu !4o !iAc ph2t triUn s\n phm-
cao hKn nhi;u so !Ii mSc trung bMnh c?a ng4nh. S8 chb Y c?a Miele !4o
chi tiNt 63 trG th4nh huy?n tho^i!. Nh5ng chiNc lg !i sRng 63 6DEc 'iUm
nghiAm sX d@ng beng c2ch mG !4 6Rng cXa lg tIi sq(qqq l[n 6U m%
phcng !iAc sX d@ng th8c tN trong bNp c?a ngD:i ch? sG h5u chbng.
r-i mGi trong ph4Fng thEc ho^t 3:ng
]3ng cing tin reng nR cR thU l4m nh5ng nh4 m2 c?a nR G
^Sc cR tVnh c=nh tranh hKn beng c2ch tha 6Bi ph4Fng thEc ho^t
3:ng". Theo %ng Mar'us Miele( 6Qng sG h5u c%ng t / Chbng t%i cR
m9t nh4 m2 g[n utersloh s\n -uHt Wq tHt c\ c2c ph[n beng nh8a m4
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