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Kirsty Carlisle b1031914

I have developed and changed a large amount of the DMA I previously
analysed, this is due to the fact that the design section was very basic
and students were producing logos such as Nike ticks and football logos.
I questioned the element of design, there seems to be no element of
understanding of existing designers or what good design is. The design
section is now much more based upon existing designers and their work
and more research is required.
The CAD/CAM element was also very low throughout year 7 and 8
projects. Students had never used the laser cutter although many of the
projects are laser cutter based. I have introduced the use of the laser
and vinyl cutter to be used and understood by the students. I feel this is
something year 8 are capable of if shown how to use certain tools within
the software. Although some of this project is made by hand, the aim of
the project is to develop their ICT skills and acquire an understanding of
how to use the laser cutter more independently. During school life
CAD/CAM is being used more and more, if they acquire the skills early
on they will develop sooner.