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fea, dining Engines You Can Build Relaxation is found in many forms. ‘While some find itin the wide open spaces of the great outdoors, others are discov- ering it measured in thousandths and tens of thousandths of an inch in cozy home workshops. To this latter group, Steam and Stirling - Engines You Can Bulld provides direc- tion for the experienced and instruction for the novice in the fast-growing ranks of Amateur Machinists. ‘The projects presented have been built by men from all walks of life and were designed by hobbyists from an equally broad span of devotees who enjoy mode! engineering as a fascinating and extrem- ‘ly satisfying past time. If you presently do not have a home workshop, you can start off with Andrew Sprague’s Hand-Too! Steam Engines which can be built with the inexpensive hand tools found in almost any home or apartment. Many Live Steam projects have been built using a small electric hand drill as a lathe. Even if space pre- cludes a separate room for a workshop, small-capacity metal-working machinery is available that can be set up ona kitchen table and stored away in a closet or cabi ret when not in use. If youwantto include some of the larger projects, consider enrolling in a night-school class where adequate facilities are available. ‘The two main requirements necessary to get you into the Live Steam Hobby are (1) decide and (2) begin! Two simple steam engines built en- tirely with hand tools as described by Andrew Sprague beginning on page 36, Photo by Andrew Sprague.