Winter Vegetable
Gardens from Goa
Prepared by Karan Manral
Sharing some
recent experiences
with winter kitchen
Navelim, Goa
(Lenin and Shaheen)

5 Lessons to Remember
• Plant early – Oct/Nov setup is critical
• Soil can perform better than it looks
• Watering is important – sufficient,
consistent and NOT excess
• Catch pests early and deal with them
• Don’t get put off by early failure
Assagao, Goa
(Peter and Rosie)
4 Lessons to Remember
• Invest as much energy and expense as
you can in your soil
• Mulching is critical (above and below
the surface)
• Variety in the garden makes it truly
• Beat the pests to your produce
Dona Paula, Goa
(Miriam and Jack)
5 Lessons to Remember
• Good soil makes all the difference –
compost, sand fix problems
• Early weeding is critical so your plants are
not overwhelmed
• Mulching makes life easier
• Protect your nurseries with plastic in
• Companion planting allows increasing
productivity too
Other learnings…
• Transplant saplings in time – don’t delay
• Have extra saplings for insurance
• Early flowering are the inevitable result of
water stress
• Coconut plantations are like green houses
• Make sure that you have enough of the
produce you really eat

Other learnings…
• Poor sunlight shouldn’t be a deterrent
• Planting greens closely – palak,
chinese cabbage and lettuce – can be
very productive and produce tender

(Deepak Thacker)
3 Lessons to Remember
• Maalis never listen to what you know
the first time around
o They are convinced they know better
• Nurseries can easily fail
o Make sure that you plant a backup set for insurance
• Growing in cooler weather is so easy
o For warmer weather the problems will be greater

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