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JUAN DALE, AILEENed against a tinted glass case ENZO it broke.

DANINE pieces of broken glass lay on the floor. When I looked to see
what was inside. I almost dropped my jaw. My friend came and
HAZELivated. It was a clue to start a treasure hunt. It led me to my
room, but I forgot MIKEE in my car. I went to get it but my car was
locked. I took out MARCELAiar phone ANNEd smashed it in to the
window. I reached inside and GABRIELly hard on the keys. I tooKATE
out and ran back to my room. I got inside and found another paper that
led to the plaza. When I was about to pass through the sala, I saw my
mother sleeping, so I JANEtly crept across. In the plaza, there was a
sign that said “DAWN’t STEFF on the grass,” so I didn’t. As instructed
on the paper, I sang:
“RO, RO, RO your boat
“JELEE down the stream”
Someone came to me and handed me a piece of paper. “KENNY have
it?” I asked. He gave me the paper. Nearby, a dog was ready to strike
anything that the master ordered her . “STACYndy, stay!” The dog, I
presume, had an intelligent BRYAN to be able to understand. After two
seconds, he stood up, ran and bit EMILman. The mailman went
screaming. A patch of his shorts was on the dog’s mouth. Along the
way to my house, the last location, I passed by some niPATRICE and
two friends SHERRYing their sandwiches. It was a FEMiliar sight. I
passed by my cat friend so I PATRICKy on the head. He purred softly.
He was a very weird cat so it’s better to let him RESANOwn. BELLEow
the door , the mat changed from “Welcome” to “Beware. ” “I can
change things F I DESire to,” GEMMAn inside announced. When I
opened the door, a glowing ethereal cleric was floating in the mid-air.
His clothes look liked from TERRENCEannce period.
“Ha! That I only did to waste you time, I can’t believe you fell for that.
What a sucker!”

Dawn Iva Satumbaga

Author, Beryllium 2005-2006
/*typed by Bryan Atas on August 28, 2007*/