World Post Day

Every year, 9th October is the fantastic World Post Day. It is a meaningful day which promotes the postal services to the people all around the world. It is worth to be celebrated. In 1969, the Universal Postal Union held a meeting in Japan and decided to set the World Post Day to commemorate the date of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874. Nowadays, it is an important day for the people around the world to aware the importance of the postal services. Recently, the Hongkong Post had held a funny event on the 9th October, 2008. It was the "One Person, One Letter" free posting activity. Each Hong Kong citizen could send a letter free of charge on that day. It was a good idea to encourage citizens to use the postal services and aware how they are useful. In Macau, the Macau Post had issued some beautiful stamps to the public to celebrate the World Post Day. It used the theme of ‘Celebration’ to design the stamps. One showed a celebration tree made up of different languages in symbolizing the unity of the world while the other showed the emblem of Universal Postal Union.

Fantastic stamps in 2006
In 2006, Stamp Club issued a special stamp to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of King’s College. In that year, Stamp Club jointly operated with the Art Club and applied for the ‘Heart Warming Stamps’ which was held by the Hongkong Post. This event allowed citizens to design their own stamps and helped citizens to publish them officially. Our students designed some beautiful and colorful pictures. After the selection process, we chose one and sent it to the Hongkong Post for approval. Then we successfully made our own stamps and sold it in the form of first-day covers and souvenir sheets to our students.

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