This version works just fine. But you have to bypass the internet validation.

To make the game work in lan/single player, do this: Install the game with the serial in the nfo Then open the folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and open the file "hosts" with notepad Insert the following lines into the hosts-file: Then load the mds in Deamon tools 4.10 and start Yasu 1.04. Then start the game. The game will validate the DVD and you should now be able to play lan/skirmish/single player. Finished! Then come play multiplayer on hamachi! Net: CoH Opposing Fronts Pass: coh Net: CoH Opposing Fronts 1 Pass: coh Net: CoH Opposing Fronts 2 Pass: coh What is Deamon Tools, Yasu, Hamachi? GOOGLE IT!

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